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October 21, 2015



And speaking of new restaurants:

A popular local eatery is headed to Burlingame, as a second Jack’s Prime restaurant will soon be opening to fill the long-vacant building at the Broadway Caltrain station.

Micheal Mallie, owner of Jack’s Prime in San Mateo, said the company recently signed a lease for the building at 1190 California Drive, and hopes to open its doors to customers in spring of next year.

He said the restaurant, which specializes in traditional American fare, was thrilled by the prospect of expansion.

“We are super excited. It’s a great location” he said. “ We are going to bring some quality family time to diners in Burlingame.”

The site at the Broadway train station was the former home of Brio restaurant, which closed roughly six years ago. It was previously also the home of Pisces restaurant.


pat giorni

At last, a 1st class hamburger in Burlingame. I'm already drooling.....

B'game gal

Thrilled for Rasa (and Burlingame!) - well deserved. I've experienced their amazing food and great service. I first heard about them due to their BCE foundation sponsorship (auction item). Thanks for supporting our local schools!


This is a nice idea: Entertainment at Kingfish, in San Mateo-

Bruce Dickinson

Looks like you may be seeing Bruce Dickinson grace this new joint with his presence. Is a dynamite idea and should spice up the Burlingame dining scene, ya know what I mean?



The basement concert/comedy club at Kingfish is pretty cool. I recall seeing Mose Allison (http://moseallison.com/) there quite a few years ago and it was EssEff quality seating, sight lines and sound. Boy do I wish B'game had something like that!

pat giorni

I found myself downtown yesterday and figured I'd try the Nachoria place. Paying w/ a credit card got me an e-mailed receipt that asked for comment. This is what I sent last night....

"I laughed when a coffee shop opened and expected to last while charging the unheard of price of $3.00 for a cuppa coffee and now we all call it 5 Bucks. I was again amused when I read about the concept behind Nachoria and wondered once again how long this business would last until I went in at 4pm today to check it out. I know you were understaffed because it took about 10 minutes to place my order with only 3 parties ahead of me...all deuces. But after sitting down my order was placed before me in under 10 minutes. All during my meal people continued to POUR in. When I left at 5:45, your restaurant was turning the tables for a second full seating. Having worked in the full service restaurant business...not fast food... for 35 years I have never seen tables turn so fast, especially during the dead period between lunch and early bird dining.

AND, this is the most kid friendly place I've ever seen outside of Chucky Cheese where their menu is pure swill.

So, I'll eat my words, and your food, and predict that you'll have a good, long run, barring a flue fire, for as long as you continue the business. Best of luck in a business that has a slim profit margin...but if you go public, I'll buy stock!"

Nachoria responded today w/....

"I would like to thank you for your feedback and would love to know if you enjoyed your food."

I let them know...

"I had the Super quesadilla filled w/ Pollo, Carne asada, and carnitas. I will definitely be back when the Al Pastor makes its debut! I enjoyed the use of a thick sour creme rather than the usual watery stuff. The quesadillas were crisped up nicely, and a cut above the usual preparation. The only thing I would add is that if they are grilled w/ butter rather than oil, the flavor and appeal would be spectacularly enhanced. bottom line is that your food is good enough to bring me back again and again.


Nice review. Now I guess I have to go stand in line.


Me too!!!


Me three!! Good for them!

Cathy Baylock

Mrs. Giorni, how were the mojitos?!

Peter Garrison

Nini's: Eastside-life!

pat giorni

Ahhhh, Mrs. Baylock; you'll find this hard to believe, I'm sure, but I can provide no review of the imbibe-ables, other than to comment that it's outrageous to pay $4.75 for a 1 liter bottle of Coke, albeit Hecho en Mexico.

While the light level remains low at this time of year I generally forgo alcohol consumption when I'm on the bicycle in the early evening. And I'm not inclined toward warm weather cocktails when the ambient temperature hovers below 60' with the exception of the G & T which is used for medicinal purpose...no malaria, you say? The tonic factor is a well known remedy to ward off those leg cramps so familiar to elderly bicycle riders.

Knowing you're gonna ask, this time of year is just right for those warm you up whiskeys in Old Fashions,or hot toddies and buttered rum.

Bruce Dickinson

Listen, Pat, that was a dynamite review!

Has Bruce Dickinson finally met his BV wit-'n-wisdom rival?

pat giorni

One might think so; but I couldn't possibly comment.


I am convinced that B'gamers are suffering from a lack of top notch eateries as stated here where we got zero Bib Gourmand awards:


But at least we can enjoy the fact that Rasa has retained its Michelin star:


Kudos to the Rasa team and here's hoping you get some support from your neighbors-- Park & Howard shows great promise and the old standby, Narin, is still excellent!

Sign me up

After eight years in Burlingame, Michelin star Indian restaurant Rasa will close this week, to be reopened as a second location of Saffron, a more casual offering under the same ownership in San Carlos.

Owner and Executive Chef Ajay Walia said the Burlingame location at 209 Park Road will get a remodel for a lighter atmosphere, with an expanded menu as part of the revamp.

“We are keeping the essence of Rasa,” he said. “The quality of food we serve, the focus on our guest relations, the type of location we provide and what we want people to experience and what Indian food should be, all of that remains the same, now they just have more choices.”

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