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December 16, 2015


Hanging Around

Desalination also uses a massive amount of energy. That energy needs to come from somewhere--power plants--and increases emissions.

Desalination isn't a panacea.


Dear Joe,
I do not know if your last comment regarding two thirds of a cent is serious or not.
No matter how much gold, diamonds, property you have, with out water; no food, no shelter, no safe place to live.
H20 will eventually be the most valuable element available...
Then again, Sam's Sandwich's may sustain "life as we know it."


Holly: I'm just doing the math from the article. $2,200 per acre-foot divided by 326,000 gallons per acre-foot is .67 cents per gallon. And for Hanging Around, the cost of the energy to do desalinate is included in the .67 cents--that is why it is twice as expensive as the water SoCal steals from NorCal. My last question stands: Do you have a better plan?

non grouch

Instead of grousing like a bunch of grumpy old men (and women, sometimes), why don't you applaud that people in this state and elsewhere are working hard at finding solutions for this problem?

Like many science and engineering problems, if we invest enough effort into this, it is highly likely that cheaper, more efficient methods for desalination will be found.

Maybe we can harness all the negative vibes on this site to power the desal plants.

Hanging Around

Finances aren't the only costs to generating and using power.

Whenever there is a limited supply of something, efficiency needs to be a prime consideration. There are ways of increasing the supply (such as desalination, improving and building new reservoirs, improving the state's aqueducts, or even piping). Regardless, efficient and reasonable use needs to be part of the conversation. Probably the main part of the conversation.

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