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March 16, 2016



Visually speaking highway 101 is a Superfund site. They have already screwed it up so bad with the sound walls and signage and ugly buildings and blocked views of the hills that it don't matter no more what they do. Its LA.

But highway 280 should be left alone.




I agree.
Leave 101 for the "toxic waste barrier" that it is, as well as the "Us vs. Them boarder.
Hard to swallow facts that we all live with, and drive past twice a day.
Stopping buy Whole Foods for Fruit Roll Ups.
We should probably begin installing "Burlingame National Guard" on the Eastern side of El Camino Real.
Lets face it folks, once California Dr. is breeched, no more "Melt!"
This is the first paragraph of my next Novel.
What do you think


Worse. Idea. Ever.


At a time when many communities are restricting and eliminating billboard blight, our county is considering expanding billboards on Highways 101 & 92. Please join me in urging supervisors to stop this before it starts, and reject the proposal to do an assessment. Below is an easy action you can take.

Email San Mateo County Board of Supervisors using the easy online form at:


I think we should do away with billboard they have know days become an eyesore.

Enjoy the billboards!

When you promise utopia / impossible pensions to an impossibly large government workforce on impossibly large infrastructure projects - something's gotta give.

The problem that's being delivered to these trusting souls who work for our corrupt and very poorly run government agencies at all levels is that they simply won't get the pensions and benefits that they were promised - without all sorts of other new taxes and revenue schemes like Billboards et all to weakly prop up the shaky balance sheets of the government agencies.

This is why probably most registered voters prefer being "fiscally conservative".

So why doesn't reason reach the voting ballot box?

Low voter turn outs -> 20-30%.

Enjoy the billboards!

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