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June 30, 2016



Here's an analogy. A class of second graders is generally well behaved, except for one child. That one child acts out and causes a ruckus. The teacher doesn't know who caused the problem, and no one will tell who is misbehaving. As a result, the teacher's only option is to punish the entire class. It isn't fair, but life isn't fair. The punishment isn't good for most of the class, since to them the punishment is arbitrary. The punishment isn't good for the teacher, as it's not the education she needs to teach. But there it is.


Rent control is right, but there are no innocents here. Most of the bay area is buttressed by policies that favor people who are already here at the expense of anyone who comes here.

The only suggestion I've seen that's reasonable is to build more. But nothing gets built here either. Why has the old post office in downtown stood empty for over a year now.

local motion

Can you please clarify if you are for or against rent control. Your comment is hard to follow.


Going to a restaurant is not a fair analogy, it's not a basic need like housing. I think we can all agree the housing crisis is the result of increased demand & lack of supply.

Pros & cons to rent control vs no rent control. "Abuse" can go both ways. Landlords can raise rent $6k/month while their mortgage payments are unchanged. Or tenants never move out while market competition skyrockets. Let's all try to be kind and not take advantage of one another...

local motion

Just looking at mortgage payments in not a fair analogy. There is a lot more to running a rental property than the mortgage. Tons of maintenance on most Burlingame properties that are older. Late payments. All types of issues.

We don't all agree there is even a crisis. This is just another example of how the market adjusts itself.

The Man

Don't forget the insurance prices. Want to control something how about insurance control? And try to get something fixed. How about plumber price controls?


Here is your Independence Day special report quoted from the 6/7/16 Staff Report that Bill Meeker provided to the City Council. Happy "Independence Day"

As a component of his May Revise, Governor Brown proposed to reduce perceived additional costs and delays associated with the approval of housing developments containing specified percentages of affordable housing.

The proposal would eliminate public input and project level environmental analysis, restrict design review, and make approvals non-discretionary or “ministerial.” In brief, the proposal would allow developers to get their projects approved in an expedited timeframe based on whatever general plan and “objective” zoning criteria are in effect.

Approvals would be ministerial (by City staff) without public hearings, and would include not only project approvals but also zoning changes, variances and conditional use permits. Projects that would qualify would need to meet the following criteria:

 Newly constructed structures multifamily residential or mixed use developments with two or more dwelling units;

 On a “designated housing site” (i.e., a site that allows housing by general plan, zoning ordinance, or for which a certified environmental review document includes provisions to mitigate potential harm) or other site that is not prime farmland or farmland of statewide importance; wetlands; within a very high fire hazard severity zone; hazardous waste site; within a delineated earthquake fault zone; within a flood plain; or within a flood way.
Can we vote on Burlxit instead of Brexit?


This would be very detrimental for Burlingame...

Cathy Baylock

Here is the "unintended consequence" of rent control that I think no one has even addressed. State law only allows rent control on properties whose structures were built by an arbitrary date of 1995 or before. So, if Mr. or Mrs. apartment building owner owns one of those beautiful 20's 30's or 40's buildings, is he/she now going to consider demolishing it and building new to avoid rent control? There is enough pressure to tear down our vintage housing stock due to the incredible land value beneath these structures. Many of these older buildings ARE affordable (yes, it's all relative folks) because they lack amenities such as dishwashers or in unit washers and dryers. I hope those of you who are pushing for rent control and also value the historic fabric of our city understand what you are asking for...this may come back to haunt you when beautiful, vintage architecture starts being replaced with high-density housing. Did you know the area around City Hall is zoned R-4 which allows up to 75 feet in building height? Thank about it, folks...

Pots Newberg

As said by Peter Salinas years ago: " Rent regulation, in short, does all the wrong things to all the wrong people. Providing decent housing for the poor is a noble goal, and there are sensible ways to go about it. Rent regulation is not one of them."

Inquiring Minds

Hey Cynthia C. How does it feel to screw the people you claim to be helping. Does the law firm you work for represent many landlords How about owners of older land. Who are you really working for.


Many unintended things are happening, know some landlords are letting units sit empty till this plays out


Just to let you know, I am a landlord and may have to evict my low paying tenants to protect my equality, all leases are month to month.

Inquiring Minds

Rent control doesn't work for either party. Period. These people are foolish and just a little power hungry. Fraud is common.



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