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March 21, 2016



I forgot to thank the students of the class of 1998. That was the year I was diagnosed with cancer but continued teaching. I stayed in the classroom at BHS as long as I could stand up The inspiration of the students and their support gave me the desire to continue my own fight. That era is the foundation of the person I am today. The faculty in that era were also supportive and not petty. The coward teachers that spun their lies that took me out know nothing about the history, tradition or compassion of BHS. it must be difficult to be an English teacher. I am gone now, but I will never forget the support of the community.


So sorry to hear this ;-(


Carmel School District cuts ties with former SMUHSD Superintendent Scott Lawrence.


The Carmel District looked at Lawrence's history and cut its losses at $100,000.

The SMUHSD Board continued to employ Superintendent Lawrence even though he spent a significant amount of time away from his job and the district. While much of this was medical leave, the Board failed to see or listen to the amount of damage being created without anyone leading the district. In addition to Lawrence, another Assistance Superintendent was "on leave" and then fired, leaving the district without adequate direction.

One Board Member referred to Lawrence as the $300,000 absentee Superintendent. They knew he was doing noting, but failed to act.

Lawrence is the Superintendent who hired BHS Principal Di Yim and then refused to fire her. Despite significant communications from parents, students and community members, the Board sat back and watched as Yim destroyed BHS as they waited for Lawrence to do something.

It may be time for the Board to actually pay attention to the people they were elected to serve. The financial bills and legal cases are mounting and the district is scrambling to keep things covered up.


To the members of the Board:

How will you answer the public for the over $100,000 spent on legal and investigation fees regarding the issues at BHS?

Principal Di Yim’s failed leadership and public pole dancing should have been enough for you to act.

A BHS teacher collaborated with her peers and then lied/withheld the truth of her actions to an SMUHSD investigation.

While she thought she got away with her deeds by offering “half truths” and misleading information, the SMUHSD then ordered a deeper investigation and deep dysfunctions of BHS started to come out in the open.

The SMUHSD has spent over $100,000 in legal and investigation fees on this issue alone. If the truth has been told on day one, there would be no expense. The damages would have been suspended.

The teacher is still sitting on the BHS campus with not reprimand in sight. She is still damaging students.

Former BHS Principal Di Yim was an ignorant leader. The damage done to the students and school was excessive.

The BHS Parents were aware of Yim’s failures and took direct action to have Yim removed. Superintendent Scott Lawrence ignored their pleas.

The individual members of the SMUHSD Board are fully aware of these issues and the financial expenditures being paid to cover up (they would say correct) these actions and others.

The negligence of the SMUHSD may run far deeper than $100,000 as multiple claims have been filed against the district in areas related to this investigation.

Dr. Skelly purged Principal Di Yim and Director of Special Education Gloria Dirkmaat for their ignorance, but the damage is done…. and it will be costly.

The SMUHSD Board has an ethical and fiduciary responsibility to their constituents. Its not just about correcting the issues, but about telling the truth. The lies and backstabbing at BHS caused significant damage to the campus, its students and educational environment. While the school is on the mend, the evil that produced this vile experience is still sitting on the campus and the funds are flowing as the investigations continue.

Concerned Citizens can file a Public Records request for the disclosure of funds spent on the BHS issues.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.


Palo Alto school district mishandled sexual harassment complaints, federal investigation finds.

The same people from Palo Alto are now in charge of the SMUHSD.

How many issues in the SMUHSD are being covered up?

Mills High School AP Scandal, BHS uproar, Special Education Law suits... These were all the fault of SMUHSD staff and the Board doesn't want the public to know anything about it.


The sanctions could cost over $200,000 to set up the proper reporting procedures and train staff.



Kevin Skelly's Rape Culture left at Palo Alto just turned into a real problem

Palo Alto High School has a convicted sex offender who is a student on campus. The Superintendent and Principal each failed to protect the students by removing this known offender.


The Palo Alto Board has hired a law firm to investigate Superintendent Max Magee's decision-making process in leaving the students at risk.

The SMUHSD Board should come down from its Ivory Tower long enough to pay attention to own shortcomings. Skelly the peace-maker may leave you very liable due to his failure to act. Its called negligence.

Maybe the SMUHSD should hire an independent law firm to evaluate what has transpired in the district administration over the past few years.

Bruce Dickinson

Hey, guy, Bruce Dickinson fails to see Skelly's name cited in the article on this assault issue or how it's related to Palo Alto school's dealing with the said issue or how it relates to the Nelson-gate scandal.

Completely unclear as to what dots you are trying to connect, if any.

C'mon, cut to the chase!! We want deliverables in order to form opinions and make decisions as a community. Anything else is a gigantic waste of valuable time!!



Its like Deja Vu All Over Again. The Dots are Skelly. He flies too high and ignores the people in the know. In Palo Alto he ignored complaints, failed to get into compliance with the Office of Civil Rights, and the fall-out is costing the PA district a chunk of money.

Skelly inherited a mess at BHS and the SMUHSD, but instead of listening to the student, parents and the facts... he went with the lies and it is now costing the SMUHSD $$$$$

The Office of Civil Rights slams the Palo Alto District-under Skelly's leadership for repeatedly failing to properly investigate claims. While the PA Board dragged its feet to get up to speed it got slammed with another incident of sexual assault



The Palo Alto District paid out over $200,000 in 2014 in investigation and legal fees. Those costs are continuing to grow.


Skelly came on Board to the SMUHSD and ignored the public in transferring Nelson from BHS. Despite online petitions,, groups of angry parents, and student protests, Skelly thought he knew better for a town and a school he did not know. .Even after the failed Di Yim resigned, Skelly transferred Nelson from BHS after blaming him for the problems at the school

Most recently, Skelly pulled the same thing up the street in San Bruno as angry Capuchino Parents are fed up with their Principal Shanks who refuses to be called by her first name by faculty.


Principal Shanks lost one high quality vice-principal who is leaving the school and is firing another due to her own arrogance. Under her leadership many/most of the best faculty have left as well as top athletic coaches. In 2012 the Capuchino teachers advanced a "Vote of No Confidence" on Shanks who in return purged the faculty who forwarded the vote.


Skelly's summation of the parents protests at Cap?

“I respect your view that you have issues with Ms. Shanks,” said Skelly. “But as a sum total of her work, you have an outstanding principal.”

Skelly serves at the pleasure of the Board but its time the Board began to serve and respond to their constituents.

Nelson filed complaints against not only Yim, (for more than a Dick in a Box) but also against BHS teachers who had targeted students and for failure to implement federal ADA-504 law.

The SMUHSD "allowed to resign" Director of Special Education/504 Gloria Dirkmaat and BHS Principal Di Yim (the two in charge of the programs creating problems and creating problems themselves)

Under Principal Di Yim, the "environment" at BHS was toxic for many teen and adult males. Reports of this environment were ignored by the administration.

After Nelson's transfer the SMUHSD was hit by the state of california for being out of compliance with ADA and Special Education Law.


At BHS, students were systematically discriminating against as they were denied disability evaluations and accommodations mandated by law..

The District was then hit with "a series" of lawsuits (20-30) regarding the federal disabilities law.

In response to Nelson investigation, there is growing evidence of teachers coordinating testimony and lying to district administrators in order to cover up their guilt.

The district is also blocking Public Record reviews that may show more evidence of illegal and unethical behavior.

So Nelson was telling the truth... and he got shut down and shipped out for blowing the whistle on a group of unethical teachers and a pole-dancing principal

SMUHSD Board Members read the Voice. As elected officials they have an obligation to protect the personal and financial interests of their constituents.

There are many parents on the Voice who spend years of hard work, dedication, and financial contributions to make BHS a great school.

The Burlingame English Department sits at the center of this fiasco as it became a "gossip pit," targeted students, and backstabbing those who spoke out against them. There are teachers who know nothing... but those who listened and did nothing are just as guilty.

The Palo Alto Board is hiring a a law firm to investigate the actions of its Superintendent in handling the current sexual predator on campus issue


The failure of the district to cut off Skelly in time has come at a price, but at least they have reversed course.

Palo Alto: Sexual harassment cases could cost school district $200,000 to remedy

"The board also voted to repeal a 2014 resolution approved by a different board during former superintendent Kevin Skelly’s watch that criticized the Office for Civil Rights for its “unfair, costly and un-reviewable investigation” handling of an old case."


The Nelson-Gate scandal was a warning of things to come. The students and parents of Burlingame were right. Nelson did not lie.... but there are a group of teachers and a few district office officials who do.... it has already cost BHS in the loss of great teaching staff and traditions. It may end up costing the SMUHSD a large amount of money.

I hope that was a start. Now you know why I like Charter Schools. Its much easier to get rid of people like this in business.


Getting Caught.

In her legal statement to the San Mateo Superior Court in a request for a Temporary Restraining Order to block a public records request for her disciplinary records, Melissa Murphy states, “…if the memo in question is disclosed to the public, I will suffer great humiliation and embarrassment. Not only would the release of the memo disclose the private, embarrassing information about me, but I am also concerned that disclosure of memos of this nature fuel gossip, be posted on social media, and lead to dissension among co-workers. I have young children of my own, and I do not want them to face embarrassment or questions about me….”

In this signed document, Murphy acknowledges that her actions would cause her “great humiliation and embarrassment,” .....the same that she has inflicted upon others over the years.

Nelson gets transferred and this lying excuse for a human stays at BHS.

This cover-up has cost the SMUHSD over $100,000 because of the lies of a handful of teacher. Dr. Skelly.... you need to earn your salary.


Now we might be getting somewhere.


Why would ANYONE state that they would "suffer great humiliation and embarrassment" unless they really wanted their disciplinary record blocked.

This was a group effort of teachers at BHS to go after students and parents. When the SMUHSD announced an investigation of their actions, the teachers started to "coordinate testimony" to ensure they would not be caught.

In response to Melissa Murphy's concern about the onset of an investigation that may get Murphy fired, BHS teacher, Jen Rohrback emails Melissa Murphy

“Then you need to "Covertly reach out to Nicole Perrea, Josh Gnass, Shane Karshan and Kathy Payne... start with the first three...beware of the 4th, not sure where she stands. Again I encourage you to chat with Morgan Hallabrin ...make it personal with her....Maybe her family will take you under their wing and represent you because its just....oh..and crush Craig’s(CTA President Craig Childress) balls... he needs it. Remind him women have bigger and there is more pain to come.:) "

"Covertly reach out"

This is what happens when teachers are arrogant and stupid enough to go after students and parents then confess their acts on the public school email account that can be subpoenaed...... More to come!


When the teachers and administrators lie about their actions who pays the price?

The students get screwed and the parents (constituents) pay the price.

When do the liars get fired?

How many tax payer dollars need to be spent before we fire the liars?


What do you call a teacher who tracks down student's Social Media content. I'n not talking about one student... but multiple students? Its called stalking.

BHS English Teacher Melissa Murphy is a stalker. She has a history of stalking.... and no one is doing anything about it. If she were molesting students you might pay attention.

Stalking is an unwanted pursuit of another individual.

Do you really want male teachers stalking young female student? Do you think its cool if BHS male teachers frequent young female's social media pages to collect information on them.

Then why do you tolerate her actions?

When a teacher expresses an extreme interest in the online posting of our students to the extent of visiting these the student's social media pages as an addiction or a "Time Suck" to the point of having specific and in-depth knowledge of the students, then this teacher has a significant problem.

Lets say that again.... She has a problem!

This teacher spent significant time searching out information on students and then using it against them in the school.

Murphy is a predator. Karshan is an idiot.

As an adult, she collects information to use against students.

Upon questioning by the school administration and police,, this teacher lied and mislead investigators about her behavior.

These facts are on the record.

The SMUHSD granted this teacher "confidential status" or "anonymous status" so that no one would know her identity or actions. They were concerned about her negligence but more concerned about their own.

Once the SMUHSD discovered her actions, they covered
up their own negligence and hoped that no one would find out.

It is not known how many students have been stalked or damaged by this teacher. The student's would have no way of knowing that she "collected" false evidence against them as she made "anonymous" accusations against them.

The statement above by the teacher.. "if this information is disclosed to the public, I will suffer great humiliation and embarrassment. Not only would the release of the information disclose the private, embarrassing information about me, but I am also concerned that disclosure the information of this nature would fuel gossip, be posted on social media, and lead to dissension among co-workers."

Her assumption is correct. If you get caught stalking students you will be up to pubic scrutiny. The students and Alumni of Burlingame High School are discussing the establishment of a blog or google form to collect information about the action of English Teacher Melissa Murphy over the past few years as she has caused extreme damage to a significant number of students.

I'm a student that a target of this teacher. She is a predator and needs to be stopped.


A pissed off BHS teacher decided to “stalk” multiple BHS student’s social media accounts. She states that her time “monitoring” these student’s social media accounts is a “Time Suck.”

What does she do with the information she collects?

She makes “anonymous” reports to BHS officials in order "to protect” her identity. Despite the fact that she knows the information about these students is false…. She reports it because “she” believes they are “breaking the rules.” Her rules.....


Why would the SMUHSD cover up this type of BS?

This adult is acting like a child because she has no self-respect and is simply out to “get” kids.

She also destroyed many students’ lives (mostly males) because she has ZERO self esteem and was out to get these poor kids. They were “assigned” to this “woman’s” class and they were doomed.

Is it a crime to stalk a student? Is it a crime to cover it up?

I understand that what she is doing is a federal crime and she should be imprisoned and sued.

At the least... she and her co-conspirators should be fired. As well as those who helped cover up the incidents.

Maybe I'm wrong..... The student's know better.

Game Over


According to the SMUHSD, Former BHS Teacher Kevin Nelson must be transferred back to BHS when there is an opening in his subject area. This was stated at the Board Meeting when he was transferred by Marc Friedman.

According to SMUHSD Board Agenda for Sept 14, 2017, a BHS Social Science Teacher is retiring and this opens the door for Nelson to return to BHS.

Will the SMUHSD allow him to return or will they fight him?

The SMUHSD has spent well over $100,000 on legal and investigation fees. There have been strong allegations and evidence of lies and cover ups at the school site and district office.

What about the Board Members who were also duped by lies of the Administration, Teachers and Bump and Grind of Di Yim?

It might be time for a few of the Board Members to "get out ahead" of this before it turns ugly... again.


The SMUHSD has allocated an additional 15 days of work to a district office employee. ...to process the Public Record Requests against the district.

15 Days of Labor is a waste of money.

Office Assistant II
District Office
CPRA Requests
Up to 15 days

There is a very simple way to stop the hemorrhaging of money out of the SMUHSD on these issues.

Stop lying.

Former BHS Principal Di Yim and her band of cronies will go down as one very expensive mistake!


As the parent of a current BHS senior and another who graduated four years ago, I have been extremely happy with both SMUSHD and Burlingame High School. My older son graduated USF in 3 years due to the number of AP credits he had. My younger son is very happy with his counselors and teachers and has done exceedingly well on his ACT/SAT and carried a 4.625 last year.

If anyone would have reason to whine, I would. I was an asst basketball coach at Burlingame and was fired by Ms. Yim. I was not unhappy to see her ago, but there is no much utter BS here that it defies the imagination.


If there is one thing BHS Teacher Melissa Murphy finds interesting... its a Public Record Request and Twitter!



According to a Change.org petition regarding a coach who was fired by Di Yim, your social media accounts were hijacked and then you got in trouble for it.

It wasn't your fault?

Why do you defend what you don't know?

Melissa Murphy tracks students' social media accounts in order to "find" information on the students and get them in trouble.

What is the difference?

Maybe you would like to hear abut the BHS English Teacher teaching seniors who focused on destroying the GPA's of Valedictorians in their senior year.

The teacher decided that she would "grade" the students based on family background and income level rather than merit. (This is documented with BHS ) Students in her class started to withhold their names and turn in papers with only an ID# on it so she would not know the student name while grading in an attempt to save their grades.

Parents took the papers to university professors who could not find issues with the writing.

When challenged the teacher responded... I don't really follow the curriculum.

You really think the other English Teacher did not know about this practice.... of course they did. Ask around.

This teacher destroyed the kids of a few very proud families

Petty BS.... there is more to it than you know.


We have taken down four recent comments on this thread. When a commenter states that "I do not really understand what the heck I wrote as a response to xyz" we feel that is sufficient to take it down (along with the attempt to make some sense of it). That will get this important thread back on topic.


Once again, Burlingame High School has NO National Merit Semi-Finalists. NONE.


Capuchino in San Bruno is represented
Mills in Millbrae is represented
San Mateo High School is represented
Aragon is represented
Hillsdale is represented
Serra High School is represented.

Burlingame is filled with exceptionally gifted children.... so what is the issue?

Public School Menlo Atherton has 16 students on the list.

2018 National Merit Semi-Finalists

Burlingame High School has the following recent track record for
National Merit Semi-Finalists.


Sadly, this is not the BHS built by this community. Burlingame students deserve better.



Enough with the lies claims that "there is no much utter BS here that it defies the imagination."

What kind of proof would you like to see produced? The SMUHSD Board members who read this blog could validate that the statements are based on facts collected during interviews and investigations.

BHS Parents could tell you at length of the BS and their fears of retaliation from teachers if a student or parent takes a stand against a teacher.

Male students could tell you of the hypocricy and discrimination they have faced from female teachers because they were simply being "teenage boys." (Not boys will be boys, but just being a teenage boy)

You will note the Editor's comments, "to get this important thread back on topic."

What has transpired at BHS is beyond the imagination. It is beyond belief that adult teachers would act like children and take out the their frustrations on students.

It is beyond belief that teachers would spend their personal time stalking students social media, openly discussing the personal, private and sexual activities of their students.

It is beyond belief that a high school principal would do a bump and grind routine to "Dick in the Box" at a high school rally and then the district administration would defend her actions. while blaming the boys (And she went to Harvard?)


So yes, "Enough With The Lies" these actions are "beyond imagination." How could these things happen at BHS? Here is a better question, how did you not know about them until the blow up with Di Yim? The Di Yim incident was a distraction, the other problems at BHS are still there and have not improved.

While your own child managed to get out with a path to college, others have not been as lucky.

The students, parents and the community deserve better. They also deserve to know the truth of what transpired inside the school.

The sad part is that these statements are not lies... they are the actions of BHS teachers against students... and they are documented.


Prove it, BennyC.


Anyone basing the quality of schools by the number of National Merit Semifinalists isn't real sharp. That's absolutely ridiculous. In fact, every single Burlingame student takes it at no cost, but it is NOT emphasized, nor should it. It simply doesn't matter. First and foremost, it is a practice test.

I didn't give a rat's ass how my son did on it and his score was okay, but not phenomenal. Meanwhile, he scored a 1440 on his first attempt on the SAT and a 32 on the ACT.

Those scores matter. Very good, but he can certainly do better and to get into the schools for which he's applying, he will have to do better.

A far better indicator is how Burlingame students do on AP Exams and those scores were uniformly excellent.

Take a look at what colleges and universities Burlingame students get into and there is NO problem there either.

The simple FACT is that there are some pissed off parents who for reasons of their own aren't happy.



A SMUHSD Board member one stated, "Burlingame High School students could learn if only a lightbulb there as a teacher."

BHS StudentsRock you missed the boat. You are defending what is rather than asking what could be (or what once was?) While you did not care what score your student achieved, the FACT of the matter is that there WERE NO BHS students on the list.

Your laundry list of accomplishments of BHS students and their relationship to college admission is not only factually void but misleading as well.

Students who attend BHS, a school with deep financial pockets who draws students from one of the wealthiest communities in the United States produces zero national merit scholars. The National Merit Scholar Finalist status is used for college admission.

The post was not to put down BHS students, but instead draw attention to a significant lack of attention to the necessary academic preparation, environment and rigor necessary to produce the higher level of scholarship.

BHS kids get into good schools. .Good.schools. When adjusted for income and opportunity (versus the rest of the state) those returns are not as impressive.

BTW... colleges use the number of National Merit Finalists from a school as an indicator of rigor of a school. PSAT scores come from a vertical alignment of middle and high school.

BHS has zero.... what does that state about rigor? To be fair, BHS "averaged" one NMF per year for the past few years.... the same as Tracy High School.

I'm glad your child received a 1440 SAT score (would you have posted it online if it were below 1200 (who was the score for?)

Also, a stronger argument would be to draw on the mean BHS tests scores rather than your own child's score.

BHS Mean:
567 CR
579 M
566 W

The following are two local public schools who have more than zero National Merit Finalists.
Lynbrook HS
San Jose
2017 49
2016 48
2015 68

Monta Vista HS
2017 49
2016 57
2015 68

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