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September 27, 2015



Another topic that came up was what to do with City Hall. As some may know, there is a proposal to move it from it's current location.

The residents in the area have put together a petition on Change.org to keep it where it is and preserve the public space that residents love so much. If you support the idea, please take 60 seconds to sign the petition, we need to let the candidates know what we think.

(I would appreciate if this blog wanted to cover the topic at some point in the future!)



The petition is a great idea and we will be addressing the sale of any city property (which is a terrible idea regardless of where it is located) but especially downtown property. Nice work.


Considering you support Beach and Colson and used the pronoun "her" I think you have already called said candidate out.

"Beach agreed parking was an issue, but suggested the city look to improve bike infrastructure, which could encourage residents to drive less and alleviate some of the city’s parking congestion."

Nothing wrong with bike infrastructure but considering up to 80% of downtown business consists of patrons who aren't Burlingame residents I highly doubt increased bike infrastructure will do anything to alleviate the parking problem.



Fred, I think we need some "hers" on council.

The he on the left, John Root, is an empty suit.a place holder. Seems bored most of the ttime. No energy.

The he on the right, Ricardo Ortiz, brings nothing to the table except his water bottle. Not a deep thinker. At least Brownrigg, Keighran and Nagel have a passionate point of view whether I agree with them or not.

Root and Ortiz are asleep at the wheel and parrot what the other 3 council members say when they are called upon. Disgraceful.
We deserve better.


The Senior Commission (or lack thereof) has come up a few times in comments during this election; this has less to do with the Council (re)establishing a commission, than the issue of recruiting interested Seniors willing to partake. The Commission was active until about 10 years ago, but there were simply no interested applicants, even with all the seniors in this community. Sadly, without volunteer commissioners to fill the positions, it ceased to exist--at least this is my recollection.


I think gender isn't an issue, I only pointed it out because the non out call out was really a full blown call out.


Fredlock Holmes strikes again. Anyone want to bet one of the non-truths is pandering to the seniors with a senior commission when Nagel already told her it sank on its own last time?

Bruce Dickinson

Freddie, next time can you help my 6 year old granddaughter with her next dot-to-dot homework assignment, since you seem to be so talented at the dot connecting business?

Seriously, fellas, Bruce Dickinson is far more interested in hearing more about the Candidate Forum and informed opinions and perspectives, including misrepresentations made by the dot next to the candidate starting with the letter N.

Amazing how curmudgeons are always biting the hand that feed 'em, ya know what I mean?


I really appreciate that you Joe, are willing to "call a spade a spade."
Someone who lies as a candidate certainly has no place in Public affairs.
I hope you are able to follow up on that information.

Carol Palmer

Joe- your subtle finger pointing is rude and unprofessional.


I am shocked at the lies that one candidate with green signs is telling residents all over town! If it suits the person she is talking to, the lies get bigger and bigger. In one forum she is for rent control. In another one she is against it. In one neighborhood she is against growth. In another neighborhood and while talking to the unions, she pledges to build apartments and condo's all over town on every city lot available. In another neighborhood she is promising a stop sign and stating that she can get it installed within 30 days.(which by the way could and would never happen) In another neighborhood she is promising more development that will swamp that stop sign area with more cars than that one stop sign is ever going to stop. It's difficult to keep up with the lies that she's telling the residents and unfortunately, residents that don't have the time to keep up on what is going on in Burlingame, are believing these lies. I would be interested in hearing what you have learned Joe as this needs to stop and the residents need to know how many lies she is actually telling them!


I have no intention to be subtle for very long, Carol Palmer. And you are as wrong as can be on both rudeness and unprofessionalism. Frankly that is just bring a troll.

It took less than an hour for the next poster to add even more detail than I have had a chance to assemble (and no, stop signs are not one of the six I have in mind).

you might have to move

Joe, add to the list that N. once shouted out in the middle of a school movie night, "There are just too many WHITE guys in Burlingame!"

Sorry to disappoint N.

I'm going to need therapy after that one.

I think that the answer for you is the same as the quest for affordable housing for others...you might have to move.


Nothing is more Rude, or unprofessional than lying as a potential Political Candidate, and just as a Human Being.
There are too many ways that politicians continually get away with lying.
I am just waiting for the City Elder to "redirect" their promise's.
Thank God for the Freedom of Speech, and the Burlingame Voice.
I for one am not looking forward to a Public Flogging. I am very disappointed.

Bruce Dickinson

Listen, Carol, you may be face-PALMing once you start hearing what witnesses have to say about your candidate, N. Joe and Russ are highly plugged in and when other bloggers are saying there are inconsistencies in a candidate's stories, that is a big problema. Public officials, first and foremost have to earn our trust, and if we have a trust issue already developing at meet-and-greets, your favorite candidate N. may become persona non grata faster than my Ferrari can go zero to 60 mph, ya know what I mean?

I have heard some of my local guys tell me, and I have seen it on videos compiled by my AV guy that the N. candidate is essentially a non-participant at the Planning Commission meetings, offering no architectural critiques, expertise or compromises/solutions. The footage that I've seen, I've only heard her ask"Have you talked to the neighbors". Just take a look at the footage, and if what you see exudes expertise, wise leadership and competence then by all means vote for that candidate. The videos are all online for the public to see.

Bruce Dickinson is a primary source kinda guy, ya know what I mean? Like any successful person, I rely on primary source material or those that I KNOW I can trust and make up my own mind if information coming from all sources is corroborating or dissenting. So far, what I have gathered, there seems to be corroborating information coming from multiple sources and I look forward to all the facts being revealed. Kudos to Joe to take the time to do the investigative journalism and fact checking, but I would expect nothing less of someone I can trust. And yes, Joe, coming from me, that means a lot!


To add to your planning commission point Bruce I fully expect the unintelligible blather about how Nirmala redesigned some building out at the bayfront to be one of the Big Six. She can't even figure out the drawings in front of her so claiming she is making design changes is beyond the pale.

Wrong O Dongo

Trolls are not welcome here. Go back under your dark little bridge, troll.

San Mateo Daily Journal Endorse Beach and Colson!




Question: Did one of the "clear winners" of the forum not attend?

Letter SMDJ 9-30-15: Sometimes a shoo-in candidate is not the best one


I was intrigued by the announcement of a town hall type meeting, welcoming the opportunity to hear all four candidates for the Burlingame City Council. This was a chance to judge for myself. They were to complete a brief questionnaire to explain their position on a number of issues and make a short presentation before answering questions from the audience. However, only three candidates attended. Not wanting to jump to any conclusions, I asked if the missing candidate had given a reason for not being there. Apparently, considered to be a shoo-in, she declined the invitation to participate.

It was a spirited evening with positions vigorously defended and I thank the candidates who actually took the time to speak to the people they plan to serve ... Nirmala Bandrapalli, Emily Beach and Eric Storey.

Later, seeing a business with signs supporting the no-show candidate and still wanting to vote intelligently, I ventured in and politely asked if they would tell me why they were supporting her. The response was “Because she’s nice.” I replied that that may well be true, but it was a shame she hadn’t come to the meeting because it would have been an opportunity to share her thoughts on the issues facing Burlingame. Did they have any knowledge of her plans if elected? The response was “I know her and you better not say anything bad about her or you’ll get into trouble.”

Let’s see what kind of trouble I get into, because I’m voting for Nirmala.

Adela Meadows



I know you are just having fun, Fred, since you can watch the video (and probably have). Adela must have been out in the meadow that night instead of at city hall or watching TV.


Went looking for the video and couldn't find it, but yes you are correct, just trying to have a little fun this election. It's a lot less contentious than ones in the past.


It was posted as a comment on one of the other threads, but here it is:


Sky high rents

Adela is talking about the renter's forum. Ms. Colson did not attend. Ms. Bandrapalli was very sympathetic to the plight of those who are being displaced by high rents. She said she favored rent control.


Well you better go to minute 34:19 on the video that is linked above. She says flat out "And I do not support rent control".

Question: So which group did she lie to? Answer: It doesn't matter when you say the opposite thing to different audiences.


I wish this site had a like button Joe as I would of hit the like button for your post. You are right. It doesn't matter when you say the opposite thing to different audiences. That just makes you a liar! I have in writing from her, and I quote " I am not sure why you think that I am for growth. I believe in responsible development. We need to maintain our small town atmosphere" I then hear her say to another group that she would build on every public lot available, apartments and condo's where she could. I don't think that qualifies as maintaining our small town atmosphere, do you?

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