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September 10, 2015



Posting these photographs shares nothing with our community.
This is not a City Elder Beauty Contest.

Shame, Shame, Shame!


Holy, how will you know to complain to them when you see them in the grocery store if you don't know what they look like? C'mon. Give me a break.

Burlingame Property Owner

Anyone who firmly believes in property rights would be wary to cast a vote for Bandrapalli as she has been endorsed by the Burlingame Renter's group.


I am happy to see the candidates faces.
Perhaps I have overreacted. Again.
Best of luck to all.
I was hoping Russ would run.

Thomas Hornblower

Could someone please tell me where I can look online for the campaign contributions being made and filed by the city council candidates? Tks.

Cathy Baylock

Tom, here is the link to the City Clerk's page: http://www.burlingame.org/index.aspx?page=3434

First filing is not due until September 24th covering donations through September 18th.


All of these endorsement hook-ups remind me of Dangerous Liasons.
Ann Keighran = Donna
Michael Brownrigg = Emily
Terry Nagel = Nirmala
Can we expect then to think and vote alike. Inquiring minds want to know.
See that Miss Donna's face is plastered on the ice cream truck - didn't we see this before with AK?


Of course you saw the same thing with "AK" also known as Ann Keighran on the ice cream truck. So I guess one can assume,since Ann is endorsing Donna Colson, that the father of Keighran is planting the signs. What a world and how much odd nepotism like BS goes on in this little town. I preferred it much more when it was just a quiet little place with no foolery on the council. Ah....
Even though I like Donna well enough, being attached to the Keighran group is not to my liking. Might do her in actually.


Benenhereforever, agree.Be careful what they wish for. The Keighran/D & K O'Brien Group are overly over focused on elections.
Donna - tread carefully around Big Poppa and Big Momma.

BTW: Nirmala is totally unqualified.


How right you are candyman. One wrong move by Donna and look out, she will be on the s*** list in a hurry. Has happened before with the Keighran/O'Brien clan and let's be frank, this is small town Burlingame. How can one get so involved in small town elections? Find it interesting that nemesis Galligam is supporting whom they are supporting. Wow. Times have changed.


Folks, this is called "politics" and that is how the game is run. Like a Pony race, people change horses mid-stream and jump on the one they are betting to win. There are good people in politics but unfortunately they are mixed in with some very strange characters during the election season.

My advice is don't let any endorsement list sway you. Look at what candidates have done prior to their filing for office. Ask them pointed questions. What do they do for a living? Where have they volunteered in the community? What are the very specific issues that they are "fighting for."

So candidates, take a time out of rushing to get endorsements and get out there and let us know more about hard issues: pension reform, rec center skyrocketing estimates, downtown placement of housing, etc. I want to know where you think we will find the $ to do a lot of these projects. We are not all trust fund or google babies in Burlingame. Good luck

Sky high rents

Not clear from the websites how the candidates stand on rent control or just cause eviction. Anyone know how they have come out?


My take on debate
1. Emily
2. Donna
3. Nirmula
4. Eric

City Council Candidate Forum - Video Replay!

You can check out the Video Replay from last night's City Council Candidate Forum here:


It's actually a fun and enriching process, even if you don't win. I'd highly encourage more people to apply for commissions and also to run for public office.

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