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November 04, 2015


I couldn't be happier.

This is why we really should just get together for some drinks and dinner sometime, perhaps as part of a fundraiser.

Bruce, or Fake Bruce, as I like to point out to the world, NOT a single post on this thread is from "me", AK.

So, once again, you're just wrong.

Apology accepted.

I'm happy with the Burlingame City Council election results. And, with another 1st place yesterday at the GGYC midwinter regatta, on my team's Farr 52, I couldn't be happier.


Do we now have Farr ari 52's in the storyline?

One thing I have neglected to say since I have been busy is this:

I reject the notion that Nirmala's city council loss means we should just go silent ("be gracious" is just a head fake). I have heard firsthand and read enough other disturbing things that I continue to believe she is unfit to serve on the Planning Commission. It is my contention that the new Council needs to address this unfit-for-service concern.

"Term Expires: 4/8/2017"...

It's a new day with a new city council...as the planning commissioners are appointed by the city council, and...really the planning commission is like a jr. city council.

Joe, I'm amazed at your bravery to strongly call out Nirmala on her flip-flopping and really her lying to people like a chameleon. Who gave her that advice? Was it her party, or her up-bringing, or both?

Wow, and you want the new city council to potentially ask her to step down?

I don't disagree. I admire your resolve to defend the hood.

"Term Expires: 4/8/2017"...


Terminated for cause 1/1/16?

Bruce Dickinson

Joe, Bruce Dickinson cannot believe why anyone would criticize your treatment of Nirmala for several reasons: 1) it's your website, you can say what the F&^! you want; 2) it's freedom of speech, so it's protected; 3) you provided facts and backed up your research; 4) others corroborated the same thing; 5) no one else provided contrary evidence; 6) if there is anything approaching libel is those accusing her of hating white people or implying some racist comment saying she wasn't "raised the right way" (we all know what that implies).

Folks when Bruce Dickinson has my secretary Julie open the BV and print out the articles and responses, I expect nothing less than rigorous journalism, with hard hitting articles, always challenging the status quo, and having dynamite contributors who know Burlingame best and not accepting the garbage that is oftentimes forced down our throats. Plus, we are graced with the presence of the lovely Mme. Baylock, who governed with real principles, had a fighting spirit, and was nice to watch *wink*, ya know what I mean?

If you don't like it, go put on your slippers, get a warm blanket, make some chicken soup, and go watch re-runs of Matlock or Full House, or buy something on QVC after talking to the host on TV.

Folks, the world out there is ugly and gritty, and if you don't like seeing the underbelly of bad government, bad policy, and dumb actors, then don't complain. You can't have your cake and eat it too. This is a democracy and if you don't like how your vote went, then get off your derriere and do something about it rather than constantly whine.

Believe me, whining and playing the victim all the time isn't going to put a set of Ferrari keys in your hand. By the way, I love how Ferrari envy has now pervaded that 80's Miami Vice seafoam green and peach retro scene other wise known as the SF Yacht Club, but you want a '52 Ferrari 212 Inter, you better have about $2.5 million dollars of a credit line on your Discover Card. Only thing is, it's tough to sleep in one in the parking lot, ya know what I mean?

Clear thinking...clear writing.

Bruce, were you stoned when you supposedly dictated your yapping above?

Your logic is getting pretty shaky in your old age.

I love how a liberal will write something with quotes when just above, it's clear that that's not what I said. Classic deceptive rhetoric.

Yes, when a candidate HERSELF makes a very racist comment at my children's school function, and I hear it a few feet away, then it IS appropriate for me to report that, don't you think?

And further, I wasn't criticizing Joe's statements about Nirmala having a different mask / policy position for each group that she spoke to - telling them what they wanted to hear.

Bruce, perhaps you should downshift to Lite Beer.

Bruce Dickinson

Listen little fella, you are the one who has the reading comprehension issues (and a persecution complex)! Look at whom I address, namely Joe and the "Folks" clearly referring to those who are criticizing his bringing up the issues associated with Nirmala. I do not know where you fit in all this and quite frankly, really don't care.

Bruce Dickinson wouldn't think that anyone would be confused by whom I was addressing, that is, until now.

"upbringing" "raised the right way" same difference and same implication (actually upbringing is even more of a condemning word). As all on here know, that I use quote marks for substitution (in a "what have you" sorta sense) and couldn't remember exactly where I read it. I'm not reading the website, as everyone understands (it is printed out for me or read to me). Again, everyone knows the meaning of what I said and where the REAL transgression was (talk about diversion tactics!)

Guy, the fact that Bruce Dickinson made some statements about the Yacht Club was a direct response to Joe's Ferrari comments. Also using the "Nirmala hates white people" allegation was to prove a point as to what is considered appropriate or inappropriate behavior vis-a-vis what was being hurled at Joe. Again none of us know the context of what she said. Maybe she said it, but maybe it was a joke. Without context, we know nothing unless the source is trustworthy and I have yet to hear any corroboration. And by the way, trustworthy sources aren't regularly rebuked or censored.

So because you seem to think that you are actually worth my significantly higher opportunity cost of time, make no mistake, I was not addressing you (we all know Julie's feelings about that), in spite of the fact that I used your statements to prove multiple points? It's not my fault that you have a bad case "diarrhea of the keyboard" (and no that's not a DIRECT quote from anyone, as yet another example of how I use quote marks among my many colloquialisms and technically grammatically incorrect ways of putting things...everyone knows Bruce Dickinson has superior command of the English language when duty calls). It is clear that you have an issue with the readership and owners of this site, and many seem to be fed up of your toxicity, plain and simple.

Bruce Dickinson was told the other day that Belmont is actually on bedrock, so there should be plenty of rocks to crawl under, ya know what I mean?

So remember little fella, the only thing you CAN assume about a broken down old man, is that he is a survivor (and quite a successful one, if I may say so myself).

(Sorry Julie, I swear, I'll stop!!)


Back on topic, this would appear to be the final results from Shape the Future:

EMILY BEACH 2,916 37.85%
DONNA COLSON 2,688 34.89%
ERIC STOREY 469 6.09%

So as I said right off, about 200 votes separating the winners and 1,000 vote separation from the top also-ran. We'll be analyzing the substantial bullet voting for years to come, but it wasn't nearly enough to accomplish what I believe it intended.

Cathy Baylock

Far be it from me to point out a "mistake" from Joe, but the results you posted are from the semi-official report November 5th! Here is the latest update from November 9th: http://racetracker.shapethefuture.org/election_results.aspx?cID=17&eID=1

The final update will be posted at 4:30 this afternoon, unless the vote counting is not completed. If not completed by today, then the next report out will be Monday, November 16 at 4:30 p.m.

Cathy Baylock

All the votes have been counted and the voters have had their say: 5948 people voted (15,702 were sent ballots) for a 38% turnout. Here is the final outcome:
Emily Beach (37.65%) 3921
Donna Colson (34.23%) 3565
Nirmala Bandrapalli (22.06%) 2297
Eric Storey (6.06%) 631. There were 1482 bullet votes meaning that many people only voted for one candidate. Congratulations to all candidates on a hard fought campaign and for keeping things positive.

Celebrate the results!

Narcissistic Codgers aside, thank God for the election results!

Like I said, Emily Beach is going to kill it - and she did!

Congrats to Emily and Donna. And congrats to the citizens of Burlingame for delivering a solid voter response.

Now then, what's the deal with the Motor-voter initiative?

Can you say...ignore the rule of law and voter fraud galore?!

Peter Garrison

Yay for our new council.

Just read in The Daily Post that the FAA will consider calming Palo Alto and San Carlos' nerves by having more easbound flights depart runway 10. Theae are the departures which rattle the windows and nerves of Hillsborough, Burlingame and Millbrae until 2 AM.

Go council, go.




We need to get to Eshoo and make sure that doesn't happen on runway 10. It is bad enough already. Palo Alto should share the burden for 30 years like we have.

Peter Garrison

Former pilot here: The Daily Post had an article showing the variations in flight paths approaching SFO. Pilots can vary the approach over different cities and throttle back for a higher and quieter descent.

Of course, there would be no variation of take-off pattern if the 10 runways are used more often; the Peninsula cities can share the approach noise but we would get all the departure noise at full throttle.

Write Speier and Hill; Eshoo won't answer you if you'rw out of her email constituency...


Let's put the SFO comments here:


Esther Williamson Bryant

Will somebody tell the past Mayor Nagel she is not Mayor anymore. She is still stating she is Mayor on her terrynagel.com website.

Website Content:

Terry Nagel was elected to the Burlingame City Council in 2003 and was re-elected in 2007 and 2011. She is currently serving her third term as Mayor. She has been a Burlingame homeowner and active community volunteer since 1978.

Thought we got rid of her for good.

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