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November 11, 2015


Thank you for your service!

I would like to see banners like that each Veterans Day perhaps for a period of time afterward.

It's not about celebrating war, but being reminded of the total price of war, and also the ultimate sacrifice that many Veterans have made to our communities and to our country - often after being forced (and sometimes after volunteering like my ancestors) into the military by the government decisions.

The Rotary Club of Burlingame dedication to Veterans last Monday was superb.


Thank you for your service!


I agree--add Memorial Day as well!

Paris-style attack in California?

I'd like to propose a 1st annual "Infidel Fest" on the Ave!

Pork, scantily glad people, Hollywood movies, women's rights, gay rights, infidel rights, United States rule of law within our own country...

I love people of all races and religions, as long as they're not trying to kill me or infringe upon my rights.

Let's get real on the ISIS threat, as they are apparently vowing a Paris-style attack in California.

Why is everyone sitting on their hands about this very real threat?

At a minimum, the Sheriff needs to grant concealed carry licenses to law-abiding citizens, or at least to all retired police officers.


Bruce Dickinson

That sounds like a dynamite idea....if you want to make Burlingame a target.

Seriously, folks, get a grip with reality!

Let's allow retired police across CA to conceal carry.

Bruce, I know. Kinda just trying to wake up all the retirees and other citizens that are asleep at the democracy wheel.

This is and will become a significant and urgent issue for all Americans and really for all good people around the world.

Organized murderers are bad.

Perhaps that's a statement against dem and rep war mongers, perhaps that's a statement against our beloved and long ignored local organized crime that everyone wants to pretend doesn't exist, yet whom many Burlingame citizens and gov't officials know personally (I've got pictures so buzz off doubters), perhaps it's a statement against Islamic extremists like ISIS that regularly mutilate women's genitals, slit the throats of gay people, beat up and oppress women and people who might not share the same perspective and yet it must baffle the sheeple of the American Left who are so used to blaming all ills of the world on all white people and on all men of all colors. And those white people and especially the limousine liberals who bizarely feel guilty about a few white people being bad generations ago in sporadic instances and those who want to absurdly punish all white people and all men now. And, so ISIS slaughtered dozens of people in Paris, and dozens of so-called 'Infidels' on a regular basis all around the world, but yes, white, blonde men are to blame. You are correct - you think, in the back of your Leftist minds.

I know that it seems far, far away right now. But, the ISIS Paris slaughters could happen on Castro St in SF because they want to kill gay people, or it could happen at a women leaders in business conference. Or their totally-not-following-the-gun-law murders could happen at the San Mateo Movie theaters or at a red carpet movie opening in Hollywood or at your children's preschool at Palcare.

This is the reality of the threat from this group, specifically toward the people of California and beyond.

So, I thought that I'd start the conversation. And, based on the sanctuary city, middle finger to rule of law that all of our police and school boards and social service workers have been trained to deliver...well, I think that we are actually quite vulnerable.

Let's grant concealed carry to retired police across the state and take it from there. This doesn't mean requiring concealed carry it means enabling those good folks to consider carrying safely and legally.

What does the community think?

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