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March 30, 2016


Blow off Sacramento Politicians!

Congrats B'game property owners.

Yeah, I've been citing this future trend for a few years. Most of the new VC investments and hiring have been in software development. Many software developers are younger and want to live in SF for its single, urban experience. The employers compete very hard for this talent, so more employers have been creating more jobs and leasing office space in SF, especially in SOMA brick and timber lofts and other new developments pushing toward the west side of market.

As these developers age, get married and have kids, they will eventually concede to moving to the better schools of the suburbs and Burlingame is the first nice suburb south, and north to marin is too disconnected from the tech world.

So, I'd project a long term push of B'game housing and also retail and office properties higher in rent and sale value - much more than most areas in the Bay.

How do you preserve what makes B'game great? Try to convince your city council and planning commissioners to forget about Sac-driven new housing mandates...

Focus on the right redevelopment of the uglier sides of town, which perhaps includes mowing down the myriad of old apartment buildings on El Camino and going modern, greener and more attractive.

Property taxes eventually make their way back to the public schools in the same area.

Can you make your city council question The Sac party lines?

The only way to guarantee that is to vote in people that are willing to debate the issues properly.


That's it you've convinced me. I'm voting for Trump. I never thought in a million years I would vote for that blowhard but the never ending trumpet of Democratic bashing has proven too severe to ignore.

The golden goose is already cooked

Fred, my post is at the crux of the issue.

Should Burlingame let the city council, ABAG, and the state deliver state mandated new housing?

What would be the cost-benefit to complying or rallying against the new housing mandates that do indeed come down from Sac?

Fred, please check out this website that explains it all. http://www.hcd.ca.gov/housing-policy-development/housing-resource-center/plan/he/

Unfortunately, we all may feel more empowered than we actually are to stop regionalism like ABAG and HSR and GBI initiatives - all points that I've been making here for several years.

How do you save the golden goose, Fred and Joe?

It really does all go back to who you vote for and what you become an activist in support of.

The train has left the station...


I am keeping it real and shop on Broadway.

Last week I almost fell over in front of the Gap on B Avenue.
A couple of those new sidewalk pavers have come loose and were sticking up about 2". The downtown was just remodeled 2 years ago. The pavers look nice but are they sturdy enough to hold up for years to come?


Samiselfie, we reposted your comment here where it fits better:



A couple of locals are quoted in this Daily Journal article speculating about summer real estate prices. It's an interesting read:

Uncertainty regarding the sustainability of the ongoing economic boom has caused more to put their house up for sale, for fear of missing the chance to strike while the market remains hot, according to some lenders.

“I think a lot of people are starting to realize that if you are going to sell something, do it before it drops,” said Rich Wachter, of Wachter Investments in Burlingame.

Homes for sale are staying on the market longer, bidding is not as competitive as it has been and inventory numbers, though low, are gradually creeping up, according to Wachter, who identified the trends as potential signs of an industry turning.

“I just think that I see a softening in the market,” he said.

- See more at: http://www.smdailyjournal.com/articles/lnews/2016-05-21/money-lenders-sense-slowdown-anxiety-nervousness-cited-by-some-others-see-current-low-interest-loan-rates-as-opportunity/1776425163759.html#sthash.uxIb7QGH.dpuf

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