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March 21, 2016



The United States Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is currently conducting its third (3rd) investigation of the SMUHSD surrounding the actions taken in retaliation against me.

The OCR on;y investigates cases that show evidence of wrongdoing. .

Why is there evidence for a this many investigations.?

The SMUHSD is refusing to produce ANY Public Record Requests surrounding this case.

BHS Principal Di Yim, SMUHSD Director of Special Education/504 Director Gloria Dirkmaat were "retired" over these issues.

The members of the SMUHSD Board promised an investigation of the issues at BHS. They never fulfilled this promise.

This "cover up"is getting expensive. The price tag was already over $100,000 in legal and investigation fees before this current investigation.

These facts above are public record.

Who does the SMUHSD Board represent the students, parents and community or the SMUHSD Administration?

The SMUHSD expressly spoke of fear (on the record) of a Grand Jury investigation during its March 2016 meeting.

The SMUHSD has done nothing to remedy this situation or bring to justice those who created and perpetuated the damage.

As a taxpayer and resident, its time to tell the truth and fix the issues.

If Bruce Dickinson and others call "Bullshit" on the SMUHSD's cover up, the truth may come out.

Too many students have already been damaged by the negligence of a hand full of BHS teachers and the district.

SM County Grand Jury Request


There's a group of teachers at BHS who do not want to see information to get out.

The OCR has already defined that all of my actions are protected activities , meaning it is illegal to retaliate against them by teachers or the administrators.

Bruce Dickinson

Guy, to be clear, Bruce Dickinson has not called any BS on the Nelson and Yim-Gate matters. The only thing I have been complaining about is keeping the arguments focused, cogent, and coherent so that all may get a better picture of what is going on and use the evidence/arguments in the most effective way possible without dilution. There are several posts on this thread where I have made my stance clear:

"I gotta tell ya, that is a good reminder that if parents, fellow teachers, and community members overwhelmingly support Mr. Nelson, they're probably on the right side."

"I would be highly suspect of any administrator or board voting against a teacher that everyone loves. While the circumstances may be different in Yim-Gate (and yes, I'm smitten that my labeling choices seem to catch on so well in the community), the fact that administrators and board members are taking a strong stance against a fixture of BHS who is universally praised, raises a big red flag and deserves far deeper investigation."

"I've been around the block for seven decades and may know a thing or two or a thousand about political tug-of-wars, and in the case of Mr. Nelson, something sure doesn't smell right. So while your hands may get a little dirty, don't be afraid to dig in the dirt! It's your dollars at work, so make sure no stone remains unturned when you investigate the situation."

"Well folks, there you have it, looks like the red flag was confirmed, after all.

"Bruce Dickinson always follows the cockroach theory: There is never just one cockroach in the kitchen. Once you see one, before long, you'll soon be meeting his friends and relatives! Ya know what I mean?"



The SMUHSD was out of compliance with Federal standards for the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA-504) supporting students with disabilities. The state Fiscal Crisis Management Assistance Team (FCMAT) detailed the district's failures below:

"Although there are written procedures and forms for 504 accommodation plans, staff
reported they are unaware of a structured 504 accommodation procedure. Yet there are students with 504
plans at all sites. "

"The district did not meet the disproportionality disability
in two areas, African-American students with learning disabilities, and white students with emotional
disturbance. "

This means the SMUHSD failed to properly identify students with disability needs and specifically failed to identify and support African American students with learning disabilities.


This dispute was not about the pole dancing principal (who lied in attempts to keep her job) its about the district that failed to properly train its staff and implement the law.

The SMUHSD Board is well aware of what took place and the current level of cover up. The SMUHSD allocated $200,000 to remedy this issue, but it has paid out more than an additional $100,000 in investigation and legal fees as well.


The SMUHSD has now "opened the floodgate" on ADA-504 and is acting like there was nothing wrong. The disputes at BHS are documented and were about teachers and administrators failing to follow the law and then retaliating against students and parents.

Mr. Nelson,

"Your advice and fight have paid off for others -. My daughter was issued a 504 this morning. (after multiple rejections!)

Thank you for being a trailblazer and taking a stand.

I know you paid a high price but know your deeds and effort have helped justice prevail.

My sincere respect and appreciation,

Burlingame Parent


There must be a "Go Fund Me Site," for this poor guy.

Let me know where it is.

There are too many DB's involved in "SMUHSD Management.

Who has not voted for a candidate based on the name presented in the voting Booth?
Besides the "People" working for the SMUHSD now.
My estimate regarding any/all input from "Individual SMUHSD Members," regarding ANYTHING, has ZERO impact on Public Schools, and community requests for better services.
Someone has to Manage this branch of Government.
However, does it always have to be a friend/relative of a SMUHSD Board Member?
Check it out.
Happy Hanukkah.


Dear Joe,
Please consider removing at least the first Fifty comments.
Time to move on.


Dear Holly.... just following your advice. Sometimes change is just a slow drip before its a rushing river.

Until Mr. Nelson post a response, lets end this thread.

Posted by: hollyroller@gmail.com | September 27, 2017 at 06:09 PM

The Voice is a place where locals ( I live here) can voice their opinions on issues. It has also been a "game changer" for some. It was the Voice that provided the SM Grand Jury with the SMUHSD's $85 million budget "problem" years back.


The SMUHSD has been refusing to grant Public Record requests regarding these issues for over a year.

What do they have to hide?


Thank you for the response Joe..
Good Luck to you Mr.KRN.
Do you have a "Go Fund Me?'
If not you should have. If you have one, please post it here.(Unless Joe disagrees.)
Long Live BV!


I do not have a Go Fund Me Page... but I would consider it.

I'm expecting the elected officials to represent the students, parents, and members of the community to carry out the law and policies of the district in an ethical manner. Get beyond the lies.

The San Francisco Office of Civil Rights has the SMUHSD under investigation (again) for these issues. There is nothing clean about what transpired.

A Look to Palo Alto may give an indication of what happens when you try to bury a case.

Report: District failed to follow law, policy in sex-assault case



Here is a link to the "Log of Complaints of Discrimination" now required by the Office of Civil Rights by the PAUSD.

Students, Parents, and Employees now have an easy was to report sexual and disability discrimination..



The Board Members of the SMUHSD already know these policies designed to protect students, parents and staff who file Uniform Complaints....but why do they refuse to enforce them?

"The Board prohibits retaliation against complainants. The Superintendent or designee at his/her discretion may keep a complainant's identity confidential, except to the extent necessary to investigate the complaint."

"No employee or member of the Board may discuss or make any statement regarding the complaint, or the investigation or disposition thereof, with any person, except as specifically provided for herein, unless specifically approved in advance by the district Superintendent."

Why has the Board allowed BHS staff who are the subject of a Uniform Complaint to take retaliatory action against the student and family who filed the complaint?

Why has the Board allowed teachers to openly discuss and share details of these complaints amongst themselves so that the teachers can better "coordinate" their stories and slander the family?

What happens to the teachers when Public Records show that they have engaged in these actions in order to "deflect" their own guilt?

If the Board is not going to enforce its own policies then why have them.

The Board has an ethical responsibility to represents the students, parents, and community.

Steve Kassel

I will tell you that with the last set of test scores coming in and acceptance letter being received, things looks EXCELLENT for Burlingame students. My son upped his SAT score to 1500 and ACT to 34. He's looking for Cal (first choice) and top music schools and has been accepted at both Indiana and Wisconsin. Waiting to hear from Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt has VERY favorable scholarship programs as does Indiana.

My son has heard from his friends who have already been accepted at Princeton, Harvard and Yale. Some schools let you know very early while the UC schools are among the latest in the country.

All 'n all, looks really good for early Burlingame acceptances.

Steve Kassel

Oh....all of the music schools require auditions in person once you have been accepted academically. The pressure is really high.


Congratulations Mr. Kassel.
You must have put some good work into raising such a gifted student.


Mr. Kassel,

I looked up your basketball case (I saw your comment somewhere else on the BV) and you got screwed. What you don't know is that in the time frame parallel to your issue, Principal Yim was under pressure as she had botched (again) the student master schedule at the high school, was under fire from the BHS Parents Group for continued incompetence (they were already calling for her to be fired) and in the midst of her own marriage failing.

You were cannon fodder to make her look like she was doing "something."

During this time, SMUHSD Superintendent Scott Laurence had resigned from his position. Board Member Marc Friedman referred to Laurence as the "Absentee Superintendent" as the Board was allowing him to collect his almost $300k per year salary, but not show up for work. The Board allowed Scott Laurence (or someone else in charge) to approve Yim for a third year at BHS, despite significant opposition from parents, teachers, and the community. Yim's additional year has become a very expensive issue in terms of dollars and bodies.

The easy answer was to just fire you as a basketball coach rather than find out what really took place.

Firing you made Yim look like she was actually doing something.


One more thing... Firing you was right in the midst of the famous sex charged "Dick in the Box" dance during the Little Big Game Rally.

Principal Yim was under scrutiny from the district office after reports of her "dance" were filed with the district administration and she was reprimanded by Superintendent Scott Laurence telling her that she could no longer participate in student rallies.

Steve Kassel

Your timing is completely and utterly wrong KRN. As usual, you prove yourself to be a moron.

Steve Kassel

My apologies to KRN. I honestly didn't read your post very closely and reacted rashly. Not that that stops one from being President. What I should have said is that the timing you posted is incorrect and one had absolutely nothing to do with the other. My firing was WAY before the story broke. In fact, I had no idea about the "dance" routine until much later.

I don't believe Ms. Yim is a bad person and I truly wish her well. In fact, before she left I had a very nice email exchange with her.


Wait a minute,
All this drama for a Basketball Coach?
Stereotypically, aren't PE teachers considered "Simple?"
Maybe you are so emotionally involved in this "Life Changing" event, you are unable to look forward.
I hope for your sake, participation in any Therapy can help you through this "Little Rough Spot."
Good things will come your way.



December-February 2014-2015?

You also had to get two kids through BHS right?

KRN-Time to publish the record.


I like your idea of a “Go Fund Me” campaign. I am thinking about the idea to raise funds for a series of legal depositions of BHS teachers who lied during interviews and investigations of their behavior. There is no threat of perjury in an employment investigation, so teachers were free to lie…. and they did. It could be time for some folks to lose their jobs with their names and actions in front of the public.


Really, not a moron. I taught at BHS for 26 years and know exactly what is going on inside that school. While you might have forgiven Ms. Yim, I hate to tell you about the conversations that took place about you as soon as the door closed behind you…. and continue while you have another child enrolled.

It part of the sick and dysfunctional environment brought on by a few individual teachers and the former leader.

I was transferred from BHS because I reported the behavior of the offending teachers and they knew were about to get nailed. During investigations, these teachers not only coordinated testimonies and lied, they also encouraged others to lie as well. (Documented in Pubic Records) These are the actions of the adults who teach children. After striking out at children and their parents, the teachers then retreat and hide. The Board is aware of these actions… and has failed to act.

During my transfer proceedings, I was quite about the issues at BHS as there were students who could have been damaged by these unethical teachers. A few of these teachers attempted to coerce the students during the proceedings.

Principal Di Yim was a deflection. She was short-lived side show who was eventually chewed up by the small group of teachers she attempted to befriend and appease.

The Board expressed fear of a SM County Grand Jury investigation and promised an internal investigation of BHS, yet never delivered on the promise.

Using her lawyer to block the disclosure of evidence that would demonstrate the ongoing unethical behavior of a BHS teacher against her students and others at BHS, the teacher wrote:

“If my identity in this legal action is revealed to the public and the memo is disclosed to the public, I will suffer great humiliation and embarrassment” (legal statement filed online with the SM County Superior Court)

If by your own hand you believe that you will suffer great humiliation and embarrassment, then you must have done something really bad.

Two Final Points:
The San Francisco Office of Civil Rights is conducting their third (3rd) investigation of the actions at BHS and the SMUHSD.

The SMUHSD is currently blocking all Public Record requests regarding these issues.

What does the SMUHSD have to hide?

How can we expect our children to behave in an ethical manner, when the teachers who lead them behave like unethical children.

Steve Kassel

KRN, we should have coffee some time.

KRN-Time to publish the record.

The SMUHSD hired a Special Investigator, Chris Reynolds to interview teachers regarding issues at Burlingame High School.

Mr. Reynolds was paid over $10,000 for his services.

Despite the fact that the SMUHSD Administration explained to these teachers that the interviews were private and confidential, the BHS teachers collaborated with one another and coordinated stories to deflect guilt for their actions.

Public Record access to these teachers witness statements cross-reference with their SMUHSD.org emails shows that these teachers knowing lied and misled Mr. Reynolds to deflect from their own guilt.

The SMUHSD Administration has been presented with this evidence.

They ignored it.

It students behaved in this manner, they would be expelled.

Why the cover-up?

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