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May 14, 2016


Bruce Dickinson

Joe, trust me, it makes me less than comfortable sometimes when I'm taking one of my Ferraris and parking in downtown Burlingame, so I usually just use the good ol' 911 Turbo instead.

Bruce Dickinson must laugh, yes chuckle on how various "urbanist experts" make everyone think that we need more compact spaces, because cars are getting smaller, you will take public transportation, or ride your bike, etc. This argument is used a lot in multifamily developments as these "transit oriented housing". Well guess what? Cars on average are getting LARGER! You've got your Pruises and Fart Can Fiats and what not, but those are getting bigger too!

Look at the number of SUVs per family vs 20 years ago! Where there are families and kids, there are large cars, so no matter what you call the space a jumbo one or a compact one, when you're fighting for a parking spot with Stanley Lo (wait, I forgot he always finds parking in downtown Burlingame *eyeroll*) if you have this giant truck and you can't find a spot except a compact one, by golly, you're gonna find a way to fit in that compact space! And while you're at it, make the drivers of the cars parked next to you sometimes not being able to enter/egress their vehicle. They say the automobile was the symbol of freedom, now it can turn you into a prisoner, if ya know what I mean?

These urban planners are really only fooling themselves, and we continue to see, despite all the talk of bike riding/Uber/ public transportation, etc, if you have a house, you have a multiple cars and parking has never become more difficult than now. It's a huge issue in San Francisco, and it's made worse by the state and cities that allow developers to have a certain percentage of compact spaces. Is this because municipalities believe that more people are driving smaller cars? No, it's because it allows developers to offer more residential space (more $$$) relative to parking space. So developers want to maximize living square footage on a lot, while minimize non-sellable square footage, so they opt to go for max allowable compact spots (can be up to 50%) to make more money.

Given how big real estate is to the CA economy, you bet those lobbies are greasing the paws of the legislators. Of course, it's all for the "public good".

Take it from me, Bruce Dickinson, planning and building to something that does not reflect reality only causes problems. Decisions need to be driven by reality, not some idealized theoretical notion (e.g High Speed Rail)

old guy

I jsut bang my old guy door against the SUV door when I get out. The edge of my door looks like a rainbow. Land Rovers have the best colors to add to my collection


People are driving Suv's that are large enough to transport farm animals.

Why the need is a mystery.


It's time to take back one of the motorcycle spaces. The big bikes will fit in the other one. And if you really want to quiet down Burlingame stop fretting about the shooting range and outlaw Harleys. If you outlaw Harleys only outlaws will have Harleys.

pat giorni

"People are driving SUVs that are large enough to transport farm animals. Why the need is a mystery"

Looming obesity?


So glad you posted it, I am so tired of trying to squeeze into a compact space when a SUV is in my lane. I so want to slap a note on their window saying: Your MASSIVE SUV is not a COMPACT car. Please leave the space for those of us WHO DO drive compacts.

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