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March 21, 2016



You may end up being the "first victim.

Do you remember the Film, "Looking for Mr. Good bar?
I think I can speak for all of "The Old Ladies" viewing this very Fun web site, "that the Castle/Kastler man is sort of WEIRD!
I bet he voted for Trump.
If Mr. Castle did not vote, that is a Major Relationship Issue too.

KRN-Time to publish the record.

If the elected Trustees won't uphold the law... then who will?


I do not know what that means....
Please, Please, Joe.
End this thread.

Steve Kassel

I have no problem with Mr. Nelson, hollyroller. I have no idea what you are talking about as your posts have gotten rather bizarre.


You are not the first one to say so.
There are a few BV contributors that have very narrow minds, and Zero ability to be Critical Thinkers.

Steve Kassel

Way back in September, a couple of posters tried to make the case that Burlingame High did a crappy job preparing its students for admissions to top schools. I said that using the National Merit Semifinalist list for anything was plainly stupid and I have been proven right.

In fact, the number of Burlingame students who got into their top schools this year is extremely high. A large number of students got into Cal, UC-Davis, Penn, Brown, USC, UCLA, Wisconsin, Michigan and other top schools. I couldn't be happier for all of them.

Steve Kassel

BTW, a Burlingame High student was accepted into and will be attending MIT.

Steve Kassel

Found out over the weekend that two Burlingame students got into Stanford. Neither is an athlete nor a legacy.


YimGate- 2021

The Destruction of BHS

The following have been found negligent and have been charged by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Educator Misconduct Committee-

Superintendent Kevin Skelly
Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black
BHS Principal Di Yim

The parents and community (In 2016) were 100% correct in taking a stand and protesting.

The SMUHSD Board buried its head in the sand and has now spent "hundreds of thousands of dollars" based on lies and deception.

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) Educator Misconduct Committee has closed the door on the administrators and will now "take out" the BHS teachers who "lied, misled, and withheld information from the investigators and the Board."

English Teacher Melissa Murphy will be the next to go and the others involved will be charged as well. The evidence is substantial and ironically, collected and produced by the SMUHSD itself.

If the Board has any credibility or ethics left (especially those who call Burlingame home) they will actually look at the facts and what is transpiring in front of their eyes and take action now to save face.



Now what happens?

YimGate- 2021- Banging the IT Guy

Well... on a positive note, Principal Yim was banging the SMUHSD Director of IT in 2015-16 so BHS got additional Tech Support and Hardware well above what was given to other schools Yim then ran off with the guy to Las Vegas (100% true)

Everything that has been posted on these blogs and more has been validated by independent investigators at the state who are "dumbfounded" by the level of both ignorance and arrogance of the SMUHSD leaders. The state will continue to bring charges against the teachers who lied to, misled, and withheld information from the Board. They too may have their credentials suspended or revoked.

BHS and MHS are a shadow of what they once were in terms of being great high schools.

The SMUHSD Board will continue to waste taxpayer's dollars on a legal defense of Skelly and Black (they don't care about Yim or the Mills Principal-collateral damage) and try to make it all go away.

It's not going anywhere.

The Board is liable for allowing this level of negligence and misleading the public to believe that everything was OK.

Superintendent Skelly has gone from Runner Up as the US Superintendent of the Year to facing charges by the state to remove his credential. (two cases now).

The most the state can do is remove credentials... then the lawyers step in and sue for damages- as the public looks to those who lied, and lied, and lied again and ask why? Was it worth it?

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