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November 01, 2015



We got 9/10ths of an inch of rain last night. A nice start.

Bruce Dickinson

Joe, really? C'mon, up the content, my friend!

Bruce Dickinson will let you slide and "blame it on the rain", ya know what I mean?


Sorry, BD, I think the lack of rain is a core issue for our time. I think we should be shutting down new housing and office growth until we have something resembling a plan for 30% more people and activity. And I resent having to let my lawn, trees and planting die so some developer can build more crap in town. It that enough "content"?

Bruce Dickinson

THATs what I wanna hear!!!! C'mon Joe, unleash the inner Rottweiler!!!

In all fairness, I do agree with you, but Bruce Dickinson thinks that drawing any conclusions from 9/10ths of an inch or any ridiculous El Nino prediction (like this drought was predicted in any way) is all premature. If we don't get enough rainfall (and more importantly snowfall) this year, we're in deep poop, but I'll get back to you in March at the earliest!

Inner Rottweiler

From my August 17 comment:

As an addendum, for anyone who tells you "We have a strong El Nino coming, don't worry", read this from a prominent skiing website:

We've had plenty of opportunities to write about The Blob over the last three seasons. The Blob actually refers to a large pool of warmer than expected water that has existed in the Gulf Of Alaska during our last three seasons. We know there seems to be some connection between The Blob and the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge, which resulted in storms being steered well north of Tahoe, and even the Pacific Northwest. Those storms dove into the eastern US, bringing them a snow-filled winter.

So far, most weather bloggers and media outlets have focused only on the El Niño side of the equation. But who will win the battle between The Blob and Godzilla (i.e. El Nino)? One suggestion is that the rotation of the high pressure system associated with The Blob could steer the southern jet directly to the north, sending even more moisture to the east.

That scenario would not be a good one for the west coast, where we don't just need the snow, we also need the water. Hopefully Howard Shekter at MammothWeather.com will be correct in stating that The Blob is cooling and we can get a good dose of much needed snow and rain into Tahoe for this season. We're going to have to wait a bit longer and see how things play out in the battle of the two monsters in weather.

So do not take that unanimous El Nino-will-save-us to the bank quite yet. As usual with climate issues, there is more than one side to the story.

Bruce Dickinson

"Wrooof, rrrrr..woof-woof wooooof!!!"

Joe, that's Dickinson Doggie talk translated to English as "10 Cowbells for that, Joe!"

Ya know what I mean?


Thanks for the scratch behind my ear.


According to the NOAA website (http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mtr/versprod.php?pil=CLI&sid=SFO) we only got .03 inches yesterday, but it looks like quite a bit more rain feel after midnight. That was some thunder and lightening this morning, too!

Bruce Dickinson

Joe, how about this? Let's agree on a rainfall prediction for the season, and for every actual inch under, Bruce Dickinson pays Joe $1,000. For every inch over, Joe pays Bruce Dickinson $1,000. If we're both over or under, we pay the net difference of actual versus the prediction. In the meantime, we both are NOT to talk about every rainfall stat until the payoff is made! Or we can forget the bet, but Bruce Dickinson pays Joe $100 outright to not mention rainfall statistics until March?! ;-)


No and no. I am fixated on rain since without rain this year there should be no new development in town. All their little EIRs should come up dry--pun intended.

But just for the sake of argument (which we both love) what is your over/under number? :-)


.36 of an inch today. .83 of an inch since October 1st.


It looks like another .31 of an inch overnight at SFO from one source and another has San Mateo getting .50 for a total of 1.47" since July 1st or 61% of "normal".

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