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January 23, 2016



Today's Wall Street Journal has an article titled "Homes Add Room for Housemates" that reports on the home-building industry's largest annual trade show. The latest in home designs is to include integrated second units for "aging parents or college grads with shaky employment prospects" -- or perfect for short-term rentals, I would add. This trend isn't going away.

Bruce Dickinson

Joe, let's be honest, the word 'prescient' would be least likely to be used in describing the City Council for the past few years, to put it gently. If a TOT has questionable legality, then would be very easy to pass an ordinance for everyone air BnBing their houses or rooms should pay an annual fee to the City of Burlingame, like a parking permit.

By the way, it's not just housing that's up for rent, but in this day and age, the air BnB concept has now transferred over to vehicles! Yes, there is now peer-to-peer car sharing and Burlingame's prime location sitting right next to SFO is another potential gold-mine.



With some younger new members of City Council, maybe we can start recognizing 21st century trends a little sooner, let alone recognizing them at all.

As an aside, this car rental gig could be a nice little side business for Bruce Dickinson generating $15,000 per month just renting out 2-3 of my coveted car collection. Take a guess how much a high end Ferrari or Porsche can take in a weekend for wealthy tourists coming to a world-class city!


Great info, Joe. Thanks!i never knew that the city collects so much TOT.


Sami, without the TOT and the car dealers we would be in pretty sad shape. Thanks.

BD, I'm interested in a weekend Ferrari rental. You know where to find me if interested.

I'm not in favor of an annual rental fee. I think a usage (i.e. revenue-based) fee is better.

By the way, some off-line commentary sent to me reminded me to remind everyone that VRBO and AirBnB rentals bring a real cost to the city in increased police needs, parking enforcement and traffic. So there is plenty of logic aside from the fiscal needs.


Dear BD
I am, and have stopped watching SNL.
By far the worst guests, and scenario's ever.


This should be a slam dunk to do. Doesn't the city already do something very close to this?

Mike and Jo

BD, are you "Mike and Jo"? Your wife told me at The Candy Store, "Go easy on him, he's 70." It was a give-away. Why tout your Ferraris on-line, seems counter to your real character...

Fed up

Is anyone else fed up with their neighbors abusing the parking and noise with Airbnb? Can we do something like this?


The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed one of the most stringent restrictions on short-term rentals in the country Tuesday, barring hosts from having paying guests in a room, house or entire apartment for more than 60 days a year.
The legislation passed 6-2, with Supervisors Scott Wiener and Norman Yee absent. Supervisor Mark Farrell recused himself from the vote because he has business interests in a company involved in the short-term rental industry.
The question now is whether Mayor Ed Lee will veto the legislation. A spokeswoman for Lee, who has opposed tougher restrictions on short-term rentals in the past, said the mayor “will review the legislation when it arrives on his desk.”
The legislation lacks the eight votes needed to override a potential veto. The bill passed near the end of a marathon, seven-hour board hearing without comment from the supervisors.
The measure’s passage is a blow to Airbnb, the nation’s largest vacation-rental company, which originated in San Francisco and is still based here. Under current city law, hosts can rent a room in their house or apartment for an unlimited number of days, or entire homes for up to 90 days a year. All those would be capped at 60 days under the legislation the supervisors approved Tuesday.


It does seem like now is the time for some rules. And some payment. If we let TOT wither on the vine, we will be in trouble financially. Is anyone on the council working on this?

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