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December 31, 2015


Barking Dog

Wait...Nelly, your not allowed to teach the the theories of a Noble Prize winning economist? Theories that had major influences on our economic system. Wow. Please elaborate as to why.

No Milton Keynes

Just having fun



Nelly.... BD you must be from a former generation.

I can't teach the theories because I was thrown out of Burlingame High School BECAUSE I told the truth (about Economics and many other things!)

I'm also under threat of termination when I speak in public (yes-literally speak in B-game) or post online as a private-tax paying citizen. The BV itself was specifically cited as its truthful content was "hostile")

When I was "escorted out" of BHS, the AP Economics classes LOST 64 students in enrollment and have not recovered.

Conservative ideology and those who embrace or teach it are not welcome at BHS.

Be careful... as a student, it could cost you your college admission.... or you job.

Barking Dog

Not me Mr Nelson, my son from the early early 90's....and it wasnt because he was anywhere near a history or econ class you were teaching. It was on the baseball diamond. All I know is that he liked you and respected you.

I am fully aware of your situation and how the SMUHSD totally f%!@%+d you and your AP program you built.

I guess I am really really just that out of touch with the curriculum and how the district censors your lesson plans. My wife handles the homework with the younger grandkids.

Wish you nothing but the best Nelly


The SMUHSD does not impose limitations on the teaching of Conservative economics or politics. The limitation is imposed by the will of the instructors. Friedman's School Choice might sound good to many who would like an alternative to the standard Blue Plate Special.

Christopher Cooke

Joe, it has been more than 3 years since San Mateo increased the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Was there an influx of restaurants in Burlingame and Belmont relocating from San Mateo, as you predicted? It would be interesting to see the numbers


Chris, that's a pretty good question. It requires thinking about the big picture; perhaps more than I did three years ago. Wages are an important cost element, but so is rent and B'game is usually higher than San Mateo. Just yesterday I spoke to not one, but two local business owners who are tenants that have had substantial rent increases lately. One also has an empty restaurant location nearby that has been empty for a long time due to the rents.

So having that in mind, what I think we can say is that we haven't lost any restaurants to San Mateo in the last three years. Think Gao Poang, Roti and Moon McShane's as examples that did move south. Can you say the big wage differential stemmed the migration? Probably not, but you can't say it didn't either.

Christopher Cooke

yes You are right, wages are just one component of expenses, you also have taxes, supplies, rent. It might be better to see if Belmont picked up businesses from San Mateo, or maybe look at percentages of businesses that closed or left in San Mateo versus Belmont, Burlingame and other peninsula cities that did not enact a minimum wage increase in 2015-2019


I eagerly await the results of your analysis :-)


Welcome Back KRN.
I am glad you continue to fight "The Good Fight."
Have you been able to find closure?
Regardless, I, as do others, admire your David vs. Goliath Battle/Right vs. Wrong.
Good Luck KRN.


Here's another messenger waiting to be shot--the Thursday Wall Street Journal article regarding Tom Steyer's $22/hr minimum wage proposal:

In an estimate last year, the Congressional Budget Office said that raising the minimum wage to $15 by 2025 would lift earnings for at least 17 million people, “but 1.3 million other workers would become jobless.” A $22 wage floor would make that ratio worse, giving bigger checks to some workers, while harming more people and pricing many businesses and jobs out of existence because they can’t be run at that labor cost.
The CBO isn't perfect by any means, but it's hardly "right wing".


In the new "All The Other Kids Are Doing It" file (thanks to a commenter on the Banning Natural Gas thread for this):

A $15-an-hour minimum local wage has won unanimous San Carlos City Council approval — with the mayor noting even $17-an-hour leaves workers as extremely low-income in San Mateo County.

----then reading down to the end----

San Carlos can contract for enforcement services on a new wage with the city of San Jose Office of Equality Assurance at an estimated cost of $15,000 per year, a staff report said.
So much for the idea that only business owners pay for this idea


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