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September 21, 2015



At least someone/Corp has taken that space.
The neighborhood will be better off too.
I believe the Burlingame Voice would be a great service to our community if BV would post the cost per person, per room, maintenance per person cost, and if this facility takes Cal-Med, Social Security, etc.
I know that over 50% of long term care facilities, only take Cash.
Please look into this important end of life event that all of us will experience being the care giver, or the care recipient.
You can do this Joe.
We need to know.


You do it. I already have a job.

Primary resource

Why not just email the woman in charge of this development?

[email protected]

Primary resource

[email protected]

The blog app erased the end.


Sure, why not? She will just hand over her whole financial plan for the asking. Nice plan, Primate Resource.

Thomas Hornblower

Every municipality in the Bay Area is pushing high density housing and whether its a new apt. complex below NorthPark Apts. or units on/off Trousdale, the transportation dept says no problem just add enough parking. It's taking longer and longer to get anywhere in the Bay Area and street parking is a nightmare. At what point will BurlingameVoice readers say no more growth anywhere? Or are we to become Hong Kong by the Bay? Increasing transit times can't be ignored forever.

PHCD is a government agency, it must offer disclosure

Hillsider, do you understand that the Peninsula Health Care District (the government)is the landlord of the land in question, but that the hospital is a different organization (not the government)?


As the PHCD is a government agency, it must offer disclosure as I suggested per the law.

Thomas Hornblower, the push for high density housing is part of the plan from, yes, you guessed it, Jerry Brown and it's the party line. Sorry to disappoint the majority in Burlingame, but HSR, GBI, and ABAG are what you voted by keeping not only Jerry in power, but by further voting in a Supermajority of Dems that don't question this policy too frequently.

Building HSR, GBI, and more housing fuels lots of construction contracts and trade jobs. It fuels tax proceeds for the govt coffers. This is big gov't in action.

Peter Garrison



LOL Joe!


Honestly, I ran for the PHCD seat and I tried to interview for the open seat appointment and they wouldn't have it obviously because I'm a critic.

It is absolutely factual that due to Proposition 13 limits, the more recent (and younger) homeowners disproportionately pay more property tax which PHCD is funded by (the ad valorem portion).

Building senior homes with property tax is akin to a generational wealth transfer from the working class to the segment of the population that is statistically in the least need in San Mateo County. How many actual seniors from our district will live there?

And that's not even the point - the district should not even exist. Tell me why the county can not be the landlord of a parcel of land without divying out millions of dollars to non-profit.

The federal government defunded Planned Parenthood because of recent events. PHCD makes sizeable grants to that organization, on top of dozens of others you may or may not agree with.

The board members know what they're doing - the developer stands to make a killing on the transaction, the senior home "non profit" (the executives are paid well) will be making great salaries, and the seniors will be a steady stream of captive voters.

I just shake my head at all this. Millions and millions of dollars that could go to much better use.

If the district was dissolved, via Serrano-Priest the money would go back to schools... San Bruno and SMUHSD are meeting tomorrow to talk about building affordable housing because teachers can't afford to live here.

I can think of tens of millions of PHCD money better served to education than this project.

The board members will NEVER surrender their fiefdom they've created. Why does a district that rents a hospital even need a "CEO" it makes me laugh frankly.


I agree with you 100%
Prop 13 started out as a needed social event.
California, again led the nation in realistic economic reform.
However, Prop 13 was never supposed to last 40 years plus.
The goal was balance.
In the mean time Prop 13 has caused the problems it was intended to correct, to become a State of California windfall for Corporations, and the children/families of property owners.
Hopefully the next Governor of California will address this issue.


Here is the latest on the Trousdale project:

Burlingame officials are set to initiate a formal review of a massive health and wellness community proposed for construction near Mills-Peninsula Medical Center.

The Burlingame Planning Commission will study plans brought forth by the Peninsula Health Care District to erect between 200 and 300 units of senior housing, 150,000 square feet of health care services, 200,000 square feet of office space and other amenities at 1819 Trousdale Drive.

Commissioners will review during a meeting Monday, Feb. 8, a master plan and environmental scoping for the project proposed to be built over phases on 9.25 acres of land owned by the health care district.



It's been a year since the last news, but here it is from today's DJ:

On Monday, Jan. 23, the Burlingame Planning Commission received an updated proposal by health care district officials who wish to build roughly 375 senior housing units, 250,000 square feet of professional office and medical research space, plus additional amenities near Trousdale Drive.

The most recent proposal featuring an additional nearly 100 housing units and 100,000 square feet of office space than the version floated last year, drew the ire of residents who feel the project is incongruous with the neighborhood surrounding the Mills-Peninsula Medical Center.

“It is the size and the scope that is way out of scale given the neighborhood we are in,” said William Nelson, according to a video of the meeting. Nelson lives adjacent to the proposed project site near El Camino Real.

Nelson’s sentiments were echoed by a few of his neighbors who also raised concerns regarding the traffic potentially generated by the anticipated influx of new residents, visitors and employees working at the office building.

- See more at: http://www.smdailyjournal.com/articles/lnews/2017-01-28/new-vision-proposed-for-wellness-community-burlingame-residents-critique-senior-housing-medical-development/1776425175029.html#sthash.u5KexZR8.dpuf

Account Deleted

Latest update on this project seems to have been 6 months ago (unless I'm missing something per this link??):


Bruce Dickinson

Probably taking the time to lawyer up given the s#itstorm this is going to cause especially with people in North Burlingame.

Seems like a way too aggressive development for a very dubious purpose (health care district mission creep into the real estate business), in Bruce Dickinson's humble opinion!

Account Deleted

A draft environmental impact report was due this Fall, but I haven't seen anything, either via the link I provided earlier above, or this one on the city's website:



I'm sure everything will be "fine" with the EIR. Nothing to see here, folks, move along. Just another few hundred people and traffic (from the visitors not the residents). Nothing to see. Move along now.


Keep doing those crunches and walking on the treadmill:

A Burlingame gym popular with seniors will not be immediately closing as expected, following Sutter Health officials exercising an option to keep the lights on at the facility adjacent to Mills-Peninsula Medical Center.

Sutter Health officials announced Friday, Jan. 19, plans to preserve the gym at 1875 Trousdale Drive at the corner of Marco Polo Way until June, in the wake of patrons expressing their frustration with a planned shuttering.

Sutter Health CEO Janet Wagner said the fitness center will remain open while officials search for another operator to take over the site — a permanent solution for those who claim the gym offers a unique service.

“I know how important it is to all of you to continue to exercise regularly in a well-equipped fitness center such as the one at 1875 Trousdale,” Wagner told those attending a community meeting regarding the fate of the center


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