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March 21, 2016



Nelson's transfer to Aragon is a done deal.

At least by bringing in an experienced Principal, Skelly should give the new principal ALL the information he needs to clean house on the teachers who created this mess. The dead-wood teachers are the problem. It easy to spot them, they are the ones who are always complaining about the parents. It looks like they are also the one's who selected an elementary school principal as a finalist for the BHS Principalship. That alone is an indication of the problem.

Principal Yim is a failure and the district really needs to stop acting like she is some innocent victim who got in the way. She is incompetent and the damage from YimGate will take years to correct.

While a new body is in place at BHS and Nelson is gone, now is the time to get an answer to an important question...

How did all of this happen?

What happened to the BHS that was the jewel in the crown?

Glenn Mendelson

Although Principal Yim's departure from BHS is a major step in the right direction, she only exacerbated an unhealthy situation that existed prior to her coming to BHS. There is also a group of teachers that needs to be exposed for their hostile and retaliatory behavior towards, students, parents and other teachers. Mr. Nelson happens to be one of the most significant casualties. Let's help the new principal figure out who these bullies are so that he can deal with them or the morale at BHS will continue to get worse.

Glenn Mendelson BHS Class of '73

Glenn Mendelson

Sound familiar?

The other day someone told me to look up a past situation that took place at Washington Elementary School in 2007 involving a teacher, Evan Brock. He was loved by his students and the community. However, he was originally terminated by the principal and the board of trustees. However, the decision was later reversed as he was allowed to stay at Washington.

Please read the link below from the Burlingame Voice in 2007 and see if you notice some of the similarities.


Glenn Mendelson BHS Class of '73
Citizens for Mr. Nelson and a Better BHS!

Bruce Dickinson

Glenn, I gotta tell ya, that is a good reminder that if parents, fellow teachers, and community members overwhelmingly support Mr. Nelson, they're probably on the right side. Look, Bruce Dickinson donates heavily to the BSD via the local fundraising organization so my guys know all the players and keep me posted. The article linked above shows that Dr. Clark, the Washington principal, somehow didn't get along with Mr. Brock. Of course, fellow teachers and the community rallied behind Mr. Brock and the Board reversed its decision, and for apparently good reasons as Mr. Brock has been a successful and well loved teacher at Washington for many years since.

Dr. Clark on the other hand, was promoted to the district level, and together with the current superintendent, decided to pursue building out Hoover elementary and steamrolling the process without a full blown environmental study, which caused community outrage, an expensive lawsuit and while the school was ultimately built due to a settlement, it was at a very steep price. Would have been much cheaper to add space at the existing schools. Dr. Clark of course, was the one in charge of the fiasco and was most likely forced out and he went to Alameda School District for a couple of years, left that district and is now working in a school district in Mountain View as a "business manager". Long story short, Dr. Clark was in fact the damaged goods and the first sign you saw was his not supporting a teacher he didn't like but the community loved. Shows that a person won't make decisions for the right reasons, and that was a big red flag, and everyone ignored it. VERY expensive mistake, BSD, which ultimately cost the community and district millions of dollars in bad decision making with the Hoover fiasco, which could have been handled much better.

Look folks, big donors like Bruce Dickinson are constantly gathering information to ascertain as to whether our dollars are being put to good use, so we dig deep and constantly keep tabs on this stuff. I would be highly suspect of any administrator or board voting against a teacher that everyone loves. While the circumstances may be different in Yim-Gate (and yes, I'm smitten that my labeling choices seem to catch on so well in the community), the fact that administrators and board members are taking a strong stance against a fixture of BHS who is universally praised, raises a big red flag and deserves far deeper investigation.

Remember, folks, I've been around the block for seven decades and may know a thing or two or a thousand about political tug-of-wars, and in the case of Mr. Nelson, something sure doesn't smell right. So while your hands may get a little dirty, don't be afraid to dig in the dirt! It's your dollars at work, so make sure no stone remains unturned when you investigate the situation.


The new superintendent has a very short time to get his act together, bring Nelson back, clean up the English department and have protect a successful ca-rear. Mills ain't no BHS. Parents speak up and act up.


Skelly and the SMUHSD have been running a side-show to deflect from the train wreck called BHS. Parent comments shows that the Board has been in receipt of substantial complaints about the Yim-inator for the past few years.

Yim targeted Nelson as the teachr who would "block" her "success" and then blamed him for her failures.

The failed district office allowed Yim to run the school into the ground and is only now trying to cover their own backsides.

Skelly came into town and backed Yim because she was a principal (he knew nothing of her failures).

How can he continue to support this failed principal and let her continue to damage the school?

At a recent Board meeting, Skelly blamed the senior boys for the "Dick in the Box" dance and Yim was the victim.

BHS teachers have commented that Yim spent $9000 to "remodel" the principal's office and "thousands" to rip up a new library. The Board spend $40,000 in legal and investigation fees and now they are spending even more in the continued investigation and defense of Yim.

Yim has destroyed the traditions and attempted to eradicate the history of BHS. Skelly just wants it all to go away. BHS parents (and students) will continue to "pay" for this disaster unless the parents step up and demand answers. Skelly had to move an existing principal with experience to BHS since there was no one qualified to handle the train wreck.

Its time to move this issue into the sunlight. its time for a complete report on how this disaster came about and why Yim and the group of angry teachers were allowed to continue the damage... its time to clean house.


These are the adults teaching our children.

Between this idiot and the do-nothing Chemistry teacher on his way out (we hope) our students are just wasting hours of their lives.

This is one of the best schools in the state?

"Mrs. Murphy is unarguably the worst teacher I've ever had at BHS. Not only is she snark, but she refuses to have any concern for the well-being of her students. She often refuses to give students credit for the work that they've done, leaving detrimental effects on our grades. When we try to point out her errors, she becomes dismissive and rudely cuts us off. I've had her for two years, and during my time with her, I have learned absolutely nothing. "

"Out of all the teachers at BHS Mrs Murphy has been the only teacher I have truly disliked. Her class is made up entirely of pointless in-class usually solo busy work wherein she'll rudely yell at you to shut tup while gossiping with her favorite students. Her in-class "discussions" lack depth, intellect and importance and my writing skills have if anything decreased since last year. Her know-it-all attitude and overly sassy personality make for a lousy classroom environment. "

"She plays favorites more than any teacher I have ever had. She gets caught up in the idea of high school and acts like a kid, bullying the not as cool kids and sitting on the desks, talking to the popular ones. I've seen her mock kids when giving presentations and let her favorites leave early for no good reason. She gives out detentions to some while letting her favorites off the hook. Your experience in the class pretty much relies on your social status. "

This woman is an idiot.

Bruce Dickinson

I know it doesn't happen often, but call Bruce Dickinson confused. Is this the chemistry teacher? Also, the quotes seem to indicate that rest of teachers are fine except for her. Seems to contradict earlier points about a cabal of bad apple teachers.

If a one-teacher issue, then maybe you just gotta clean the toilet instead of the whole house, ya know what I mean?


AP Macroeconomics is dead at BHS. Chairman Yim killed the program. BHS was the only school in the SMUHSD and one of a few in the country to offer a year of college economics to high school students. On her arrival to BHS, Yim eliminated AP Macroeconomics from the school, but returned the class after a parent outrage. This was the same situation in AP Chemistry.

As parents, we had to organized and meet with Yim to understand why she wanted to kill this popular course. Like every other time in her future at BHS she lied to our faces. While I was able to help save this course for my older child, It will not be around for my younger student.

I've heard Nelson say that Yim was out to get him from the start. She did go after the class that he taught and now she has finished the job. While Yim is fired, it is once again the BHS students and community that loses.




Plenty of people still care. If you don't then just read something else. Comics might work for you.


Update (United States Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights): https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1648982848762203&id=1582875205372968


Hey Holyroller, it sounds like the Feds still care. I wonder if Yim's new employer knows about this.

Bruce Dickinson

Well folks, there you have it, looks like the red flag was confirmed, after all.

Bruce Dickinson always follows the cockroach theory: There is never just one cockroach in the kitchen. Once you see one, before long, you'll soon be meeting his friends and relatives! Ya know what I mean?


That is great news. Not just for Mr. Nelson, but anyone who goes up against insurmountable entities.
Bully for you Mr. Nelson.
I have never heard of this "employment rights division" before. I really appreciate the ability of the Teachers Union to help put wrongdoers in their place.
I just hope before "Heads start to roll, and careers go down the drain," the players do not get to retire.
In the mean time Mr. Nelson teaches at Aragon. Doing a great job, educating those students, and developing another great reputation as an educator there too.
What do you guys think?
3-5 years before multiple hearings come to a fair and just conclusion?
I do not think under any circumstance "Justice will be Served."
Best of luck Mr. Nelson.


According to some articles,, Superintendent Skelly does not like the OCR investigations in Palo Alto...they reveal the truth.

It says the feds came in and interviewed students and teachers.

This does not sound good for some BHS teachers.



Anti discrimination / Anti defamation

Board member Barb is a good woman, I had lunch with her a couple years ago in Palo Alto to talk about school organizational strategy.

I haven't met Skelly, but I agree with both of them, it's overreaching of government power to interview minors without their parents present.

Everyone wants to focus on discriminatory actions that might be racially motivated...

...discriminatory and slanderous actions that are motivated by differences of CREED like political party affiliation or religious creed are just as illegal and poisonous for the good of the community and for the good of rule of law and civil rights.

The Dads Club president that was slandering an active community volunteer fellow dad a few years because the president didn't agree with the victim's presidential yard sign should have been sued and banned from any school leadership activity every again.

Discrimination due to creed is already against the rules of public schools and already against the law.

Some Burlingamers love to slander, as it's "their little game".

It's time to start a public defense fund and organization, perhaps as a branch of the Anti Defamation League and stop the Rules for Radicals style slander from certain fanatics in the greater Bay Area community.

I just reached out to the ADL today to initiate a discussion. Stay tuned.


There would be no need for the OCR to show up if the leadership and Board in PA had taken care of the issue(s). In other articles, PA was then "hit" with ignoring its "Rape Culture" at Paly as published in the school newspaper. The adults just can't ignore what is going on in the schools if it is a violation of the law.

In PA it seems that students needed to be interviewed to get to the truth and eventually the OCR "convinced" PA of its error(s).

It sounds like the OCR should be interviewing the slanderous teachers or advising principals about dancing to "Dick in a Box" during school hours.


The Yim is gone but the damage is done. Its time for Skelly and the Board to live up to their promise to investigate what happened at BHS to make sure the school returns to its former glory.

Skelly promised that things would get cleaned up but with Yim gone and Nelson transferred will he do anything?

1. The Board needs to Investigate what happened and why
2. Publish an action plan on how things will get cleaned up.
3. Keep the parents, students, and public informed of the progress.

The BHS today is not the BHS of days past.

Its time to stop with the nice-nice and chit chat and get back to business.


I agree. Didn't he have all summer to look into this and come clean right at the start of school?


November is around the corner and BHS English Teacher Shane Karshan is eyeballing which male student he will screw over this year. If you have a son enrolled in Karshan's class, you should be worried. This is real and documented. this could cost your son a place in college. The post below confirms Karshan's practice. His is a joke of a teacher and one of the liars at BHS.

Which boy will it be..... stay tuned.

"English teacher Shane Karshan accuses a teen boy of cheating each year around November. The accusation is very public and shameful. The teacher makes sure that the accusation is well known.
Karshan has little self-esteem and uses the situation to scare off the other students and parents as he is a weak teacher and never reads student work. He is a joke and was banished from teaching AP until the arrival of Di Yim, the failed principal.

At least three parents have communicated that they were the victims of this scam. In each situation, the parents had to hire a lawyer to correct the problem and salvage their child's grade and emotions."

CaseyMartin's Caddy

According to a new communication, the SMUHSD and BHS have been out of compliance with federal law. The school has been systematically blocking students with disability needs from their proper resources and accommodations. To make things worse, the school has failed to provide the legally required evaluations in order to enable the students to get the help they need.

Parents of students with disability needs such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Epilepsy, and Concussions have cited that the school site and district refused to evaluate their student for help or provide the proper accommodations when requested. Other parents report that they were told that "Their students grades were too high to receive accommodations" even though the student had a medical diagnosis.

The SMUHSD is currently has its engines in full reverse, handing out accommodations to most anyone who asks, as they are fearful of lawsuits. The district is very quiet about this because they don't want past students and families to find out and sue them.

If a parent has requested a 504 plan from either BIS or BHS in the last few years and has been rejected, you should re-contact the school for another evaluation or the US Dept of Education Office of Civil Rights in SF to report the violation.


The SMUHSD has spent over $100,000 on this fiasco to cover up its negligence. Principal Di Yim was allowed to silently run away but the public funds are being used for a cover up. The elected officials just wanted to shut things up but there is too much information available. The 2500+ parents and alumni knew too much as well. Dr. Skelly would like this all to go away... but he backed the wrong pony.


Did Mr. Nelson land at Aragon as expected? How is he doing?


I spent many years coaching our children in Burlingame AYSO. The girls I coached would now be high school seniors. The opportunity to teach them again as young adults has been ripped from me. (and them)

I worked at BHS for 26 years. I built a strong and successful Advanced Placement Economics and Political Science program. These programs were the largest in the SMUHSD and they were taken away by Di Yim.

I took over the SMUSHD and BHS GATE programs and offered students stimulating and interesting alternatives to classroom instruction. These were also taken from me.

The BHS Parents Group took a stand against DI Yim and the SMUHSD Superintendent Scott Lawrence refused to take action. According to one Board member, “He was an absentee Superintendent that we paid almost $300,000 per year!”

I took a strong stand for the students of BHS against the Carpetbaggers and I would do it again tomorrow. As I have taught the generation of students in the past. You need to stand up for what is right.

I was sacrificed for inappropriate and unethical actions of teachers who remain at BHS .

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