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January 09, 2016



Joe, you didn't say if you were one of those in line!


Jennifer - you need to read a bit more closely since that is one of Russ' posts! I just had this conversation today: I would guess that the big jackpot days are the WORST time to buy a lottery ticket!

To answer Russ' questions:
A.) I would spend a tiny fraction on one of the baddest vintage hi-fi systems you can imagine with one of those $6K turntables that look like a space ship.

B.) I would fund a petition and referendum to implement the Mills Act historic preservation/tax rebate here in B'game. I would also buy a few of the more threatened pieces of real estate (like the burned out historic house on Donnelly) and fix them up and rent them out. I would do it at market price since, as you know, "affordable housing" is a myth and totally unfair to whomever is 5% better off than whatever limit the government sets for "low-income".

Your turn, Jen.


I have one more fanta$y for you. Buy the "old post office" and turn it into a jazz club a la Yoshi's in Oakland or the Village Vanguard in NYC. Plenty of parking. The back room would have the stage, lights, PA, etc. The front would be the lobby/bar. So totally cool.


I would take all my friends and family out to dinner for pizza....in Italy!

local motion

Downtown is a nightlife disaster. Or more like a nightlife desert. What is it with Burlingame that they can't figure out how to have anything but nail salons and old people bars. You can shoot a cannon down Burlingame Avenue at 10 at night and have no casualties. Even the sad Asian techie nightlife in the Mateo is better.


Well, I guess it is really a pipe dream with me, since I've never played Lotto, BUT... since you asked, I'd attempt to buy the former Burlingame Garden Center on Chapin (Farrell house), and remove the glass appendage. I'd make the newly cleared area west of the home into beautifully landscaped biergarten and entertainment venue, with fabulous food and drink. I'd also purchase the fox mall on Burlingame Avenue, and revamp it entirely into an indoor-outdoor bazaar and farmers market with retractable roof. Seems like these two projects would put a really good dent in the total winnings....

Bennie Moore


I would buy everyone a glass of wine at H29 Coffee and Wine Bar, but wait, they just closed, what happened, anyone know the future plans for the location?


The sign in the window says Oyster Boy Fish House will be opening in January. May it be as good as the old Towle's was. And could it perhaps have even half as much live music, please.


That corner has some bad voodoo. Places go in and out.


Not really-- I think Coconut Bay was there for years, and I think they only moved because they wanted a larger venue down the street... I think H29 had a name problem, for one. As often as I'd look at the logo, I couldn't think of the name 1 minute later. We ate there twice, and it was very good. However, the competition is fierce. It is true, and added plus and draw would be some entertainment...

Bennie Moore

whenever I drove by H29 it was mostly small groups of women there having a glass of wine catching up with friends.

Speaking of restaurants, what is up with Isoboune? I have been going there since the mid 90s and it use to be great... the last year or so has been horrible, when you go in it smells like ammonia which = rotten fish, confirmed this with reading yelp reviews, whats going on there? too bad but its almost embarrassing now, they should just shut down.

When is the pizza place going in?


Last I chatted with the managing partner of Coconut Bay, he told me that they had some significant lease term left on the old location, but the new, larger location become available, and he and his partners wanted to take the risk with two leases and the larger space.

The Karps own the old location building. I'm not sure who the H29 tenant is, but that was quite an expensive facelift. Howard will one day get the $17M reboot like the Ave, but for now, its not the place to see and be seen like the Ave.

But hey, congrats to the Karps and the new haut cuisine Indian restaurant with its Michelin star.

Steve's doing a great job landing top flight tenants like Sephora, Kate Spade, Kit & Ace, etc at their other buildings.

It will be interesting to see the new neopolitan pizza place go in across from Delfina. Will the delightful Delfina cut their prices and will the new place shut down in 12 months? The benefits of capitalism, families risk their life savings to innovative and price compete for the dream of success, benefiting consumers and creating jobs and economic vibrancy.

Now, for smoking on the Ave...is that being Libertarian or Asinine? I say grant liberty until it infringes on other's liberty.


The Golden Rule seems to always make the best sense.

Perhaps change is inevitable...

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