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September 27, 2015



I'll just call that a like button, Laura :-)

Building on every lot or even a few lots is not maintaining our small town atmosphere. This morning I signed the change.org petition that Vince started (see first comment above). It is up to 83 signers and selling City Hall or trading it is NOT POPULAR.

You have pretty much landed on the central mission of the Voice, so keep commenting and we'll keep doing what we do.


If I send the newspaper a message that says I talked to my neighbor who told me that Nirmala knocked on her door and was so aggressive with her that she had to let Nirmala put a sign on her lawn the newspaper would print it?


Just wondering why Donna Colson would not attend the meet and greet with other candidates at the renters forum.

Perhaps Donna felt uncomfortable about the subject matter (rent control issues). But this shows that she is not being inclusive to the various important issues that are in the news every day.

It also shows she is afraid to discuss this issue in public.

I applaud Emily, Nirmala and Eric for showing up.

Donna, Grasshopper says that if elected, there will be many issues that you may not agree with but the public justs asks that you keep an open mind.

Good luck everyone!


Anita, absolutely write a letter to the newspapers. The residents of Burlingame need to know what is going on with her campaign. Your neighbor, if not for Nirmala, should remove her sign immediately. By allowing her to advertise her campaign on there property, implies that they are voting and supporting her for Council. If they are not, they should get the courage to remove it as it is their right.


While she does not supporton rent control, she stated that she supports "rent stabilization." Whaaaat? I am troubled by a candidate that does not know that they are the same thing.

Thomas Hornblower

Joe and Fred,
Adela Meadow's letter to the Daily Journal was referring to the meet and greet forum sponsored and held by the Burlingame Advocates for Renters Protection a few weeks ago in which Donna was the only candidate that did not attend.

Timothy Hooker

Great Abstract from Walter Block
,Joseph Horton, Ethan Shorter:

The imposition of rent control is equivalent to theft from the owners of apartment buildings for the purpose of giving their property to a selected group of renters (McGee, 1992). These recipients are determined by historical accident, not by need. Owners of rent controlled apartment buildings may have lower incomes than some of their tenants. Thus there is not even the possibility of justification of this taking as a means of helping the poor (Friedman and Stigler, 1981; Hayek, 198 1). Rent control is a moral outrage not only because of its unjustified seizure of resources but also for the unjustified selection of those to whom the resources are given. Moreover, even if rent control were a means of helping the poor. there is no justification for imposing the burden of caring for them on people merely because they invested in apartment buildings rather than in other assets. If there is a justification for assisting some people with the cost of housing, there must be a more rational method of selecting both the recipients and the providers of the funds to do so (Block, 1981). So much for the normative economic case against rent control. On the positive economic side, rent control is a disaster because it does not achieve its goal of furnishing tenants, particularly poor ones, with cheaper accommodation in the long run than would otherwise obtain in the absence of such legislation. Buy book: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1023/A%3A1007704207024

Just Looking

This is a very complete statement of things that some people know in their gut. If you read this and get it or if you just get it do not vote for Nirmala or Eric Story. Just don't do it.

sometimes humans have to move where they live

Folks, as a former renter in Burlingame who moved when our rent was increased 51%, I do not believe that the government has the right to put its grubby fingers into private property or in property investments like apartments beyond simply making sure that they are properly built and maintained.

A landlord-tenant ordinance like the one that the City of Chicago has could be helpful, but it doesn't include rent control.

Whether it be minute sea level rises, or big rent increases - sometimes humans have to move where they live.

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