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April 30, 2016



Simply put: Mr. Nelson will do the noble thing and fall on his sword.

Bruce Dickinson

Joe, do you have the entire letter somewhere, because that last part is one of the most passive-aggressive, contorted sentences I have ever read. Why is it that our leaders make it a point to avoid being direct and cut to the chase?

And the opening sentence "it is not in my authority to comment", then why are you commenting and simultaneously attempting to tell Mr. Nelson "deal with it"? Is it because of the obfuscated language, that somehow renders this letter a "non-comment". Seriously? Do you really believe your electorate to be that dumb?

Bruce Dickinson need to teach these people with purported "leadership skills" on what it means to demonstrate and inspire leadership! All I see are poor excuses for exercising influence in a very shady, passive-aggressive fashion. Jackie Speier will be chagrined to learn that I won't be voting for her next time, if she decides to run....and coming from me, that means a lot!


Seriously Everyone.
Nobody cares anymore.
At this time, Mr. Nelson's problems are all his.
Unless, we want to start a "Kick Stand."
Lets leave Mr. Nelson alone to figure out what is best for him and his family.

Alex Kent

When 53.7% ($65.8B) of our State of California Budget (from our taxes) goes to Education, then the debate on Public Schools vs. Public CHARTER Schools and the comparative results are important to consider. http://www.ebudget.ca.gov/2016-17/pdf/BudgetSummary/FullBudgetSummary.pdf

While it's true that the Charter schools "self-select" the parents and students that want to focus on academics and therefore the Charter schools tend to deliver better testing results, I'd argue that the biggest difference is the impact of CULTURE ON RESULTS.

And, this reality highlights that it's NOT MONEY that can improve our schools and their results, it's an improved culture both at home and at schools that can help our children to get better educated, better prepared for adult life and all of us happier and healthier as a community.

What is the improved culture that needs to be adopted at home and at school? It's a culture of making learning and achievement and hard work and excellence and sacrificing now for a better future and also helping others a priority.

What do you think? http://www.wsj.com/articles/the-union-war-on-charter-school-philanthropists-1462139039


@hollyroller - if no one cares, why do we have 100+ comments here, more at the petition site and now a letter from our US Congresswoman? Think about it.

@Bruce Dickenson - I do have the entire letter. The first paragraph describes how busy her staff is with other projects like erosion in Pacifica, airport noise, and flooding in EPA. The last paragraph reiterates that she cannot get involved and then gets even more obscure about "disruptive" change and wishes him sell at Aragon.

Bruce Dickinson

Joe, well there ya have it, makes her letter even worse than I thought. My staff is soooo busy (it was their fault), I can't comment, but in reality here's my comment with a bunch of obfuscated language, backhanded felicitations, followed by a "deal with it" and "good luck at Aragon". What a bunch of double-talk and contradiction.

I bet if you gave an IQ test of BV readers, the average and maybe even median will be higher than Speiers'....Well come to think of it, actually maybe the average after we take off the lowest data point, if ya know what I mean?


While Speier's language and actions are limited she has at least done one thing and that is to use her pen and title to acknowledge the issue in public and back Nelson. The SMUHSD promised an investigation of BHS but nothing has happened.

The site teachers were allowed to select new principal candidates and they came up with two people without high school experience. The district has to move a principal from Mills to fill the void.

It is obvious that BHS cannot run itself. The internal teacher cabal has its hands on the curriculum and decisions and does not want to change. There are few teachers who know anything of the school's past.

Mr. Kent is correct about Charter Schools were parents and students select the school and agree to perform. This may also be true at BHS, except there is a group of teachers who believe that the institution is "their" school and they can destroy it if they choose.

The ills of the campus have been reported and the Board remains silent. If Mr. Mendelson is successful, the SM Civil Grand Jury wlll disclose the underbelly of the beast and the culprits who are responsible for its downfall.

Nelson is gone... the issue is no longer about him. He was sacrificed for telling the truth. The only question that remains is will the parents and the community finish the job and run the offending teachers out of town. I hear a few teachers calling their CTA lawyers to "protect them" from their own ignorance.

"Love Thy Neighbor" ethics.

To understand Speier and to understand many of the neighbors in Burlingame and in The Bay Area, you have to understand what "music" influenced the hard-core Democrats/Socialist/Communist (different groups, similar goals)...

While I've been very impressed with Speier's intelligence and success as a politician, I've also been sickened by her terrible ethics as a Community Leader.

How can a person appreciate the value of differences in people like skin color, race, and gender under the guise of "diversity" and "social justice" and at the same time directly support slandering, disrespecting (and some Democrat politicians support physical attacks on those that criticize the party and its purposes) those simply because they have different religious or political beliefs or by discriminating against them because they are male or white or registered as a Republican or Independent or whatever?

I consider myself to think and act in a very color-blind and gender-blind manner, and while I appreciate women and minority's struggles, especially in past decades, we can't solve an injustice against an innocent person in the past with a new injustice against an innocent person in the present or future. I didn't do it, why should I get punished now.

Seeing Speier and Democrats like her in action reinforces the fact that humans are essentially very selfish to their own best interest.

She doesn't care about diversity or so-called social justice, she and people like her just care about helping themselves and their own group - sad really.

Like The National Boarder Patrol Council Union endorsing Trump because he wants to spend a ton of money to build a wall...get it? http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/30/politics/border-patrol-union-endorses-donald-trump/

And, for the record, I have absolutely no problem with Unions in general, and my family have been successful members of Unions in past generations - I just really respect the rule of law, and I really don't like when any person or organization abuses the law or the rights of individuals to exhibit free speech or any other legal/constitutional right.

If Speier and Democrats like her cared about justice, then they'd stop "targeting" conservative/moderate leaders.

If Speier and Democrats like her cared about justice, then they'd ban so-called affirmative action as unconstitutional and discriminatory and hypocritical (and it will one day be banned).

If Speier and Democrats like her cared about Burlingame High School or Nelson or what's right, then they would halt his transfer. But Speier is not a just community leader, she's a "Disciple" of her political (mostly a money making team) party.

At least Jerry Hill was just to publicly scold the San Mateo Union High School District School Board for it's arrogance. If you knew the board members like I do, then you'd understand Jerry Hill's perspective. They're "Disciples", not Community Leaders.

Again, our communities are making blindly swearing allegiance to the Democratic party more important than anything else in the community- this is a big mistake. This failing of human logic and emotion has reared its ugly head many times in history.

It's called In-Group/Out-Group bias, it's called Group Think, and sometimes its called Fascism and it can create atrocities, as it has in the past.

How do I know that Speier is like this?

From her own mouth to my own ears, she said, "We know that you're not a Democrat, but that's OK, but we need Targets!" as I stood on the street corner of Burlingame Ave campaigning for city council a few years ago.

Right out of Saul Alinksky's Rules for Radicals (a book that's literally dedicated to Lucifer). Disgusting and illegal. Way to be a good disciple, Speier!

It's time to change the Culture of the Bay Area to one of mutual respect for each other and our differences and to halt the old-school unneighborly in-group / out-group bias and terrible ethics of many of our political leaders.

It's time to remember the beauty of the rule of law, and to remember the beauty of "Love Thy Neighbor" ethics.

Bruce Dickinson

Let me ask the denizens of the BV this simple question: are making fun of political belief systems, name calling ("dem-wits"), stereotyping in generalizations, accusing others of racist remarks without corroboration (one of the planning commission members who ran for council), posting people's phone numbers, making false claims/accusations of certain identities and getting repeatedly censured and censored by the editors (due to violation of BV rules) consistent with the "rule of law" and "love thy neighbor ethics"?

I think everyone knows the answer to that question.

Bruce Dickinson likes to have a good laugh, poke fun at others, make fun of myself and stroke my ego a bit (as any legend does), but it's all in good fun and 99% here love my content and insights. Plus my record here is squeaky-clean as yours truly has never received a rebuke from Joe or Russ for violating ANY forum rule--we just have friendly disagreements. Let's just say I get one ton of fan-mail, if ya know what I mean?

Why should anyone be listening to someone who doesn't practice what he/she preaches on this very website?

Concerned Panther

Burlingame High School leads the district in state and national rankings.

San Mateo Union Schools Again Rank High in State, U.S.

The schools of the San Mateo Union High School District (SMUHSD) regarded as some of the best high schools in the state and country by US News and World Report and the Washington Post.

San Mateo, Calif. – Schools of the San Mateo Union High School District (SMUHSD) have again been ranked among the most outstanding public high schools in the U.S. in 2016. Two media rating systems that regularly analyze the top public secondary schools in the nation using their own specialized calculations – one is produced by U.S. News and World Report and the other by the Washington Post – provided the results.

In the former listing by U.S. News and World Report, Burlingame High School secured a California ranking of No.80 and a national rating of No.490; Mills High School was ranked No.152 in the state and No.946 nationally.

In the latter analysis by the Washington Post, dubbed “America’s Most Challenging Schools,” five of the District’s schools received notice of laudable academic achievement. In order of national ranking, they were: Burlingame High School, No.622; Aragon High School, No.686; San Mateo High School, No.712; Mills High School, No. 904; Hillsdale High School, No.1,438. Burlingame, Aragon and San Mateo were the highest-rated public high schools in San Mateo County, according to the Washington Post.

"Ranking schools is, at best, an inexact science,” explains Superintendent Skelly. “That said, I believe our schools are outstanding by virtually every measure. I am proud to be part of a school system that puts a high priority on student success and distinctive opportunities for students to thrive and grow."

According to US News and World Report online, the publication’s rankings include data on more than 21,000 public high schools in 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Rankings were based on schools’ performance on state assessments, their graduation rates and how well they prepare students for college.

The Washington Post issued rankings on just over 2,300 of the best U.S. public and private high schools. According to its website, the Post determined rankings by a host of factors including: the number of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and Advanced International Certificate of Education tests given at a school, percentage of students eligible for government meal subsidies — a common benchmark for poverty — and each school’s average scores on the SAT, a common college entrance exam. The rankings prioritize college test participation over test scores, which the Post notes largely reflect parental income.


Mr. Belzer was a terrific principal at Mills, especially after that disaster that was Dr. Wong. (Interim principal whose name I forget was also good.) I suppose he's looking forward to a change and a challenge, but god help him, because BHS sounds like a snake pit!


The easy way to tame the snake pit is to get rid of the snakes. They are known by name and deed.

Mr. Belzer did not request the change, he was told to go!

The SMUHSD Board has been foolish allow this issue to go on as long as it has. The Board expected the district administration to take care of the issue and they failed.

The Board is now foolish enough to allow Skelly to leave Yim in place to allow more damage before her departure. What happens when the rest of the "Sh*& hits the fan?"

Since most everything is known, why not take action?

The unstable teacher who stalks her students online, plays favorites with the popular students (wants be one) and fails the Latino boys is a "loose cannon" and everyone knows it.

Parents...if you think Yim leaving BHS is going to solve the problem... think again. Parents need to be fully involved in re-shaping the school. Stop putting up with BS answers about why your students can't get classes and problems with teachers.

The school is there to serve the students and parents, not the other way around.

The BHS disaster should be a case study for educators.

Concerned Panther

Looks like a lot of good things going on over at BHS judging from their latest Parent Group Newsletter. Hardly a "snake pit" it seems there's plenty to celebrate and the evidence of the newsletter backs it up.


At our April meeting, College of San Mateo President Mike Claire talked with us about the benefits of attending community college and information about transferring to top UC schools.  If you were unable to make the meeting and would like to learn more about CSM as a potential path for your student, visit  www.collegeofsanmateo.edu. 

Please join us for our meeting on Wednesday, May 11th in the library for guest speaker Brent Tietjen, Acting Community Relations Officer for SamTrans/Caltrain /TA, who will talk about train safety around BHS.  We will also vote on our new board for the 2016-17 school year, so don't miss out!
Thank you for all of your support this year in helping us reach our fundraising goal.
Jennifer Slaboda
Donna Colson
BHS Parents' Group Co-Presidents


On Wednesday April 20th, the BHS Parent Ed team hosted a panel discussion about the journey to life after BHS. Five BHS Seniors and 2 recent BHS graduates fielded a number of questions from 65 Sophomores, Juniors and parents. Mr. Jim Burke, an English teacher at BHS was our very capable moderator. The students and graduates shared their experience both regarding classes they took during their time at BHS and the process of selecting and applying to colleges and universities. Many reflected back and shared things they would have done differently and choices they made that added value to the process. We have received many positive comments from parents and students alike on the value of hearing the experience each of these young people had on their journey. We want to thank Jim Burke (moderator), Kelsey Andrews, Gracie Brand, Cameron Kelaita, Jon Khaykin, Will Lowdon, John Lucier and Mary Perez for volunteering their time and sharing their experiences. 
The Parent Ed Team (Deborah Leon, Kim Pitzer & Lynn Ryan)


Meet the Peer Tutors!

These are some of our dedicated peer tutors. In addition to peer tutors, we also have adult tutors in history, math, physics, English, and Spanish. In March, we tutored 33 students for a total of 61 hours of tutoring.
The Academic Center spring Finals Study Session will be held on Wednesday, May 18th from 3:00-5:30pm. Tutors will be on hand to help in every subject. We will have lemonade, ice tea and snacks to fuel students' hard work as they study for final exams.
Academic Center is open Mon - Fri during 7th period and after school until 5:30pm. Students are welcome to drop in anytime!


As May melts into summer vacation, we reflect and celebrate achievements realized during the past nine months. One area of success in athletics this school year was the addition of freshman boys and girls soccer teams to BHS's already broad athletic offerings. Whereas Varsity and JV teams are primarily funded from the District budget, freshman teams are funded by our Athletic Boosters. From football to volleyball, soccer to basketball, Athletic Booster Club financially supports ALL freshman athletic teams thanks to parent donors like you. If you have not made your donation to Athletic Boosters this school year, please do so now at https://bhs.schoolloop.com/athleticboosterhome. 
Finally, congratulations to Mackenzie Schoustra who was named San Mateo County girls athlete of the week after earning first place in the 100-meter and 300-meter hurdle events at the Serra Top 7 Invitational. Way to go, Mackenzie!


The Architectural Design 1-2 students are collaborating with the City of Burlingame and MIG Architects on the Envision Burlingame planning process. Teams of students are working on conceptual designs that would make the Bayfront a more attractive and vibrant area. 

Lillian Jacobson from MIG Architects and Kevin Gardiner from the City of Burlingame Planning Department presented to our classes about the city's general plan, accompanied us on a field trip to the Bayfront, and came to review students' work at the midterm pin-up.

Students will be presenting their ideas at the Envision Burlingame public workshop on May 21st from 10am to 1pm. Everyone is welcome!

Find out more details at the Envision Burlingame website: www.envisionburlingame.org.
Also, check out our new Architectural Design website, designed by student Dominic Lee, at https://sites.google.com/site/architecturaldesignbhs. 

On a visit to the Bayfront, students recorded their observations and began to imagine new uses for the area.
Students received feedback on their ideas from Kevin, Lillian and each other at the midterm pin-up.


The Advanced Drama Class is hard at work rehearsing their student directed one-acts. The public is welcome to attend the free performance May 18th at 7:00pm in the Theatre. The plays are as follows:

The Still Alarm by George Kaufman
Directed by Lauren Bodenlos

Check Please by Jonathan Rand
Directed by Ben Howley

Miss You by David Auburn
Directed by Jenna Beressi

15 Minute Hamlet by Tom Stoppard
Directed by Katie Papazian



Spring is in the air . . .  Ready for a date night -- right here in town?  Or bring the kids-- they will love it too! Don't miss this opportunity to hear the amazing talents of our music students.  Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Bands will have you tapping your toes, while the BHS and SMHS combined Choirs and Chamber Singers will showcase some of the best from their New Orleans Spring Tour.  Don't miss it!
May 6th -- Spring Band Concert -- BHS Theater, 7pm -- $10 suggested donation/$5 student donation
May 12th -- Spring Choir Concert -- SMPAC, 7pm -- $10 tickets at the door/$5 student tickets
May 13th -- Spring Jazz Band Concert -- BHS Theater, 7pm -- $10 suggested donation/$5 student donation

BHS students and families participated in the Earth Day Coastside Cleanup on April 23rd in honor of Earth Day. Together with the Peninsula Family Y's Social Responsibility Committee and other community members, students cleaned trash and debris from the beach and park area at Coyote Point.
In addition to organizing and facilitating service activities, BHS students served thousands of hours of community service locally, nationally, and internationally. We are grateful for your service and thank you for making an extraordinary difference in the lives of others!

Washington School's WamJam Festival is on Saturday, May 7th. We are looking for volunteers to help with set-up, decorations, games, rides, and more. Please sign up for a shift or two at WamJam and add "BHS" after your name.

Breathe California's 25th Annual Bike 4 Breath charity ride will be held on Saturday, July 9th. Breathe is a lung health non-profit that has been working for over 100 years to eliminate the causes and burden of lung disease, promote clean air, and improve public health in the Bay Area. Volunteers are needed to help with registration, rest stops, cheering, and more. Available volunteer shifts range from 4:30 a.m. and span until 3:00 p.m. There are also a number of opportunities to lend a hand with pre-ride tasks during the week leading up to the ride. All volunteers will receive an official Bike 4 Breath Volunteer t-shirt for FREE! Register and learn more at bike4breath.

Volunteer at the City of San Mateo's libraries. Participate in an Orientation tour of the City of San Mateo's MAIN Library, followed by a Training Session in one of several areas. Minimum age is 14. Minimum service is 30 hours. Training Session options include: Computer Aides, Children's Craft and Movie Assistants, Fine Sorters, JobSeekers Resource Aides, and InfoSeekers Resource Aides. Volunteers will receive additional on-the-job training. Complete an online application before your training. Visit Library for details.
WHEN: Thursday, May 12 at 3:45pm - 5:45 pm
WHERE: Main Library (Lobby) 55 W 3rd Avenue, San Mateo
Teen volunteers are needed at the San Mateo Public Libraries to assist with our exciting children's Summer Learning Program 2016, which runs from June 6 through July 30. This volunteer opportunity is available at all three San Mateo Library locations with a limited number of openings. Visit Library for details. 

Thank you from Interact Club! 
(Book Drive for Court and Community Schools' Library)

Thank you to everyone who donated to the BHS Interact Club book drive benefiting the students in the San Mateo Court and Community Schools. These schools serve two groups of students that are in great need: students at Hillcrest School because they are incarcerated, and foster youth at two locations next to Hillcrest, Camp Kemp for girls and Camp Glenwood for boys. Thanks to your donations, we collected over 500 books to donate to these students! 


(Exploring Pathways Learning Opportunities Real Experiences) 

Norberto Nardi, world-renowned architect and Professor Emeritus at Calpoly Pomona, spoke to the 2nd period Architectural Design class on April 15th. Mr. Nardi shared stories about his path to becoming an architect and how people and cultures inspire him and his work. Mr. Nardi showed the group several beautiful projects completed throughout the world including the design for a new building on the Burlingame Bayfront. Many thanks to community member John Ward and council member Donna Colson for arranging this special visit.
We also extend a special thanks to the following individuals, community organizations, and companies for supporting our students and providing them with invaluable information and experiences. We appreciate the time you've dedicated to supporting our students by offering them career information, advice, job shadows, company visits, job leads, and internships.

Adelpha Abrahamson, Genentech
Stephanie Adrouny, KNTV, BHS alumna
Gabriel Aldaz, Stanford University
Karen Anderson, Ali Mayer,ABA Physical Therapy Associates
Brenda Atkinson, FBI
George Atkinson, BHS parent chaperone
BHS Class of 1965 - Dave Datz, Steve Evans, Phil Hazelrig, Arete Nicholas,
John Poimoroo, Jan Wright
BHS Parent Group
Kerry Bitner, Que Seraw Seraw
Burlingame Rotary
Joyce Cave, Waddell & Reed
Mary Cherng, Samsung Milk Music
Sabrina Cherny, UC Berkeley, BHS alumna
Donna Colson, City Council 
Rachel Del Monte, Peninsula Family YMCA
Miguel DeTrinidad, Erika Dugay, Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club
Carolina Echeverria, Univision
Joe Emerson, Virgin America Airlines
Helen Farkas
Roxi Farwell, Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Gabriela Flores, StarVista
Amanda Freeman, Jessica Seipel, Cindy Marroquin, Rape Trauma Services
April Glatt, Chauvel & Glatt, LLP
Lisa Goldstein, BHS parent chaperone
Teresa Hanan, The Art Institutes
Miya Hayes, UC Berkeley
Mike Heffernan, Burlingame Rotary
Lisa Iacovone, BHS parent chaperone
Amy Johnstone, BHS parent chaperone
Greg Keraghosian, travel journalist
Gabrielle La Mond, BHS parent chaperone
Kevin Longa, Longa Productions, BHS alumnus
Gary Maganaris, Genentech
Magic Jeanne
Karen Malik, BHS parent chaperone
Paul McMaster, BHS parent chaperone
Brian McMullen, Editor
Mark Nagales, Office of Congresswoman Jackie Speier
Norberto Nardi, Nardi Associates LLP
Abby Nickels, Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association
Bob O'Donnell, Technalysis
Darin Ow-Wing, Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco
Robin Pang, Nesbit Elementary School
Bo Parker, BHS parent chaperone
Tinna Prather Persson, BHS parent chaperone
Sara Piper, FIDM
Sharon Preston, Junior Achievement
John Schulz, BHS parent chaperone
Randy Schwartz, former BHS parent volunteer
Greg Shraiman, United Studios of Self Defense
Brian Stubbs, Esq., Stubbs & Stubbs Law Firm
Jade Tran, Mark Greenstein, Sunil Pai, DFJ Venture
Kimberley Vargas, San Francisco State University
Cary Vaughan, RN, Sequoia Hospital
John Ward, John M. Ward & Associates
Amy Wolfrom, Narcotics Anonymous
Rich Wong, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
Julie Wynn, Thuy Nguyen, EA


Joanne Bostanzoglou, an instructional aide for the BHS Special Education department was born and raised in Greece. She was our special guest during "Greek Week."  She showed students how to make spanakopita and koulourakia from scratch and explained the flavors and herbs commonly used in Greek cuisine.  


THANK YOU Excellence Fund Donors!
Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have generated over $360K  - Valuable funding for student, teacher and parent programs that would otherwise not be possible.
Please consider donating today, if you have not done so already. 
All amounts are welcome!


The Concerned Panther should be. Public School Parents in high income communities don't like to criticize their own public schools because it makes them (schools and parents) look bad.

This is why good public school remain good public school and never become great. Becoming a great school requires criticism, leadership, and vision to serve the local population

The Washington Post Index is a measurement of home many students at BHS take AP courses /# students in senior class. It important. High income students take AP classes b/c they want to go to college. Check the box.

Parent group newsletter outline the activities at the school. Check the box.

BHS has great students and great parents... they deserve a great school.

BHS was a great school just like the 49ers were once a great team. We remember the great team and project those memories on the current situation. Jed York (Di Yim) destroyed the team. Its going to take time, effort, and critical support for BHS to become a great school...again,.

Stop looking across the horizon for success.

Take off your gloves... get down in the dirt... and don't let the school fail again.

Stop making politics your religion / spirituality

Bruce, not everyone can handle The Truth, but unlike the liberal backstabbers of The Bay Area, that's all I speak and nothing else.


While Congresswoman Speier may not get involved in "personnel issues" her friends over at the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights are looking at BHS case. Its seems that the Palo Alto School District also had "issues" with upholding the rights of students and teacher's failing carry out the Federal Law.

It seems that Yim-GATE and the BHS saga is about to get even more interesting for the locals. While Skelly and the Board can bottle up the information into a "personnel issue" and prevent the public from what is really going on.... the Feds can have access to everything.

This could get very interesting, especially for the teachers who lied and then become the 'silent voices' blaming Nelson for the problems at BHS.

What size handcuffs do Karshan and Murphy wear? Teachers who stalk students get punished.

So Holly... I guess some people do care. Its not about Nelson... its about the students who were wronged by these teachers paid to protect them and then covered up by the district.


It's about both actually.


Does anyone work at that school?

Its Finals Week but my kids are not taking finals. They have been working on “Projects” over the past week, which has been a great deal of stress over what is basically a bunch of BS assignments.

Why are my kids going to school for a 2-hour final exam period when all they are going to do is watch movies or have a party. This is how BHS is preparing my children for college?

Its pretty clear that some teachers are just getting collecting a paycheck and sitting an their ass. Half the school was on Burlingame Ave today because the kids don't want to be at BHS. It was Senior Day and they left the campus and no one did anything about it!

They hate the place, the hate Yim and they hate the fact that no one is doing anything to fix it. Just like every other parent, I'm out soon, but BHS is no longer a top notch Nationally Ranked School. This is a school with significant problems that no one wants to acknowledge or fix.

Bruce Dickinson

Guys, really like how my Yim-Gate phraseology has caught on so well! Then again, Bruce Dickinson is no stranger to one-line zingers, ya know what I mean!?

On a more serious note, good to hear from the parents about the BHS shenanigans. The more injustices are exposed, the earlier we as a community can tackle the problem. I think the City Council should use its powers of "moral suasion" if you will, to let these hijackers of our education system know that the community is not happy with their decisions. C'mon representatives, do some digging and representing!

Still think the BHS secession idea is the most viable to re-take control and better serve as a more effective "final college prep school" into which our dynamite elementary and middle schools feed. Burlingame and Hillsborough are small, close knit communities that are so different from the rest of the County cities, that they will never get the appropriate service from a "one size fits all" approach that SMUHSD is utilizing. BHS should belong to Burlingame and Hillsborough, plain and simple!

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