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February 26, 2016


Steve Kassel

Concerning the length of time it took for the "Dick in a Box" video to become well known...believe me, if I knew if was out there I would have let the whole world know a full year ago.

It simply wasn't known to most people.

(For those who aren't aware, Di Yim fired me as a Burlingame boy's basketball varsity assistant coach in Feb 2015. She did so for comments I allegedly posted on a news site concerning Serra High School.)

Bruce Dickinson

Now we're talking! Dynamite posts that are much more revealing about the situation at hand. The more of this information gets out, the better if we want to effectuate change.


So Mr. Kassel, are I gather you weren't tenures when she gave you the axe? Tenure is a problem for sure in that those in the Engliah department can continue to do what they are doing, but to me, the real problem lies with the board and the superintendent. Who is responsible for researching and following up with these problems? We elected these people, some of whom have just moved on from Burlingame school district, where they sat and ate candy and did nothing other than rubber stamp what the superintendent out before them. It's a dirty business that needs to stop. The future of our children is at stake afterall. What is more important than that?


Why wait until 2017.... how about a recall election of the Board now. If the Board wont listen to the people who elected them then why bother letting them sit in the seats?.

“Dick in the Box” took place in November 2014. The incident was reported to the District administration at that time. Why was there no action taken?

This is a question of ethics for the Board.
What did they know and when did they know it?
Why did they take no action?

We have two choices:
The Board knew about the “Dick in the Box” Dance and did nothing
The SMUHSD administration covered up the Dick in the Box Dance from the Board.

The Board has an ethical responsibility to ensure the safety and well being of our student. WTF?

Is it time for an outside source to investigate the SMUHSD for its failure to act and protect our students?

Principal Yim and company has sold the new Superintendent a pack of lies. As information cotinues to come out, Skelly may be wise enough to see the error of his ways and get ahead of this thing before it bites him in the backside.

The case at BHS is woven on a pack of lies held by a small group of teachers. One unique thing about lies is that the more lies you tell, the harder it is to get out of it.

Some members of the English Department are in deep.

“If my actions are disclosed to the public, I will suffer great humiliation and embarrassment. Not only would the release of (my actions) disclose private, embarrassing information about me… I have young children of my own and I do not want them to face embarrassment or questions about me. I do not want the community to judge me negatively based on (my actions) or deride me as a trouble-maker.”

This is posted on a public site attributed to a BHS incident.

“great humiliation and embarrassment”… you must have really done something bad and you want it kept covered up.

you snooze, you lose.

This is a follow up to earlier posts that I wrote on this string.

Principal Yim got sucked into the dance. She probably didn't even read the lyrics in advance. I'd never heard of the song before I read about it here, and I've produced many concerts and stay fairly up to date with music.

It's tough to be a nerd principal at a high school. Her own academic achievement was probably excellent, but a principal needs to be more than a good example (with careful judgment). A principal needs to be charismatic, impartial, focused on excellence and community building, and in our communities, they can't be a brain-washed suck up to Adult Peer Pressure to conform to the teacher's union or to the Dems in Sacramento as their priority.

From a culture perspective, the school board members are all Dem zealots and that creates weird, cult-like behavior that warps the purpose of a high school.

In as much as Jerry Hill is Captain Suck-up Dem Zealot, he still made a point to publicly lambast the Chair and the rest of the San Mateo Union High School District Board for their bratty, rude, disrespectful, arrogant, and derelict behavior, which was all over the newspapers. Then, the school board chair got reelected...and the community's favorite teacher gets "reassigned".

If you are not aware or involved with 'democracy', then you have only yourself to blame for poor community results that you experience.


I don't think I'm mistaken here, but aren't most of the other high schools in the district doing very well?

Not listening = failure

Fred, in my opinion, it's the students, their genetics, and their parents that carry 75% of the contribution towards the students doing well.

Another 12.5% is the influence of the culture at school including their peer group, and the last 12.5% is their teachers.

The issue with BHS is purely administrative failure, beginning with the school board hiring process, the culture that they and teachers like them are trying to push, and the rest of the issue with BHS is poor problem solving from the principal and her school board.

If you don't listen to your customers (tax payers, other residents, students, parents, and teachers), then you fail.

Broken record

Dem zealots. yada yada yada. Dem zealots. yada yada yada.

Think local. This is a local personnel problem.

Bruce Dickinson

It's all Jerry Brown & Co's fault! *eyeroll* C'mon fellas, stop with the "get out the vote" drive and start talking real LOCAL issues. Many such as yours truly, Bruce Dickinson, did not know the full extent of the problems at BHS and apparently neither a certain poster who sang Yim's laurels based on a Rotary Club event, if I recall correctly. Clearly not in the know and looks like a bad case of no show AND no go!

Let's keep comments to the topic at hand rather than Rant #132 on Democrats, Jerry Brown, Liberals, etc. It's distracting, wasting website space, and frankly adds no value. Go to another website to channel your anger. If you're gonna live in CA, if you don't like Democrats, then you better get used to them or wallow for the rest of your life in self-misery. Come to think of it, sounds like a terrible existence. Time to cut bait! Seriously, move to Texas or something if you want to hang around like-minded people.

Moving on folks, broken record is right!

proud and happy

There's nothing more broken than an impersonator like Fake Bruce.

Yep, I've tried to be upbeat in this forum in regards to the Principal, and I think that she's an accomplished and nice person, despite her significant mistake with the dance.

Have you ever met her Fake Bruce or other posters here?

Have you ever met the chair of the high school district board or other board members? I've had lunch with them dozens of times and they know me well.

The Demwits of Burlingame earned their own bad reputation in my mind with their illegal activities which I've witnessed in person many times.

Fake Bruce, you are the quintessential Limosine Liberal, and yes voting does matter when it comes to elected school board officials and their arrogant, weak management which has been publicly chided by Jerry Hill as I stated above.

The real broken record is the non stop abuse of power and abuse of the laws and abuse of the public that the local crony Dems shove down everyone's throats. I know that it's hard to believe, but there are thousands of folks in Burlingame that don't support or vote for the Demwits. Why don't you hear from them more? Mostly because they've become brow beaten into submission by the slander and backstabbing of the Local Leftist Zealots.

Jeez, meanwhile I just got appointed to the board of directors of another local charity today. And, I'm all go. I guess I do have my priorities straight.

Fake Bruce, you are starting to remind me of Trump - obnoxious and self absorbed.

Broken record

yada yada yada. You have had lunch with a bunch of people who think your a bit of nut. yada yada yada

get off the couch

...who put me on their board of directors...who I produced and sometimes moderated sold out speaker events for...

Again, if you haven't actually met Principal Di, the school board, or most of the subjects on this website, then perhaps it's time to get off the couch and form an opinion from primary research and community involvement instead of arm chair philosophy.


Thank you Mr. Kassel.
For your own welfare do not comment on this site again.


If this incident has not become a national, and international news event, yet, I hope it does soon.
This event is about the most newsworthy event that has happened in US Public School History ever.
As well as the fact the entire SMUSD Board was made aware of it almost two years ago, and did NOTHING is incredulous.
Personally, I doubt if any student has been scared for life; but you never know.

Bruce Dickinson

Listen, little fella, oh *the* Bruce Dickinson is real, and he's FANTASTIC!

While you play broken records that no one listens to, Bruce Dickinson is producing double-albums, with multiple hit singles, as evidenced by the kudos I get from the members on this site, the editors, prominent members of the community, as well as the most objective measure: page hits, baby! Compare that to the crickets chirping, which you do not seem to get tired of as a response to your posts. My guys are integrally involved in the Burlingame community and report back to me all the time, and my knowledge of the community once again is well-established and beyond reproach. Trying to dispute that is like trying to win in a one-legged as&-kicking contest, if ya know what I mean?

In the meantime keep replaying the broken records that fail to be persuasive in any regard and oftentimes get censured or deleted and have an audience of between 0 and 2 readers, at most. No more playing into such childish attention-gathering schemes. Julie (my transcribing secretary) has informed me that you are the same person that lives in Belmont from prior posts, which is practically a different State as far as this old man in concerned. Sorry, but not playing in the same sandbox as the rest of us explains the lack of credible, real information that is of any use to us to help make decisions for OUR community, namely Burlingame, California.

In the meantime, fans at home let's not these distractions take away from flushing out the issues surrounding BHS as it sounds like there is a much bigger problem than a "nerdy" Principal encompassing faculty, administrators and the Board. The "dance" was most likely a tripwire Yim stumbled over that was used to effectuate change by the teachers for numerous things..."the dance" was something that was public, inappropriate and damaging evidence as to her character. What better way to get things rolling by showing evidence of bad judgment. The mere fact that it took 2 years to address "the dance" tells Bruce Dickinson that there is a lot more at play here than just a dance routine, which was most likely the tip of the iceberg of many other issues. But what do I know, I've only been involved in the upper echelons of corporate chessboards for over four decades in one of the most vicious business sectors known to man: the recorded music industry! You don't get to where I am by just signing nursery rhymes, folks!

get off the couch

So, Fake Bruce, you've actually never met the folks that pertain to this situation at all?

You're a real secondary source-dependent bragger, aren't you, Fake Bruce?

Yep, I've been sharing and analyzing primary resource insight into Burlingame for several years, as a resident and active community volunteer and business owner.

You'll find my post name as the title of my post, rather than a fake name. About 10-20% of all Burlingame Voice posts over the last couple years are from me.

I did indeed move to Belmont for more housing value and the more central location several months ago, after 8 years in Burlingame, and I'm active in the communities with various organizations and business activities from San Francisco to San Jose. The hilltop views are gorgeous, the deer in our yards are wonderful, the schools are excellent.

Like I said (and Jerry Hill seemed to agree), reboot the San Mateo Union School District Board.


The Di Yim damage will take years to recoup. The financial loss, spirit loss, traditions loss and teachers lost will be hard to repair.

Yim attempted to take control of the Athletic Booster's funds to spend on her own. She spent excessive funds to redecorate her office, rip out the Parent's Group Funded Library, and huge expenses to send herself and others on lavish conferences. Yim went to six conferences across the nation in her first year as BHS Principal. Boondoggle!

How can a new Superintendent know so much and so little at the same time? He claims to have a handle on the situation yet he backs the failed Yim and is giving center stage to BHS's most failed teachers. If Skelly is new then who is supplying him with the information and why is it all wrong?

The members of the Board get their information from the administration (Not Skelly) so who else is able to direct the flow?.

Skelly states that the Board truss him, but how much damage can BHS take before the end of the year?

The Board needs to direct Skelly to get rid of her now. Remove the cancer and make sure you cut out the teacher cancer as well.

It you don't cut it out, its just going to grow back.

If this goes to a legal investigation or litigation then things will get interesting. The big mouthed teachers may be singing a different song when they are giving a deposition rather than lying to their peers.

Parents have been holding back b/c they were fearful of retaliation from teachers. The group of teaches who have abused students the most have the most to fear.

Its time for the community to open up and come down hard on those who lie, cheat and steal (their education) from out children.

Broken record

But Alex Kent thinks she is wonderful, so I don't see what the problem is. He went to lunch with her. She must be OK.


If you keep making this a non-issue you will never get to the bottle of things. Yim is a liar. One of the reasons she is being forced out (besides the poll dance) is because of the depth of lies to parents, teachers and students.

You may find her pleasant b/c she tells you what she thinks you want to hear. She then gets caught in a lie

The roots of the problems at BHS are much deeper than Di Yim. Many parents can discuss their frustrations in dealing with some of the faculty cowards who hold power and authority over children at school but hide when they have to speak with a real adult. These cowards have united and they bad-mouth students and parents who stand against them.

BHS has some serious and systemic problems that new principal won't find without help. The lying teachers (who are going to help select the new principal) will pick someone who will continue to help cover up the their unethical actions.

Its time to clean house BHS. To our locally elected officials who know and understand politics and corruption... there will still be a foul stench at BHS even after Yim and her parasols are gone
See Mendelson's words above... Its time to get to work to expose the problems.

Bruce Dickinson

Wow, so someone claims to know so much more about the community because of some lunch date, yet ends up being the most fooled by Yim! That makes it even worse in the Dickinson book! Sounds like a case of "star in eyes* bias where someone was a little too smitten with credentials of another, fell for the shiny veneer, and attributed Yim meeting as a validation of his own importance. Sorry, Charlie, looks you got sold a bill of goods and while you may brag about keeping company with the Principal, I must also observe that who you keep company with is a reflection of who you are as well....as they say, misery loves company!

The Cost of Yim

The costs of Di Yim.

Earlier this year it was reported that Yim refused to fund an additional section of AP Chemistry for 25 students who wanted or needed the class. Yim rejected the course as she saw it as a vote of confidence for the BHS AP Chem teacher she does not like..

Instead, Yim shifted the section to a friend she had hired from another school. Despite the under-enrollment, the friend was given an additional section to teach. Yim then gave the friend an additional section worth over $10,000 for running the after school tutoring program. Friend with Benefits

This and other mis use of public funds should be investigated.


All I can say is where is the superintendent and the board through all this? But, considering two of them came from the Burlingame school board, are we surprised that things are as they are and nothing is being done? Same scenario in Burlingame.
In Bruce Dickinson's words, "Wake up folks."

The Cost of Yim

Superintendent Scott Lawrence took his paycheck and headed out of town in November 2014. The district then "released" Associate Superintendent Parsons so there were very few people left to run the show.

Its time for an external investigation of everything at BHS.

25 Burlingame Parents showed up to the Board meeting to vent their frustrations about the AP Chem class. Yim then sent an open letter of her failure to the parents, In her letter she blamed everyone else for the problem. The AP Chem teacher approached Yim with an offer to teach the extra section. The parents agreed to fund the extra section. Yim vetoed the deal and shifted the teaching section and funds to her friend.

The AP Chem teacher was then called into a meeting with Yim and reprimanded for speaking out at the Board meeting.

Below is an excerpt from Yim''s letter to the parents:

Dear Parents,

Since Thursday night’s Board meeting, I have been reflecting about how I could have communicated with you so that some of you did not feel compelled to share your concerns about Burlingame High School’s course selection process in such a public forum. I had met with several of you this past Monday and again on Thursday to begin a discourse and collaborative approach. However, I have clearly failed.

Regardless, I wanted to share with you, who are representative parents who work tirelessly on behalf of our students and school, these thoughts as a leap of faith.
It is my vision to do whatever it takes to ensure high levels of learning for all students.

(section redacted as it is a very long and whining letter)

I’ve heard a great deal about AP Chemistry. This was not only a matter of needing funding to offer an extra section. With parents as supportive as you are with funding, I understood that I could seek fiscal support from the Parents Group. More important was the concern about getting a qualified Chemistry teacher for that additional section. While certainly there are qualified teachers who seek part-time positions, it is a smaller pool. I heard in the Board meeting that someone had offered to teach this course. Even up to today, that is not something that has been expressed to me or to the science department chairs, Ms. Johnson and Mr. Patheal (whom I have copied on this e-mail). Another issue about offering an additional section of AP Chemistry was the matter of limited science classrooms. For the past two weeks, the science department chairs and I have been discussing how we can make an additional science classroom viable in our existing C building. We had reached out to our facilities department and even our Architectural Design teacher to help us measure and configure this space. The entire science department is aware of these two issues since the science department chairs have been communicating with them about these challenges. We are (and have been) open to the possibility of an additional section but not until we have the capacity and space to do so.

I depend on my department chairs to be partners in developing a master schedule, and I depend on my counselors to be advocates for our students.
Given a number of different types of constraints, at times it isn’t possible to give every student every course requested. At the same time, our counselors and department chairs do a great job in being mindful of our students’ needs.

In the end, Yim screwed over 20+ students to put money in the pockets of her friend. Yim is still making decisions on the campus. How much more damage will Yim be allowed to make ?


Wow. That is all I can say. But again, who is in charge of overseeing what is going on at BHS? THE BOARD.
Such a travesty.

Editor request.

Joe/Editor: rule violation from 'record'. Please delete his last comment.

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