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November 15, 2015


Bruce Dickinson

Thinking about cats with teeth and pussy-cats with no teeth, Joe and Russ, where are the hard hitting questions about the Burlingame PD officers in cracking down on this car break-in situation? I've been hearing numerous stories of "oh, we can't dust for prints" or "oh, those cameras probably didn't get them" with regard to the car-break ins. I've heard 4-5 residents complain to me personally about their cars getting broken into and no it's not by the hotels, these are people in the neighborhoods! These same residents are complaining of lazy and lackadaisical attitudes from the police officers with this sense of 'inevitability' and powerlessness and I can see why given their efficacy rate in crime prevention in this area as pretty much zero.

Here's the prescription:, less PR, databasing, sharing walkie-talkies with San Bruno and more patrolling and investigative work, please. Pull the camera footage, dust for prints, try to ID some of these suspects, figure out where they go, where they come from, and why are they targeting Burlingame? I can probably tell you why, it's because there is such a feeble attempt to nab these criminals. So frustrated are residents that they are contacting Bruce Dickinson directly to start using his rolodex and get things rolling! Given that I'm so well known for other talents and have such a high opportunity cost of time, you know we've reached rock-bottom in this situation.

Joe, now that the PR tour is over, time for some real follow-ups and deliverables!


BD, I asked that direct question f2f with the chief: do we dust for fingerprints in all reasonable cases. The answer was "yes". If your network has instances (in the last year, please) where that didn't happen, please post the details.

"PR tour" is a little insulting since I believe I was the one to raise the fingerprinting issue in the original post. Asked and answered unless you have better info.

Bruce Dickinson

Joe, c'mon fella, don't be so sensitive, I know you're burning the midnight oil, and I'm doing some burning of my own trying to light a fire under the &sses of the public safety officials. The PR tour I was referencing was the PD and I know you asked the question about finger prints. "Reasonable case" doesn't seem to include car break-ins from what I've heard...don't shoot the messenger my friend, this is what I've heard from corroborating cases and one person mentioned break ins posted on a neighborhood network saying the same thing. Let's not forget broken windows and resulting paint or interior damage from broken glass in cars these days can cost thousands of dollars, and while this may be chump change for Bruce Dickinson, it's a lot of money for the denizens of Burlingame. Burlingame property needs to be protected, period. Just because insurance companies cover these things doesn't mean that PDs should be lax about them. PD's everywhere are guilty of being lax with auto break ins, precisely because of insurance. Why should Burlingame follow the same pattern?

Bottom line is, the results, or lack thereof, speak for themselves. The situation is not in control and whatever the PD is doing or isn't doing isn't working well as these crimes continue unabated with impunity. Why is there no deterrence factor and the thieves keep striking the same places?

Call me old-fashioned, but Bruce Dickinson measures results with data, not words.


It was great to recently see a policeman on his motorcycle, using radar to identify speeders on the street where I live in the mid morning. Unfortunately, speed enforcement has been noticeably absent for a long, long time. However, if I were intending to catch Burlingame drivers at their worst, I probably would have picked commute times, or at the very least, when parents are rushing their kids to school-- some of the worst offenders in my neighborhood. I know they have to fit various tasks, like radar traps around other things on their lists, but it would really be nice to see some big tickets handed out. On the highways, the CHP is virtually absent, so it is a free for all.


Bruce, I'm not so much sensitive as just pointing out we are both on the leading (bleeding) edge of issues. My fingerprinting question was specifically about auto break-ins. And that was the answer I got. Let's wait to see if we get contravening reports.

While we are on technology:

The fate of Millbrae’s red light cameras will soon be decided by city officials who will consider extending a contract with the company which operates the traffic enforcement devices unpopular with many local drivers.

The Millbrae City Council will address a proposal to approve a three-year deal extension with American Traffic Solutions, the company hired by the city to manage the city’s seven red light cameras, during a meeting Tuesday, Nov. 24.

The devices come before officials in the wake of a report which found a record amount of red light violation tickets were issued in June, when a combined 1,555 drivers were caught by the cameras posted along Millbrae Avenue at the intersection of Rollins Road, El Camino Real and the off-ramp from Highway 101, according to camera watchdog website HighwayRobbery.net.


B'game tried this unsuccessfully (from a public relations viewpoint) but Millbrae needs the money more!


Here is the latest on Technology at BPD:

urlingame police officers will begin wearing cameras on their uniforms under an effort to build more trust with residents through an enhanced commitment to transparency, according to officials.

The Burlingame City Council unanimously approved Monday, Nov. 21, allowing law enforcement officials to begin moving toward purchasing the technology and establishing a policy for using the cameras to be worn by Burlingame Police Department officers, according to video of the meeting.

Burlingame Police Chief Eric Wollman said he expects the cameras will be an asset for the department likely to be appreciated both by officers as well as the community.

- See more at: http://www.smdailyjournal.com/articles/lnews/2016-11-23/cop-cameras-approved-in-burlingame-officials-approve-adopting-gear-designed-to-enhance-transparency/1776425171809.html#sthash.P5ine1UG.dpuf

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