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February 03, 2016


in the room

I definitely admire Russ, and he hit the nail on the head.

And, some of the existing city council members are amazingly talented to speak out multiple sides of their mouth and their arses.

It's tough to represent "preservation" when you also secretly (or not so secretly like having admitted it on video in front of the entire former city council and me) represent the building trades and indirectly support the Grand Boulevard Initiative and the High Speed Rail via unwavering support of the Democratic party and it's local and state hierarchy.

It's tough (for anyone) to represent goodness, fairness and justice when you also accept campaign contributions and take direction from well known local (big time) bad guys behind close doors.

It's tough to understand how all of these items/groups/people are related to each other and to this blog topic - until you realize that they are all very related...

Kudos to Russ for keeping it real.


Ann Keighran doesn't know the first thing about diplomacy. Never has. Never will. And if you think diplomacy doesn't matter, you are nuts. Count her votes. Who cares? Doesn't say anything about the kind of person she is or isn't.
Married to a developer and her father was in construction too?!? Take the blinders off, people. She is in it for herself and her cronies. That is all. Not for you or for me.
And by the way, Jennifer, your post should read "shudders" not "shutters!" Those are what we use as window coverings, you who thinks you are the writer of the century.

Bruce Dickinson

RRRReeeeeowwww! The fangs show. Listen, discriminating readers such as myself, Bruce Dickinson want to see the bite as well as the bark (or screeching meow). Post some evidence in a cogent, truth seeking format so that all may be "shown the light" as it were. Declarative statements with no support and catty behavior calling out someone's misspelling (believe me it happens to the best of us) strikes me as petulant envy, particularly targeting a person who has clearly done nothing but positive things for the community...frankly, that doesn't go far in my book! Actually, it doesn't even make my book!

Let's get into the supported evidence business, fast! Last time some gadfly kept posting stuff so as to completely diminish his/her credibility had to be censured numerous times today that person's harangues are about as effective as the boy who cried wolf, if ya know what I mean?

in the room

For the record, I was not censored today, if you were referring to me and my posts.

My evidence is what I've heard with my own ears from Keighran, and what I've heard with my own ears from her campaign contributors.

The video that I referred to was "lost" by one of the existing city council members, when I asked him for a copy a couple years ago.

I've called out these violations numerous times on this blog and on other websites, and I've never received any communication from anyone to dispute it.

Keighran is charismatic, and she's been directed and groomed by her parents for years (remember the accounts of her parents giving her nods or yeah or nay in city council meetings?).

What she does is "normal" in their world.

Still don't get what I'm talking about?

It's funny that "Bruce" wants to distract the readers from the truth.

Perhaps he's part of the sham.http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sham

Bruce Dickinson

The Common Sense Store called and guess what? they're running out of reading comprehension skills!

To the poster above, I was saying that one of the regular posters was censURED (that is rebuked, reprimanded) so many times with so much mis-information that TODAY no one listens to him/her (that is like boy crying wolf, where boy keeps crying that there's a wolf so many times that no one listens to him that when an actual wolf is threatening him, no one pays attention). Maybe I should have put a comma before the word "today" but the context of the sentence and the idiomatic expression should have been clear and I didn't think would be confusing to anyone, that is, until now.

Listen, getting basic spelling, definitions, context, logic is a pre-requisite, as it were, to making any sort of cogent argument. If one can't nail the basics, the credibility of the poster is shot, the rest that spews forth is immediately discarded and only garners the response of crickets chirping.

Enough of Bruce Dickinson's time is being wasted on elementary school education, if ya know what I mean? Back to the real issues at hand and and let me focus on my beautiful prose, which itself garners many compliments, fans, and page hits, on this site!

pat giorni

Let's eat Grandma.
Let's eat, Grandma.


Please note that speculation on who certain posters are that uses actual local people is being deleted. Similar to the last term of use change after the 2013 election, real locals are not to be invoked.

Peter Garrison

What about "self-invokation"?

Existentially yours,

Peter Garrison


Self-invocation is very welcome! Correct spelling is optional.


Today, everybody in the bay area and beyond is talking about something that is happening in Burlingame. But let's talk about a fake guy and his fake cars.

Bruce Dickinson

Oh, by the way, they're real and they're SPECTACULAR!!!

Peter Garrison

Dude- get the play on words? Invoke played into "invokation"; try to keep up.


Thank you, Fred. I'll put a link to the news of which you speak in the appropriate thread.

Bruce Dickinson

Hey Guys, the Double Digit IQ Store called..and guess what they're running out of reading comprehension skills, AGAIN!

To quote the Editor earlier on this post" Please note that speculation on who certain posters are that uses actual local people is being deleted. Similar to the last term of use change after the 2013 election, real locals are not to be invoked."

And this little number: "Trust fund kids are a hoot, aren't they?

So little fella, looks like you will be cenSURED AGAIN as you just violated the policy yet another time!

And by the way, they call me "Big D" for more reasons than one, if ya know what I mean!

"The Mayor Of Broadway"

Some developments can be understated, architecturally remarkable, very useful and job and tax generating for the community.

Others can be tacky and disappointing.

I wish the best for the outcome of the Post Office likely "adaptive reuse".

I would like to hear the perspective from "The Mayor Of Broadway", Ross Bruce, on the what the Post Office reuse should look like.


I didn't know that you were an actor, and liked to do impersonations all the time?

Very cool. I too have been in a bunch of plays and musicals, and I enjoy watching world-class acting. I found that the key to successful acting was to believe that you actually are the character that you are trying to portray...to completely embody them - during the play.


I just have to say how abysmal the new post office is. I stood in a line of six or seven people today and could not help but overhear the business of the people at the counter trying to get a passport application in order. If the CIA had recorded everything I heard about this name and that name and who was from where and where they were going when and what the daughters situation were people like Kamala Harris and John McCain would be appalled. But this is just an everyday thing at our shitty little PO. Why do we have to put up with this? We don't need a bunch more housing downtown. We need a real Post Office.

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