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October 03, 2015



Maybe you got tired of watching by the end but you forgot the bit about "I installed crossing guard at El Camino and Ray Dr." Yeah, right.


Look who Nirmala's mentor is. Relentless self=promotion is in their genes.

local motion

I agree. She seems to think showing up at events where she is volunteering becomes all about her. You never hear her say much of anything just that she is running. The other two seem to have a track record of doing stuff.

calling it like it is

Now for a brief interlude between Nirmala bashing comments.

Please note that Eric Storey's website and candidate statement are not so subtly racist. He calls out the purchaser AND real estate broker for the Post Office parcel by surname, which happen to be Chinese. He doesn't do this for other issues/projects.

Eric, if you are reading this, clean up your act if you want to have a chance in politics.

God, I hope we get a better voter turnout

As someone who knows more about the Burlingame City government staff, and about the city council members, and about the business owners than 94% of all of the citizens of Burlingame - I'd highly recommend that you vote for people who are NOT closely tied to the existing city council members.

Least Likely To Be A Puppet:

1) Eric Storey
2) Emily Beach
3) Donna Colson
4) Nirmala Bandrapalli

When you overlay the most independent, objective, fiduciary-natured candidates with the best natural leaders, you get:

1) Emily Beach
2) Donna Colson
3) Eric Storey
4) Nirmala Bandrapalli

Mr. and Mrs. Reader, what do you think?

Double check that you are registered to vote:


Every voter will be mailed a ballot this year.

If you don’t receive your ballot by October 16, request a replacement ballot. Here’s how:

•Call the San Mateo County Registration & Elections Division at (650) 312-5222
•Email us at registrar@smcare.org
•Complete and return an online form


•Fax a request to (650) 312-5348
•Go to a Voting Center on or before Election Day. Click here for a list of locations and hours of operation.


•Go to a Universal Polling Place on Election Day only. Click here for a list of locations.


Return my ballot
Don’t delay! Once you vote your ballot and properly sign the envelope, you need to return it on time. Here’s how:

•Mail it in the postage paid return envelope. It can only be accepted if it is postmarked on or before Election Day, November 3, 2015 and received by Friday, November 6.
•Drop it off at any city or town hall in San Mateo County.
•Drop it off at our 24-hour drop box at 40 Tower Road, San Mateo until 8 p.m. on November 3, 2015.
•Drop it off at a Voting Center.
•Drop it off at a Universal Polling Place on Election Day only.

God, I hope we get a better voter turnout this year.


Every council member has their "show pony." They are:

Keighran = Colson

Beach = Brownrigg + Ortiz

Nagel.= Bandrapalli

Eric Story is the only candidate without a council buddy.

When candidates surround themselves with shady council people, what does it say about them? I will not vote for a candidate that drapes themselves around city council people who I don't respect.

This all reminds me of the tv show, Survivor. This will be an interesting month. Stay tuned.


Is there an financial connection between the Nagel and Bandrapalli families?
If there is, do candidates and sitting Elders have to disclose that information?


While Eric Story may be the only candidate without a council buddy, I would seriously examine his platform which can be found in the opening statement for each candidate. In it he sates that he is running because "I don't want local government in my home" when referencing the recent smoking ordinance in multi-unit buildings. He then says he would introduce "A just cause ordinance" for renter protection. Whaaaat?

I am not expressing an opinion on either issue, rather pointing out the hypocrisy of advocating government intervention when it is self-serving but otherwise railing against it.


John Root (zzzzzzzz) supported Nirmala when she ran last time. Ouch!
That is when I lost total respect for him.
Is he supporting Nirmala this time around. Gosh, who cares.


John Root listens for what Nagel says and then repeats the same message so I would be shocked if he wasn't supporting Nirmala again.


There is no "Nirmala bashings" going on here. She has been called on the carpet for false and misleading statements made on "tape". Exact to the second references to said tape have been provided for the readers' convenience in verifying it.

Your screen name of "calling it like it is" is also false advertising since you seem incapable of doing so or recognizing when it has been done for you.

calling it like it is

Listen "Joe", I'm no Nirmala fan, but you have every right to post and run this site as you please. However, I am indeed calling it like it is. Your calling out a moniker is also revealing - in terms of your thin skin. Listen, I did not even voice any disagreement with any of the statements, but try and argue against the fact that the vast, vast majority of posts and comments on your site are anti-Nirmala. The minority are pro other candidates, and the exceeding minority are anti- other candidates. Just survey the comments and posts yourself.


Calling it like it is..When a candidate lies or should I say misrepresents their stance on issues repeatedly to different groups, it's important to get that message out to the voters of Burlingame. Voters will vote for a candidate they may think is for rent control or slow growth when indeed they have said repeatedly to other audiences, that they aren't for either. If that candidate is repeatedly changing their stance on the issues that effect Burlingame, to whatever audience they are in front of that day, I think the voters need to know that.

The Epitome of Silicon Valley

Obsessed with success and oneself and one's own viewpoint, and back-stabbing everyone else and lying all along the way - The Epitome of Silicon Valley.

And, from what my friends from India tell me - it's the same way there. One guy who grew up in India said that he didn't want to go back to live there, despite the opportunity, because he hated the lying, cheating and back-stabbing culture.

calling it like it is

You people don't get it. Look through the posts. Calling it "bashing" is not saying I disagree. Geeze. The point of my original post was to make a comment about Storey. I don't give a crap about Nirmala and what you people think about her positions, honesty, whatever. These responses just prove the point. You all are way over obsessed with pointing out her negatives. Fine, it's your forum. But this entire site comes off like a huge echo chamber of like-minded people.
Not very diverse in opinion.

Bruce Dickinson

Fellas, before you get your panties in a bunch, really take a hard close look at the candidates. While Bruce Dickinson is flattered by a direct copying of my phrase "echo chamber" just used by yours truly in another post, I will say that the "calling it like it is" poster above needs some advice from someone who knows effective leadership at the very upper echelons of success. So Dr. Dickinson will "break it down":

The definition of "calling it like it is" involves what I like to refer as "truth seeking" behavior. In areas such as medicine, this is easier to do with double-blind placebo-controlled studies where the data will tell you the story. When it comes to people, however, emotions come into play a lot more, when judging things like leadership ability, managerial effectiveness, confidence to cogently challenge status quo "groupthink" and sheer talent.

Notice how Bruce Dickinson (aka Dr. Page-Views) has not really opined much on any of the candidates yet. You may ask, why is this? Yes, I know everyone is interested in getting my opinion ASAP (written in finely honed prose, mind you), I have engaged in my own campaign of "seeking the truth". My AV guy has compiled "best of" Planning Commission videos where I was able to see Nirmala in action. I also spoke to many prominent members of the community, not asking leading questions, but open ended ones. I have also seen Emily Beach in action. As I've said many times before, while my children are all grown up now, I'm a big donor to the BSD. Donna Colson is one I didn't know much about, but again sought many opinions and saw her active as a public person commenting on numerous issues in front of City Council (again all on video). Of course there is the debate video itself.

Bruce Dickinson also weighed some of the comments here on the BV, both pros and cons of each candidates. Basically all my gathering of information (with a lot of help from my guys and my secretary), I asked myself the question is the information corroborating or dissenting.

It is clear to Bruce Dickinson, from Nirmala's planning commission videos alone, is not meant for governing. Little to no insightful comments and some "foot in mouth" moments that just made one cringe. She is not comfortable dealing with issues that she has little/no expertise in and while she is trying, I just don't think she is wired for a public office position. Not to take away that she appears to be likable (many have said this) and successful in her own endeavors. It's just that the issues are too complex to allow for simpleton answers, the pandering is relentless, and there is documented proof of speaking out of both sides of the mouth, as it were. This is not what Bruce Dickinson expects out of a leader. Believe me, I know effective leadership from working four decades at Columbia and in my many business ventures. She is not leadership as I see it, and I would not view her experience as a Planning Commissioner as an asset.

Emily Beach, to me is a known quantity, and I know she is an effective leader and I'm sure she'll get up to speed on the issues facing our town. Donna Colson, I don't know her well, but have heard dynamite things from her days on Parks and Rec and like I've said, as a public speaker she seems to command honesty and a strong, articulated voice that I see completely absent with Nirmala.

Eric Storey, just reading his statement made my eyes roll. There's always the "I support the renters" candidate, but as one pointed out there was a big contradiction with his love for smoking in his apartment compared to all his other stances.

From the video of the "debate" it was clear to Bruce Dickinson that Emily and Donna have the strongest leadership qualities. I would say this of Ann Keighran and Michael Brownrigg (despite the latter's increasingly whining demeanor from every video I see. His protege can actually be the teacher to him in that regard). Nagel is a panderer, Ortiz looks afraid of his own shadow with minimal original ideas or meaningful debate, and Root is like a parrot (or ParROOT, as it were), as one alluded to above. I will give him credit for not pulling the "Ed Lee" trick and not running for Council, so thank you for doing yourself and all of us a huge favor.

So there you have it fellas, Bruce Dickinson endorses Emily Beach and Donna Colson! *cowbell ring* You can now all stop holding your collective breath!

What one may see as a pile on anti-Nirmalaism may actually be reflective of a consensus opinion. Yes, there are biases on this site, but also many of posters (the ones actually living in Burlingame) have held outright leadership positions in the community or have been strong activists within the community. Some of these I would trust 10x more than Nirmala and you can tell, simply by the quantity and quality of the content. Just look at the posts, letters, and video on the tree removal at El Camino and Floribunda. Was quite an impressive defense from many of the posters on here, and coming from me, that means a lot!


I think that the most telling question is about the general obligation bonds at 1:00:40. Eric Story and Nirmala Bandrapalli answered that they needed to learn more about general obligation bonds. For me this is an automatic disqualification because without understanding how the city is going to pay for capital improvements the council is really just waving their hands in the air. An understanding of how finance works and doing your homework is a prerequisite for city leadership. When Eric says that finance is not his forte and Nirmala says that finance is not her greatest asset, they are saying that they are not prepared for public leadership at this level.

It is truly scary how Nirmala trails off on this question: "I need to learn more about it so that I can you know..." [turns off the mic after only 35 seconds]. This makes me feel like she doesn't even know why she needs to understand finance. That is terrifying.

While a city council member cannot be expected to be knowledgable on all matters, finance is a fundamental skill that needs to be developed prior to seeking office. Before taking the helm of a $100mm annual budget with several large capital improvements looming, the candidate needs to have significant finance experience. Donna Colson won this issue and Emily Beach gave a competent answer that showed that she had done her homework.

proven leaders, independent thinkers, best qualified


Yes, I totally agree with you.

Let's stop electing Democratic Party puppets, and elect people that are actually qualified to serve as leaders of our communities ["taking the helm of a $100mm annual budget with several large capital improvements looming"].

Beach and Colson are the strongest proven leaders in Burlingame, and they are the most experienced and qualified to provide independent thinking and to serve as the fiduciary representatives for the citizens of Burlingame and beyond (they will be appointed to several regional boards as a part of the city council seat).

You probably just received your ballot in the mail today. Please, please vote for Donna Colson and Emily Beach!!

just saying

Blogging is not enough....get off your duff and email, phone, talk to other voters and convince them you want, and they should also want what is best for Burlingame. Donna Colson and Emily Beach are the two worth your vote. The candidates after Colson and Beach offer a dramatic drop-off in leadership and understanding of the issues facing Burlingame. Don't be hood-winked by a candidate that changes their message depending on the audience. Hint: A member of the drop-off category.


I think that in order to sit on the planning commission one must know how to read plans. Nirmala may be a nice person but she was way over her head when it came to reviewing plans.

But I don't blame her, I blame the current Council members who voted for her to stay every time her time was up and she reapplied.

Don't they get any feedback from their colleagues? Even in an all volunteer position, one must have the knowledge of the material that is in front of them.


The following council members voted for Nirmala to be on planning commission:





I wonder what swayed them???

Bruce Dickinson

Fellas, not having cursory knowledge of basic finance is a gaping weakness and I also saw this on the video. All successful leaders have a good understanding of finance, period. One can argue yeah, the two were being honest, but seriously, in the case of Nirmala, having been in an official capacity and having no clue about finances when so close to City hall and with all her touted technology expertise unable to do basic homework downloaded from the city website? Bruce Dickinson sees laziness and a shortcut type of mentality. The Storey guy is also clearly outta his league. Plus smoking a lot constricts the fine blood vessels in the brain as well as the lungs!

When thinking about leadership, folks, it's not about the people who you are electing in this council but how they also complement or enhance the existing members, some of whom have shown weaknesses and in some instances, incompetence. We have the chance to replace Nagel with her hand-picked protege? That's the best she could pull out? Says something about Nagel's skill and also from Nirmala's perspective, having a damaged goods sponsor is not gonna help. Not only do you have to convince the electorate of your own skill/ability but you also have to shake the "legacy" of your sponsor. This is exactly why Jeb Bush is languishing so badly in the polls. The Bush name and the former Dubya administration are damaged goods and here you have Donald Trump, the king of Chapter 11, and a doctor with zero political experience leading the party. Craziness, I tell ya.

Then you have Ortiz, who also appears to be weak and not really pulling his own weight. That leaves Keighran and Brownrigg to do the heavy lifting. Who do you think THEY want to work with so that they don't have to do all the work and make the big boy pants decisions? You overtax a couple of competent council members and they're gonna turn incompetent pretty quickly just by virtue of workload (Brownrigg seems to be pretty close to that line as I see it and he is a smart guy). The group has to work as a cohesive whole and hopefully effective decisions will be made without the groupthink, easy decision mentality that has been plaguing Root, Nagel and Ortiz. One risk, as Bruce Dickinson sees it is that Colson and Beach may be too beholden to their sponsors, but I get the sense that not being panderers (like one of their opponents) they are less likely to take the path of least resistance.

While there will be on-the-job training for everyone, not knowing basic financial knowledge from day one can lead to very bad decisions very quickly. Well-rounded competence is a plus with Beach knowing effective fundraising and Colson having worked for some respected firms in the financial world, where the sharks have some of the biggest teeth, ya know what I mean.

So, Dr. Dickinson's lesson of the day: look at complementary experience and skills and what will likely lead the success of the group, as a whole. Trust me, I can tell you first hand, being in the upper echelons of leadership and success, these are extremely important aspects of making an organization and decision making body stronger, willing to tackle on tough decisions and able/willing to debate to bring forth the pros & cons of every issue.

Kinda makes one wonder, why has the council been so ineffective? Bruce Dickinson thinks it may be due to a 3 outta 5 being outta their league, ya know what I mean?

Meadow Lark

You all have missed how bad the AirBnB thing is with Nirmala. Her neighbors can't stand her because of all the traffic she has brought to the street. Now they get to see her say that if elected she would do something to protect them. SO HYPOCRITICAL

just asking

Some corrections needed and some insight provided: Read on. Sometimes I find out answers by going directly to someone in the know. I asked one of the Council members why they all voted for Nirmala.

First: all council members voted for her. A previous post forgot to mention Nagel as voting also.

Secondly: this was her first appointment and is good for four years.
She has never been reappointed. It takes the vote of four council members to remove a sitting commissioner. That would not happen while Root and Nagel are on the council.

Third: Her answers to questions at the interview were good, much better than anyone else interviewed that night. The belief is that Nirmala received and was schooled on the questions prior to the meeting by Nagel. Evidently the council has the questions days before the interviews.

Finally: Nirmala's performance dropped off dramatically after that as she merely sat there and asked "have you talked with your neighbors". Not a very insightful question.

Only one of the many reasons to vote for Donna Colson and Emily Beach.


Its funny that I heard the same thing from one of them. She appeared to be the best of a really weak group that applied but there is plenty of buyer remorse now. There is also some confusion about how Jeanne Davis got cut while Nirmala stays but that probably has to do with when the terms were up. Overall the feeling was Nirmala was a seat warmer on the commission.

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