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October 19, 2015


Peter Garrison

Lots of car burglaries happen on the bayfront when travelers from the Phillipines arrive at the airport and make a stop at a hotel or restaurant. They have been spotted with their luggage at the airport and followed. During check-in or their meal the thieves break into the car and get away.

They simply go where they think the money is...

So, I'm in the Marina for the North American Championship yacht race...and I had kinda thought about booking a hotel, but alot of the fellow racers sleep on the decks of the yachts or below, and my car is a stretch 7 series. And, yacht racing is hazardous, so sleeping in one's car is nothing, right?

I brought a sleeping bag, and so at the end of the evening, I just roll out my sleeping bag with my view of Golden Gate Bridge in the St. Francis parking lot and go to sleep.

In the middle of the night, I hear 2 guys talking about breaking into my car. My back window shades are up, and then one of them notices me, and they decide to not do it, despite one wanting to do it anyway because he wanted to "see what's inside". That morning, I hear from my yacht team owner/sponsor that someone had broken into several cars on Chestnut. Jeez.

People just go where they think the money is, whether the Marina or Burlingame. Just assume that's is going to happen, and take everything out of your car, or put it in the trunk. And, yeah, probably don't sleep in your car.


Thank God Mr. Dickenson sold his Porsche before this personal travesty you experienced.
Thank you for sharing your horrible event.
Get a job.

Bruce Dickinson

Holly-baby, too funny you are. Yes, people are getting so desperate that they have stooped to breaking into BMWs, Toyotas, and Hyndais, even for some spare change in the ashtray, ya know what I mean?

Not something that Bruce Dickinson worries about. First of all, my cars have pristine interiors with nothing laying around, so no one will think there is a spare wallet, a gold Rolex, a stack of C-notes, or a sleeping human in the car. Secondly they all have very sensitive and loud alarms. Thirdly, my modern Ferraris have GPS tracking built within the NAV system and and my classic cars (including my vintage Porsche that I sold) have GPS tracking units installed and all my vehicles have auto ignition kill even if a window breaks. Also, when your car's wheels are worth 10k a pop, you make sure they have wheel locks accessed by an electronic wrench with its own code.

My friends at home, having the right protection for your property is essential these days, whether its you car, your home, or in some cases, if your car doubles as your home! I kid, I kid.

stating the obvious

Hey "They simply go where they think the money is..."

You didn't think to call the police when you heard those guys outside your car?

j. mir

Busted. See SM Daily story today.


Good catch, j. mir I would have missed that article:

A high-speed chase from San Mateo to San Francisco ended in the arrest of three burglars allegedly responsible for more than 50 car thefts throughout San Mateo County.

Oakland residents Laresha Brown, 27, and Shawanda Black, 20, as well as a 16-year-old female juvenile, were arrested Thursday after leading multiple law enforcement officers on a chase along Highway 101 around 2 p.m., according to San Mateo police.

The incident originally started in Burlingame when police put out a countywide alert for a group of subjects who were suspected of committing an auto burglary in their city about 40 minutes earlier.

Later in San Mateo, an alert witness heard the sound of shattering glass then saw what they thought was a man fleeing in a Hyundai occupied by two additional subjects in the Whole Foods parking lot, according to police.

Officers responded and a few minutes later an unmarked patrol car noticed the trio driving through the Marina Shopping Center parking lot, a known hot spot of recent auto burglaries, according to police.

Additional officers responded and a marked patrol car attempted to pull the suspects over, but they fled north on Highway 101. Law enforcement from San Mateo, California Highway Patrol and Daly City participated in the chase. The women exited on Cesar Chavez Street in San Francisco and their car was partially disabled by a flat tire. The car eventually rolled to a stop against a light pole, according to police.

They were taken into custody without further incident and no injuries or damage to the car were reported from the collision, according to police.

Property from multiple auto burglaries committed by the trio in a single day, including two in Burlingame, two in South San Francisco and three in San Mateo were recovered. Additional collaboration with Redwood City police indicates the crew was responsible for no less than 50 burglaries throughout the county, according to police.


Can you say "Throw away the key?" 50 burglaries should roll up to 20 years in my opinion.

"The Gangs of San Mateo County"

Holly, my family makes several times the average household income, so we're good on the job and income pieces. You should come yacht racing with me sometime. It's a very physical and roughing it type of sport, but hey two 1st places on Saturday in our division on main trim, and then in a different format on Sunday, my team got 5th out of 111 boats with me on main trim again.

"Stating", first of all, I was asleep and just woken up by the noise, and there was roving security in the area, and my car has a loud alarm, and I was armed with a really big knife, and I'm a big guy, so I frankly wasn't that worried.

And, I'm pretty sure that I know who it was as there are a couple regular homeless guys that hang out by St. Francis, and I just took photos of one of the guys yesterday.

However, the other very real side of crime in SF and Burlingame, etc are the organized groups, most of which are in the "gang" category. In fact, today at The Rotary Club of Burlingame, we're hosting an expert on
"The Gangs of San Mateo County". It should be very interesting. Call that Rotary friend of yours. Starts at 12:15pm today.

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