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May 09, 2016



As a south, east-ender, I've always hoped that an enclosed range would finally replace this one. The annoying gunshot noise permeates the park and most of the eastside at all hours. I, too, have noticed a far more peaceful and pleasant environment there and wonder what is going on. 'Sounds like a sleuthing job for the gifted John Horgan.

Ranges have slowly, but surely been closing all over the bay area. Maybe there is an underutilized large basement space somewhere close-by that can serve the law enforcement needs in the interim.

Primary resources

Joe, the Sheriff's department and the range have been wanting to remodel for a long time, including the possibility of rebuilding an indoor range to address the noise and improve the safety further.

I was speaking with the head of the range, along with several Sheriff's deputies at the Burlingame Tobacconist one night.

I enjoyed the hang-out factor, which included many newbies off the Ave, got temporarily addicted to the tobacco, and then realized the true danger of my new habit.

I actually rallied a wealthy family to make a grant to pay for the remodel, and as fundraising is one of the brokerage results I deliver to clients, I requested to get hired. I had pre-sold the family on the concept, so perhaps the contribution was made after all.

With the entire Coyote Point county land in play for redesign, perhaps someone that doesn't believe in our police or law abiding citizens being able to practice, decided to shut it down as a feather in their cap.

I did just hear today from a very influential friend that the Country Harbor Commission wants to expand their power south and take over the Coyote Point Harbor too.

Primary resources are key. You know who to call, if you need more insight.

Who you gonna call



I'll call the chief or the sheriff if I need more information, but thanks anyway.

Bruce Dickinson

It’s 3 a.m. and your children are safe and asleep. But there’s a phone in an apartment in San Mateo, and it’s ringing.

Something’s happening at Coyote Point. Your vote will decide which primary resource answers the call, whether it’s someone who already knows the the City Council, knows the cops, the corrupt county harbor commission — someone tested and ready to lead in a dangerous Peninsula.

It’s 3 a.m. and your children are safe and asleep. Who do you want answering the phone?

Bruce Dickinson cracks himself up sometimes!

Primary resources

Aww, don't let getting showed up on being in the know, huh?

Thought this site was a monologue by Joe or Fake Bruce, huh. Nope.


I am a little hurt by the "monologue" accusation. I mean really-- Russ and I provide a forum for people to comment pretty freely...and for free. No ads, no subscriptions, what more can a person ask for? That poke seems a little off-base don't you think?

Keep on snorting, Fake Bruce

Ok, Joe, I admire your blog and your bravery to be an independent thinker.

However, Bruce, I neither live in San Mateo nor do I live in an apartment. Your Ferrari-liberal nature is crystal clear. You hate people that aren't as rich as you, and you hate those that have different perspectives than you - all the while fantasizing that you are open minded and kind to people less fortunate than you.

Fake Bruce, keep on snorting a little harder...

Bruce Dickinson

Listen little fella, we all know you are persona non grata on this site, even lashing out at the editors all the time, who give you the opportunity to pollute this site with non-sensical drivel. Talking about biting the hand that feeds you! As for yours truly I really don't care about the party in your imagination and what it believes, thinks, rationalizes, or self-validates.

In the meantime Bruce Dickinson continues to be congratulated, celebrated and loved on this site and in the community. And I have not received any rebukes from the editors, unlike some people who preach the "rule of law" and "love thy neighbor" in the most blatant show of peerless hypocrisy. With yours truly on the other hand, readers and the editors are always ringing the cowbell for more if ya know what I mean?

"Love thy neighbor" isn't a one lane highway, guy! You've gotta both love and be loved. Looks like you gotta lotta work to do. What a waste of Bruce Dickinson's (and Julie's) extremely valuable time!

Now that I've made everybody laugh once again with my wit and wisdom with the Hillary 3am joke (I must admit I laugh harder now than when I came up with it especially given the responses), time to tackle the real issues confronting Burlingame with some real mental firepower!


Joe, listening to the sounds of gunfire reverberate through our neighborhood was never good.
You must live far enough away on the "other side of the tracks" where the sounds of gunfire blasts are muffled.
They need to enclose that place.


I hear it pretty often, sometimes better than the Eastsiders depending on the weather, but I know I am hearing the sound of people whose lives depend on being able to hit what they aim at which gives me some confidence and a bit of comfort. Looking forward to joining them when it reopens. I think the money would be much better spent on about 50 other things.

Debate is essential in a free society

Bruce, I love how you make up and exaggerate the facts to fit your WILD fantasies.

Like I've said, not everyone can handle the truth or even reality, including yourself.

I've contributed more primary resource insight to this site and to the greater Peninsula community than you, by far.

Yes, you and even Joe might not always agree with my points, but that is the point of this site, public free speech, insight and yes, debate.

Bruce Dickinson

I MUST have the last word!!!

Kidding of course, but y'all see my point, if ya know what I mean?


Joe and I provide this site for you to banter back and forth, but let's at least stay on subject.

On this subject, I actually disagree with Joe. I don't think a gun range belongs in a public park. Nothing wrong with law enforcement getting some practice, but that can happen in an anonymous office park in anytown USA. It doesn't have to and should't be in a park where families picnic and animals in the nearby shelter shudder each time the guns go off and the nearby neighbors have to hear rapid fire gunshots as early as 8am on a Sunday and as late as 10pm during the week. A few cinder blocks, at the very least, should do the trick. Bang, bang, bang, bang.


Yeah, this morning they were back at it. I presume it was Law Enforcement, and though the use of the park at 9:30 am weekdays is lower than on weekends, the park is still being used by golfers and joggers. There is very little information on the Sheriff's website, so we'll see how this goes. BTW: The Masonic Temple on Howard Ave. has a tremendous basement with very high ceilings.:)

Bad guys don't follow the laws, anyway.

Yes, Russ, my first post was on topic and then I felt the need to defend myself.

We should look at the police shooting range on Lake Merced. It's directly next to the Pacific Rod & Gun Club, which was recently forced to close for clean up, and is now being RFP'd for broader public uses.

But, the police shooting range will stay put, in the middle of a park and by residences.

Meanwhile, Chabot Gun Club is getting closed down.

Each a feather in the cap of local politicians who use police and private body guards for protection of themselves, all the while letting almost no one else have concealed carry for self defense.

All the while, no matter how much of the right to bear arms is deleted by new laws, the bad guys will always exist, and guess what? Bad guys don't follow the laws, anyway.

Bruce Dickinson

C'mon Russ, I give you page hits after page hits and this is how you treat Bruce Dickinson!?!?

I kid, I kid, as you know thick skin can only be the product of success, ya know what I mean?

An open air shooting range in a rec area used by other people/families and the resultant noises heard by people using the space and in nearby residences seems to be causing way too many externalities to train a just few officers for the sake of convenience. An enclosed building seems like the best solution to contain the noise in an otherwise increasingly precious and valuable public space. One would think with all the property taxes floating around, it would be fairly inexpensive to erect a basic 4 wall concrete structure and turn it into shooting range. Also, some of the outdoor parts of the range can be reclaimed as public space as you don't need as large of an indoor shooting range.

With all the development going on, there is already enough traffic and noise as it is, do we really need to hear gunshots echoing in the air at all hours thereby further degrading the public space as well as causing nuisances to private residences.

You know Bruce Dickinson loves to say "explore the space" but I think in this case, you gotta "contain the space" and put a "muzzle" on it, ya know what I mean?!?


By coincidence I went to the range in Sunnyvale with a friend yesterday. When the range master asked the guy right behind us in line if he had been there before, he said "No, I usually go to Burlingame". The range isn't just for law enforcement. It's a public range and an established use. I hope it stays. If some technology or structure can be added to reduce the noise so much the better but it a legit use of the park just like kite flying or soccer.


True story: my co-workers and I were headed to an event at the Curiousity Children's Museum in Coyote Point one evening last year. As we all walked to the front entrance, a blast of gunfire rang out and everyone looked around scared and frightened and ducked down.

I told them that there was an outdoor shooting range next door. They were dumbfounded that a rifle range existed right next to a place where families visit everyday. Coyote Point is a place to boat, swim, picnic, golf and walk. There are beautiful bay vistas. But it is marred by the sounds of automatic weapons ringing out through this gorgeous area.

The range needs to be enclosed. Of course, our police should have a place to practice. Nobody disagrees. Politicians have been talking about enclosing the space for years. I saw an article from the 80's where Supervisor Jackie Speier wanted it enclosed. Many of my friends that live in Woodlake say it is unbearable some days.

Peter Garrison

Used to train with BPD out there. Nice and safe. Happened to be there on the morning of 9/11. Good feeling to have our well-trained police around when that terrible day unfolded.

Agreed, it is loud.

Agreed, it should be enclosed- and more:

With a welcoming and safe setting featuring an enclosed area for handguns and rifles, a store and repair shop, perhaps even a water feature and moving targets, the venue could become a world-class destination for the Pacific Rim target enthusiasts and biathalon shooting teams,


There is the usual misinformed and uneducated chatter here.

There are no "automatic" weapons at Coyote Point; not that there is anything wrong with that.

I was dumbfounded that they put a museum right next to an existing rifle/pistol range. Who made that mistake?

If we rely on Jackie Speier to figure this out we will have Chicago-style homocide rates in no time. Then she will retreat behind her gated driveway in Hillsborough.


Dear Ranger,
With all due respect, I received my information about automatic weapons from Supervisor Dave Pine''s office. Besides the police department, there are many other police government agencies that use the range and I was informed that some agencies target practice with semi-automatic weapons.
In any case, after years of listening to single shot rifles and pistols, most people can differentiate when the semi- automatic weapons are been fired.


There is a world of difference between automatic and semi-automatic firearms. Which is it?

Peter Garrison

Dudes- Automatic: you pull the trigger once and a bunch of bullets come out. Semi-automatic: you pull the trigger once for each bullet.
In my day police departments wore semi-automatic handguns on their gun belt. In the car is a shotgun and/or semi-automatic rifle. Think it is still the case.


Does Dave Pine's office know the difference?

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