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January 06, 2016


Concerned parent

It is sad that there is no plan in place for safe sidewalks to and from Hoover elementary school.


It seems now is the time to make our concerns heard. 3 1/2 million dollars sounds like enough to add sidewalks. Is the problem that that money isn't ready?

Concerned parent

My understanding is a completed sidewalk is at least 3 -5 years from now, assuming there are no objections during the planning phase.

This process should have been started much earlier than 7 months before the school starts.


The expected "crush of cars" was the whole point of the lawsuit that was filed against BSD back in 2013. The existing streets aren't equipped to safely (or otherwise) accommodate the projected cars and traffic congestion, which BSD refused to consider in either its design or budget. The City and BSD may indeed need to spend 3.5 million to build sidewalks and crosswalks; however, that money won't change the configuration of the streets or make them wider or longer. There's not enough room in the streets to add proper sidewalks that will actually make walking or biking safe with the onslaught of cars. There's barely enough room for two cars to safely pass on any of the streets that feed into the school.

Account Deleted

FYI,from the agenda for tonite's BESD Board of Trustees meeting:

17.2. Potential New Bond Measure (v) 8:25 p.m. (Action Item)

Dr. Maggie MacIsaac, Superintendent
Requested Motion:
It is requested the Board of Trustees provide direction to District staff with regards to a potential new bond measure.

TBWB and the District's Financial Advisor will present the process, timeline, and possible messaging for potential Bond Measure to provide the Board the opportunity to discuss potentially moving forward with a new bond measure in November 2016.

Board presentation:

Account Deleted

Oops, link above doesn't work -- here's another one for the Board presentation re: possible BESD November 2016 bond measure:


Account Deleted

Update per my earlier posts...



Is this the end of a long saga?:

From the City email:

In preparation for the reopening of Hoover Elementary School on August 24, the City of Burlingame's staff has been working very closely with the Burlingame School District to identify various routes students and parents could use travelling to and from school. The City is nearing completion on several improvements to pedestrian facilities and roadways along these routes in order to safely accommodate pedestrians and to improve traffic flow. These improvements include the installation of pedestrian ramps, sidewalks, high visibility crosswalks, and traffic signage. In addition to the City's efforts, the School District has constructed a traffic island and crosswalk in front of the school.


Gentlemen, start your engines...


Going up west on Easton toward the school, a sign says road closed at a certain time for schools. A second sign closer to the school sign says road closed to "through traffic." I live up that street with no real option for getting home and when I drive up the road I have been yelled at by what look like parents with kids walking to or from the school. They must have the understanding that the road is closed during specific school hours. Can anyone clarify is the road closed? If not maybe both signs should include the (through traffic wording).

Inquiring minds

Instead of posting here, why don't you call the city or the school district?


There should not be a need to call anyone. The city and the school district cannot shut a street for 180 days a year without all sorts of notice, hearings and such. The parents yelling at cars are out of control.

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