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November 08, 2015



It's just junk food. Sort of like eating 1/2 loaf of bread but with some sauce and medium grade toppings.

Peter Garrison

Their pizza dough and bread are great: light, slightly sour.


Today is National Pizza day so get out there and chow down. I recommend Centro above these others (Delfina, Rise, Blue Line). Blue Line is the best of the also-rans, but you can hardly hear yourself think in there when it is busy whereas the high ceilings at Centro (from its time as a hardware store and who knows what before that) make it very amenable to talking and eating.


How is it possible that VILLAGE HOST did not make the list.
I like Escargot and Curried Yak on my pizza just like every other Red Blooded American Joe.
Village Host Pizza is the last Old School Pizza Parlor in California.
In my opinion, the Best years of Pizza were 1963-1979.


Had Golden Boy Pizza tonight, it was great.


My apologies. Village Host should have been on the list of also-rans although I have not had the escargot there. I do recall a lovely little French place on California--near the idiotic horse chained to the sign--that had excellent escargot. Perhaps Fred remembers the name.

In any case, holly, I think you think the best years of everything were '63-'79. Right?

Peter Garrison

Name of the restaurant was, ahem, L’escargot.
Understand the chained horse is some real estate mogul’s war prize.?


Pizza was the best between 1963 and 1979.
There was a Pizza place in Pacific Manor-Pacifica.
A Pizza place in the old Safeway/Thrifty/Shell Gas Station shopping center @ Sharp Park Road/Skyline Blvd./Westborough.
I remember seeing over 100 Harley Davidson bikes filling the entire parking lot.
That was some GOOD PIZZA.
Good Ambience Too.
Dear Joe, I have yet to experience the best years of my life yet.
I guess I won't find out until the end.
Having the opportunity/privilege to contribute to this Web Site makes getting older easier, plus, I LMAO.


@Peter - Thanks, no wonder it came to mind when I think of snails in B'game. It was a lovely little restaurant and we could use more like it.

@Laura - I have heard good things about Golden and should have included them even if they are a bit out of the way. Between all-time-fav Hot Wok, Nini's and Golden Boy Pizza, the little section of North Amphlett is hopping. And they are just far enough away from Peninsula that the inevitable interchange may not take their locations.


Golden Boy Pizza in North Beach is AWESOME.
Their presentation is Beautiful.
If you have to wait for a Pizza, or friend, "Gino & Carlos" is right next door.


San Mateo train station is a bad location for a restaurant. Unless you are a national brand restaurant it will be difficult to pull customers into this area off of the main shopping area. At the end of the day, it is still a $25 pizza visit.

The demographics of this area won't support it in my opinion.


Its all about the dough$$$$$


@holly, Golden Boy, take out only, is now open on the Burlingame, San Mateo border, on Amphlett

Bruce Dickinson

Granted folks, Bruce Dickinson is no stranger to the finer things in life, including fine dining, so I would be remiss if I didn't say that it's not like yours truly gives out rave reviews like Halloween candy.

Having said that, both RISE and Blue Line have dynamite pizza! Yes, while some pizza joints can be noisy, don't forget, it's pretty easy to take out and eat in the comfort of your own home! I do this (send out someone to pick up) quite often and of course there are many delivery apps.

The nice thing about RISE is that due to wood fired oven, the pizzas take 7 minutes. Also RISE and Blue Line have items that aren't pizza but are excellent as well.

Really liking the upgrade in the Burlingame dining scene..was long overdue! Hopefully will have some staying power after the next economic downturn!


What are your thoughts on the up coming economic downturn?


Per Goldman Sachs:

7:54 AM ET Tue, 15 Jan 2019 | 00:50
Goldman Sachs does not foresee any recessions in major economies in 2019 but low profit growth is on the cards in the U.S. and Europe, its chief global equity strategist told CNBC Tuesday.

"It's still our view that we're not headed for recession in any of the major economies," Goldman's Peter Oppenheimer told CNBC's Annette Weisbach at the Goldman Sachs Global Strategy Conference in Frankfurt.

"At the end of last year, there was a particularly sharp downgrade in expectations for the U.S. and while there has been a big tightening of policy and financial conditions in the U.S. … We don't see a recession, but we do see a pretty sharp slowdown," he said, adding that markets had "got too far into pricing a deeper downturn than we expect."


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