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November 04, 2015



Nice blowout! Did Nirms get any more votes this time than last time. No endorsements = no votes = no seat at the table. "L"oser


Let's be kind and start this thread with congrats to both women.
Take a deep breath and exhale Hillsider. It's a new day.


It is not easy to stand up and run for office. It is easy to throw stones from behind a pseudonym however. It took a lot of effort and resources for Nirmala to run. Yes the voters chose otherwise but her participation made the process stronger by adding different views and ideas. Burlingame is better because she ran and we should salute her and thank her. God forbid we should discourage candidates so we end up with uncontested elections with little discussion of the issues. Thank you Ms. Bandrapalli for having the courage to stand and Hillsider you should take a moment to reflect on your anger and its source.

Renters are truly suffering in ths time of rising rents and the comments above are incredibly insensitive. Renters joined together and attempted to bring light to their cause. You can't fault them for that. Preservationists do it all the time. The campaign is over and these comments are salt on very fresh wounds.


JROC, Nirmala's problem was she lied. She lied to renters that she was for rent control and told others she was against rent control. She told me personally she was for small growth. She told others she was for building high rise apartments/condo's on any lot available in the City. She lied to my neighbors that she could get them a stop sign in 30 days and lied her way all over town to whatever group she was in front of. Yes it takes courage, resources and effort to run for office. It takes courage to stand for what you believe in no matter what group you are in front of. Nirmala did not have that courage as she changed her positions for whatever group she was in front of. That was her problem and that was why she lost. Lying gets you no where and luckily for Burlingame, the citizens realized that and voted accordingly.


Renters are suffering way less than prospective home buyers who want to make a long term investment in Burlingame. Not only are they taking the risks on home prices that are way bigger than how much rent might go up they also have to worry about being able to get into the local schools as overcrowding and over development change Burlingame's reputation. For the last five years or more Burlingame home prices have closed in on Hillsborough but that is probably going to change back. Congratulations to the winners. Now do the right thing. I like that both winners were very involved with the schools since they are at risk.

dewey cheatam

Laura, give it a rest. Your candidates won. Must you kick people when they are down? Practice kindness.

Cathy Baylock

Thursday afternoon update

Here is the 4:30 update:
Beach (37.85%) 2916
Colson (34.89%) 2688
Bandrapalli (21.17%) 1631
Storey (6.09%) 469

just asking

Does that last post have a picture of the former City Councilwoman Baylock? Wow!!!

old guy

Do not forget these clowns also want to give away public land (parking lots) to developers so they can build a couple of feelgood affordable units downtown. More traffic. More crowding. More school kids. Less water. There is no "give it a rest" for those weary of how the last set of clowns operated.



Bruce Dickinson

Listen, guys, I gotta tell ya, Bruce Dickinson is surprised at what appears to be a case of sore losers! Yes, it takes courage to run for office, but guess what? It takes even MORE courage to tell the truth as you see it and display what I would call trust-building behaviors. I can't say whether Nirmala lied, but the record has shown her views to be very inconsistent and flip-floppy. The record has also shown her expertise on the Planning Commission to not be at the same level as some of her colleagues. Doesn't mean that you can't commend her for trying, but we in the community deserve what we think are the best people for the job. I'm sure she is better at other endeavors compared to the two election winners. Everyone has a circle of competence and compared to her competition, Nirmala, was unable to sell a compelling circle of competence to the public at large.

Folks, whether in business or government, making connections with people and commanding strong leadership involves building trust, first and foremost. Trust is built when you are sure of a person's motives, competence and reliability. With Nirmala, I think there were issues with all three aspects. Bruce Dickinson even had my A/V guy pull the video from the last debate a couple of years ago and Nirmala made some comment about the need to have high density housing and that like it or not, it was here to stay. Is that an indication of reliability compared to what she said in this election? There are many other documented and witnessed examples of such inconsistencies, as have been thoroughly documented. Also her tenure on the Planning Commission is very well documented, has numerous witnesses, and video exists for all the sessions that anyone can watch. Watch them, see the relative contribution of the members. Again, approach it with a truth-seeking mentality and judge whether she is as competent in planning and design review as her colleagues.

Rather than make an issue out of "hiding behind pseudonyms" or "kick em while they're down", which really have zero to do with why a candidate did or didn't get elected, try to engage in some truth seeking behavior and see why the other candidates were able to make a stronger trust connection with the electorate. Of course, the proof will be in the pudding, as it were, as to whether this relationship will be maintained as we see the performance of Beach and Colson. Think about it this way, what if two medications were developed for an ailment and one of them caused a serious side effect. Wouldn't you want to understand the truth as to why this was the case? Seriously, if all were unable or unwilling to seek the truth and rely solely on emotion to make decisions, we'd still be in the stone age. But what do I know, I'm just a caveman record producer who has produced albums that sold over 100 million copies!

Just look at the national elections. Bruce Dickinson thinks Donald Trump's and Hillary's problems with many of the American people center on trust. Do we think Trump has the competence to make calm, collected, non-emotional decisions? Do we trust Hillary when it appears that her statements about Benghazi and her emails on a compromised server are truthful considering her very strong motive to win this election? Is this a win at all costs? Have her statements been reliably consistent?

Guys, seriously, why would we not want the most qualified people to represent you and make the right decisions for this town. Yes, there is always the chance that we got it all wrong and put the wrong person in office, but again, use as much corroborating or dissenting evidence to draw a conclusion versus solely relying on gut feeling. The very fact that sore-loserism and accusing people of not having courage indicates that emotions are getting the better of you. Truth seeking behavior and fact finding was performed by yours truly and my team of assistants, and i didn't do this for just this election, but for any important decision in my legendary career.

So take this lesson home from Dr. Dickinson: seek the truth, be truthful, and establish trust. Only with this attitude can you hope at being a successful leader in any endeavor involving relationships!


Thanks for this Bruce, esp. the first paragraph. I agree that it is not easy being the messenger either!

@just asking: Cathy's picture appears because she uses Facebook access to enter her name and email address and the photo comes along with it.

Gracious in victory

Her qualifications were an issue during the election. We analyzed them measured them up to the others and elected what we all thought were the best. Now it's over. My candidates won but I don't feel compelled to continue the battle. We should be graceful in victory as well as defeat.

Bruce-yours was a long winded nothing. Do you agree with continuing to throw punches after the bell? Seems tacky to me and it cheapens the great victory of our newly elected.

dewey cheatam

Bruce the DICKinson - Could you please shorten up your comments and use bullet points.


Speaking of High Cost Rail, has anyone seen Amendment 434 by Jeff Denham? It was included in with the bill so I guess that's good news.


Bruce Dickinson

Again, sore-loser syndrome, reeks of insecurity on betting on the wrong horse. Who cares, so you were wrong in your choice, just move on and go about your business, or better yet, learn from your mistakes. You think that Bruce Dickinson has never been wrong or made a mistake? No way, failure is a necessary condition to learn and come out stronger!

Anyone who doesn't understand what it means to develop trust relationships just isn't ready or able to understand what it means to be a leader. Joe seems to get it, but again, different echelon compared to Captain "Gracious" (oh the irony given our Captain has been censored here more than all combined!). Thats ok, leadership is not for everyone, just be comfortable with where you are, at least there's an upshot to it: it's a lot less stressful!

BTW, when Bruce Dickinson "writes" it's actually a transcription from my secretary Julie who types what I say, which naturally is stream of consciousness. Again attacking something that has zero to do with the actual election and my dynamite points (trust me, books have been written on the subject, ask any captain of industry) is your coping mechanism, then fine, lash out and pout all you want.

If your skin is too thin to deal with the anger that your loss or my comments have caused, maybe the BV isn't for you. Lots of self-soothing blogs on this kinda stuff. Don't make your own life miserable..that's in your control, my friend!

Bruce Dickinson

By the way, folks, let's not forget our Captain "Gracious" flat out called Nirmala a racist. And as you can see, it was Bruce Dickinson that proposed a ZTP or Zero Tolerance Policy about playing the race card in any way shape or form, thereby coming to her defense! All my comments were focused on qualifications for office, and you can read all the well-thought out commentary in comparison to the poster under the "fraudsters" and "white people" handles that captain "gracious" used in the thread below (I assure you, it's the same person)


Guys, seriously, now that Captain Gracious has played the race card, and the race is over, now seems to pontificate using some sort of moral high ground to take stabs at Bruce Dickinson!?! That's like trying to win at a one-legged as$-kicking contest, ya know what I mean?

I've got a better word to describe our captain more appropriately:


aLICKs Kent

You are spending too much of Julie's time on someone who is not worth it. Great point on the racist accusations though, so maybe not!


AK must like being a nudist given how many times Bruce Dickinson undresses him in public. Keep it up BD. Its quite entertaining.

Gracious in victory

Did a post get drleted? Where's the racist acusation? Vinyl poisoning is exacerbating his dementia? I never posted that comment.

Bruce you are off here. Not as sharp as you've been in prior posts. Usually they're entertaining, these are just long. You failed to address the issue here: is it proper to use this forum to continue attacks on Bandrapalli and her renter supporters now that the election is over?

...or just deflect it with another attack on Alex but this time try to be funny not mean. It suits you better.

Captain Gracious-I like that!


AK, a post didn't get deleted as you allege, BD provided a link to the entire thread and suggested that people read the thread and judge for themselves. But since your trying to manipulate other readers, here is the direct quote from you aka "fraudster":

"And, the icing on the crap cake, is that Nirmala actually hates white people. But, the voters of Burlingame are too brain-washed by the left to even care."

Caught with pants down again. Captain Gracious? Not!

Gracious in victory

Are you suggesting that the same Alex is now standing up for Nirmala? Really?

THINK! Could this be an entirely different person? This poster made no derogatory remarks about the States Democratic leadership. Made no attempt to educate the masses in the benefits of the libertarian way. Did not drop any names of saling partners or mention pending school site sales.

NEWS FLASH: Captain Gracious is not AK


No, same person. We all know.


OK, OK. I am having trouble keeping up here since I do have other things to do on occasion. No posts have been deleted....yet.

Let's keep it clean. One screen name is close to being deleted so please refrain from that.

By the way, it would not be unheard of for one poster to change his or her mind on who to defend or not on a regular basis :-)

Bruce Dickinson

I hear ya Joe. Let's put it nicely: if Bruce Dickinson had a vote, it would be PERMA-BAN, ya know what i mean?

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