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October 03, 2015



It speaks volumes when not one of the Commissioner's that she serves with, will endorse her for City Council.

local motion

Excellent point!


@Bruce Dickinson- did you really have an AV person compile the planning commission video or was that just rhetorical? If so could you please post? After the comments on Nirmala's planning commission service I had to see for myself.

Watching the latest video the characterizations appear to be accurate - none of her questions were relevant to the planning commissions role
Tell me about the car share -- the city had proposed it and staff needed to work out the details
What are you going to do to accommodate construction hour requests -- that is outside of the jurisdiction of the planning commission
Is the city going to be liable if the building makes the parking public - not a condition to the design review.
Asked for her opinion- I concur with commissioner T

She only appears to ask questions reacting to other people's ideas rather than having any ideas of her own. But I have only watched one session.

A real architect

c is onto something here. Nirmala is not qualified to sit on the planning commission but she thinks she is. Go to the point in the video of the debate that is 1:06:40 and watch her read some prepared statement about how she required a developer to change his plans. She can't read plans. She sat there with a bewildered look on her face that night and voted with the real professionals. Now she thinks she thought this up. Really pretty unbelievable. You Burlingame people need to dump her now.

Bruce Dickinson

C, u c, does Bruce Dickinson release the master session tapes from the Blue Oyster Cult recordings and put them on Youtube? The answer is no. Yes, I had my guy compile a bunch of stuff from Planning and City Council meetings for me in the form of a few video computer files to see, but that is for my eyes only (and of course my attorneys and real estate guy), my friend. I gave my A/V guy some very specific instructions on specific issues that interest me so I will not release this edited compilation to the public, where it may be mis-construed and mis-interpreted, as would any form of editing, because editing, by definition is removing some context and in the case of the PC meetings, some context and a lot of dead air (I kid, I kid, well kinda). There is a lot of footage out there on the city website, just look at a few and make up your own mind, and I know its tough to do when you probably have a million better things to do with your time. Also, keep in mind what is NOT said is just as important as what IS said. Bruce Dickinson is just sharing his opinion and from what I saw, my opinion concurs with most of the critical comments about Nirmala, but I think what you'll c is what everyone c's, or said another way, as the Christmas carol goes, do u c what I c? u know what I mean?


A real architect,
How can the people of Burlingame "dump" someone APPOINTED by the council (how stupid does it make them ALL look to have someone as ridiculous as Nirmala appointed to the planning commission)? The people of Burlingame have NO say in who gets on or off any commission.


I'm finally getting around to posting the details on our city contract with Redwood City for IT support. This is currently at $500K per year contract and I will leave it to you to decide whether it could be brought in-house for a total cost (including benefits) of $125K per year.

Infrastructure responsibilities of IT include the following for the City of Burlingame:

Desktop support includes the following:
· Support and maintain all desktops and laptops
· Support and maintain all printers
· Support and maintain all peripherals including scanners, tablets, and any other device that connects to one of Burlingame’s systems except PD,
· Support and maintain all cell phones etc.
· Manage the procurement of new desktops and other devices
· Prepare new desktops for deployment in a timely manner
· Facilitate departments in acquiring, deploying, and maintaining applications
· Manage security and access control to applications, folders, files, and devices

Server and network infrastructure support includes the following:
· Purchase, configure, install, maintain, and monitor all the servers used by Burlingame and Central County Fire Dept
· Keep an up to date inventory of servers, desktops, and other devices
· Manage the VMware infrastructure
· Manage email and other city used applications
· Manage threat risks including monitoring for viruses and spam
· Manage and monitor the security of the network including hacking and other threats from external sources
· Develop, implement, and manage the City’s business resumption / disaster recovery solutions
· Manage the City’s local and wide area networks including all network equipment and communication lines
· Standardize on technologies implemented by Redwood City for economies of scale in purchasing and support
· Create detailed project plans for new technology projects

Phone support includes the following:
· Support and maintain the phone system including but not limited to adds, moves, and changes; voicemail programming and management; coordinate system software updates with the phone support vendor

Programming and financial system related:
· Provide consulting, analysis, programming & support for the Financial system
· Provide consulting, analysis, programming & support for the Utility Billing system
· Provide consulting, analysis, programming & support for the Payroll system
· Provide consulting, analysis, programming & support for the Budgeting system
· Program interfaces between systems including, but not limited to, Linkup, Mailers (mailing software), and Sensus (meter reading)

Management and miscellaneous:
· Help develop, manage, and implement the overall technology direction for the City

Manage all annual and multi-year contracts for hardware and software maintenance
· Continuously recommend and refresh technologies used by the City to keep technologies current and available for use
· Learn and support any new technologies brought into the City
· Develop technology plans and budgets for upcoming fiscal years
· Research, understand, and recommend the latest trends in technology
· Manage third party vendor relationships
· Assist in development of technologies licenses and agreements with third party technology providers including cloud provided services
· Work with Auditors and the City in responding to Audit findings
· Be available 24X7 to keep the infrastructure available at all times
· Add value by discussing and implementing technologies used in Redwood City and other cities supported by Redwood City staff
· Research and offer feedback for any technologies being considered by Burlingame


I have been out of this for a few years but I don't think you could get this work done in California for $125,000 in 1995. In 2015 there is no way.

Bruce Dickinson

Folks, all the professional City jobs in Burlingame, per public disclosure, pay more than $125k (probably at least $175k-$200k with benefits, and this job cannot be done by one person. Bruce Dickinson asks this: How much does Redwood City pay for IT services and how many people are employed, excluding the people working on the Burlingame stuff. You can get an idea how much, on a stand-alone basis a city would have to pay per person. Notwithstanding that smaller cities pay more due to fewer scale economics. It completely makes sense for smaller cities to leverage the IT infrastructure of another larger city, as scale economics dictates cost in the technology field.

Nirmala is not strong in finance (which she has admitted to) and is also not strong in understanding how tech infrastructure can be easily leveraged at a low cost using scale economics. This is very basic business knowledge that someone with her background should know.

Let's see how much Redwood City spends, and divide that by the number of IT employees and divide by the population and extrapolate that answer to Burlingame's population. Or just take the list that Joe posted above, and take a guess how many employees this would need and each employee would be paid $175k per year with benefits. Finally ask any IT professional how much this would cost on a stand-alone basis. Folks, you can basically tri-angulate an answer pretty quickly and I think it will prove that she is wrong.

Bruce Dickinson wonders how such statements can be made so blatantly with little support or thinking that, when subject to a very cursory analysis, finds more holes in these statements than a sieve. Then again, we are talking about Burlingame government here.

Lesson learned: do not vote for the small fish in the small sea!


Nirmala's claims would appear to qualify as negligently fraudulent. I suppose that at this point we have to let the voters decide. After the election smarter heads may prevail.

How can reason overcome that?!

But, Hillsider, Terry Nagel has her big email distro newsletter...

How can reason overcome that?!

Just Looking

A lot of people might say that all politicians lie but this Nirmala woman takes the cake. AirBnB sneakiness. No planning commission people supporting her after working with her for years. Faking people out that she knows anything about our computers. Promising stop signs to people that she knows she can't make happen. Decieving senior citizens and renters. Where does it all end. What are the people who have her signs thinking.

fraudsters flourish in Burlingame

"Just", don't you know the rules..."I before E, except after C".

And, "fraudsters flourish in Burlingame and in any Dem-dominated environment".

Because affirmative action matters to these folks more than color and gender blind voting or hiring or promoting the best candidate. And, make-work projects like HSR and giving laborers their "hey-day" matter more than common sense, long term fiscal responsibility, and spending the money (the debt) on projects that will actually help society.

And, the icing on the crap cake, is that Nirmala actually hates white people. But, the voters of Burlingame are too brain-washed by the left to even care.

Hey look! The sea-level is rising...ever so slightly over multiple life times, when the buildings will need to be torn down and rebuilt anyway and change is inevitable.


'Fraudster' - I call BS - I've worked with Nirmala on several occasions, and I do not believe she "hates white people" (of which I am one). If you're going to make an accusation like that, at least have the cojones to do it under your real name.

BTW - I didn't vote for Nirmala, but I made that choice based on my evaluation of her positions (including their consistency) on the issues, as well as her skills and experience relative to Donna and Emily (and I have to say that not many participants on this blog would stack up favorably against those two - they are both *extremely* impressive candidates).

"There are just too many WHITE guys here!"

Ian, thank you for voting for Donna and Emily - excellent choices.

I actually heard Nirmala loudly say, "There are just too many WHITE guys here!" at a Lincoln Elementary School movie night in front of lots of children and parents.

So, sorry Ian, there's no BS in my post(s).

Now, the voters of Burlingame need to wake up and call the real BS on Nirmala's flip-flopping more than a fish out of water.


I do not get this link.
The one thing I have been able to gather from the comments, and insight regarding Nirmala's, family connections, and business practices, I am very surprised the "Nirmala Corporation Inc." has been allowed to become "public property."
Maybe the Nirmala Corporation is OK.
Lets see the records the IRS has.
Public Domain.


Ian should note that Alex Kent is so full of himself that he thinks every one will know who he is without him using his name. Some of us know but don't care. Occasional readers do not know so we have to tell them. It's Kent.

Bruce Dickinson

Editors, Bruce Dickinson proposes a "ZTP" that is, a zero tolerance policy on any posts with racial overtones. It sounds like a case of "she said, he said" with no public corroboration of anything, unlike the other criticisms of Nirmala, which have been researched and publicly corroborated. Maybe she did say this, maybe it was out of context, or maybe it was completely made up. Unless there is other sufficient evidence, given the above poster's bad behavior and numerous censorships, warnings, and rebukes, I would question the veracity of and motivation underlying such comments.

I've spoken to a lot of people who know Nirmala personally and have seen her in action, and this is the first I've heard of such accusations. This is pretty serious stuff folks, so you better back it up fast or be prepared to face some interesting legal challenges by the candidate, to put it mildly. While Bruce Dickinson does not support her as a City Councilmember for professional reasons, I feel that such an accusation needs to be corroborated by another party or the accused be given a fair chance in first, being made aware of this accusation, and secondly, being given a chance to respond.

Not pleased with the 3rd grade level behavior!


Ah - thanks hillsider - that explains a few things.

Alex - I'm not about to start making my voting decisions based on what you say you heard at some movie night years ago.

in-group/out-group bias

Bruce, I love your on-going hubris - only your voice matters. And, me living in Burlingame for 8 years must not matter, and also many other regular writers here do not live in Burlingame.

Bruce, in case you can't figure it out between your delusions of grandeur and wild stories of your supposed greatness - the dialogue here often applies to gov't and community policies that APPLY ACROSS the Peninsula and really the entire country, and most of it is the debate between unfettered gov't dictation vs. individual rights like property rights ala HSR, GBI, ABAG, etc.

My voice is my voice, I'm not trying to assume that people know who I am, or not. I've explained several times, that I use the "Name" space as the title. Hillsider likes to try to make regular jabs at me or at issues with very little primary resource insight or facts cited.

And, yes, folks, if you hear a person loudly saying something with you 15 feet away and their mouth is moving to the words - then, yep, that's what they said. And, I already cited this observation on this website several weeks ago.

And, silly Bruce, the world is full of in-group/out-group bias, and outright backstabbing whether figuratively or literally if another person has a different skin color, race, religion or god forbid if they're not a registered Democrat.

And, in my case, I'm NOT into judging people by "their cover" - at all. And neither should any city council member (candidate).

And, for you to fantasize that racism in all directions doesn't exist throughout the world and yes definitely in Burlingame and the Peninsula is a joke.

Ian, do vote for whomever you want to. You already wrote above that you aren't going to vote for Nirmala and neither is Fake "Bruce".

My goal is to influence the greater community, and yes indeed I am, whether you like it or not. Just yesterday, I was sitting next to three of the most influential people in our community, providing insight into the big mess that has been the Hoover School screw-over of the Buddhist Temple (private property owner) who had a bonafide offer for $10M from one of the founder of WebEx, etc, etc. It was simple and easy to highlight the injustice of that situation to The Temple private property owner, to the neighbors, and to the children that will attend that future traffic mess.

Nirmala knows what she said in front of my children and dozens of other families. Shame on her. And, shame on the brain-washed minions of our greater community for thinking that this sort of behavior is acceptable.

I'm a good, hard-working guy who is indeed still very active in the Burlingame Community and yes also the Belmont Community. Let freedom ring.


I go away for two days to help some clients face-to-face and you guys get yourselves all worked up. We won't be instituting any ZTPs beyond the current terms of use anytime soon, Bruce. As for the names used, as long as someone isn't hijacking another screen name or impersonating a local person, they are fee to use what they want--just keep it short.

I'll leave it at that (for now).


Dear Mr. Dickenson,
I believe it was a very poor choice of words when you referred to "3rd grade level behavior."

I'll leave it at that (for now too.)

Timothy Hooker

Nobody outlined the number of units such as servers,workstations, wireless devices, desktops, laptops, etc.

Each of these has a dollar value associated with it per month or per quarter.

My firm maintains IT infrastructures for a living and I can assure you even if you outsource it to India, you can't come close to maintaining it for $125K or $500k


Today, Terry Nagel wrote a glowing letter of support for Nirmala in the newspaper.
Why would Terry Nagel endorse someone was has not one single endorsement from the planning commission? Nirmala sits on the planning commission and not ONE of her fellow commissioners has given an endorsement. That alone says a lot.
Why doesn't Terry Nagel see what the rest of us see in Nirmula? A confusing, vast wasteland of information.


She hasn't seen much her whole term and the little she does see is through rose colored glasses that hide reality.

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