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September 30, 2015



The "new" design and layout is very much improved, all around, IMO. If the structure is built with high quality materials and craftsmanship, I think it will really become a stellar, landmark building and terrific office space for that area.

Thomas Hornblower

Even the new look is soooo out of scale relative to the adjoining buildings and neighborhood. However, it sounds like it has already been approved. Highland Ave doesn't even deserve to be called an Ave., it's so short, yet it will now have 130 cars and possibly ZipCar using it on a daily basis, not to mention neighboring intersections. Also, left turns out of Highland Ave. onto Howard are already dodgy business. I just see this added volume of traffic as causing more congestion. The handwriting's on the wall, building in Burlingame will continue to continue; more cars, more congestion.


It's not approved yet (still have to go to EIR) but this article makes it sound like the going will be easier for the developer.

I agree with you on the left turn issue onto Howard and also with 130 spaces, left turns out of the driveway onto California.


Thomas, it is definitely not "through the process", at all. This is the very beginning of what is typically a fairly lengthy process. And from what I understood, there will be a traffic study associated with the issues above. When that is complete, it will be the public's opportunity to scrutinize the traffic plan. The developer's move away from using Hatch Lane as a driveway, however, was a major one.


It's still too big and lacks anything of visual interest. But the real fear is, why stop there? Why not just repeat that structure to the right and left? Isn't that every developer's dream? If it gets approved than work the original structure somehow into the design. Anybody?


The zip car seems to be every developers answer for under parking their projects. The office portion alone should be parked at 4 spaces per 1000 square feet which would put adequate parking at 172 spaces. That doesn't even include the retail portion of the project! When you add that in to the formula, this project is substantially under parked. Downtown already has major parking shortages. Add another sixty some odd cars to the area and you get the idea. Where are those cars going to park all day?

Job creation

Traffic and pollution from the cars is part of the EIR, typically.

I'm glad to see that they took my advice on the design via the new office / retail buildings on Castro in Mountain View.

Actually, a lot of employees will take the Caltrain to get to work. It's the most popular request on office suite searches and it shows in the economic demand in the premium rents for Caltrain walkable office vs. not.

Job creation (and wealth creation) in your town via new companies leasing office space in a new office building is the ultimate driver of economic vibrancy for any town (not necessarily housing creation).

The demand for office on the Bay in Burlingame is not strong. This is an excellent project and you should worry if it stands above the neighboring buildings. The downtown specific plan has its height limits already without a CUP and with a CUP.

I look forward to bringing tenants to this project as soon as it's approved.


Job Creation, what do you base your statement on that " a lot of employees will take Cal train to get to work?" Do you have any facts at all to support that statement? Or is it just your personal opinion as you obviously are a commercial leasing broker who would have a financial interest in more office space to lease.

The 4 cars per 1000 sq.ft. used by most cities when figuring adequate parking for a project, was adequate when companies would figure having 250 square feet of office, per employee. The going trend right now, is more like 75 to 150 sq.ft. per employee which would make the parking ratio's that most cities use, obsolete. Most companies that we are dealing with right now, are figuring 75 to 100 sq. ft. of office per employee. I can't tell you how many times I've heard, don't worry about the parking, our employees will ride their bikes, take mass transit or ride share. They won't be driving their cars to work. I can't tell you how wrong that statement has proven to be. I have spent the past year marking out parking stalls per company and mediating parking wars as these employees are NOT riding bikes and are NOT taking mass transit. To assume that they will, is just that, an assumption and I won't even get into what assume means.

Burlingame has historically been short on long term parking. The residents that live near the downtown area are dealing with people parking their cars in front of their homes all day while they walk to the downtown area to work or to take the train. By under parking all of these projects with the assumption that they will take a train, is just wrong. All this does is put the burden on the neighborhoods and the residents will be even more impacted than they already have been.

Job creation

Correction from above (should have read):

This is an excellent project and you shouldn't worry if it stands above the neighboring buildings.


I appreciate your questions.

"a lot of employees will take Cal train to get to work?"

As I specifically state in my post, this is the most requested feature in office suite searches that I work on. Employees are demanding it for a reason. I've been a commercial real estate broker here for 10 years. I'm a primary resource, and a qualified expert of office leasing from SF to SJ.

And, Laura, there is so much supply and demand among office, retail, restaurant, data center and other property types that I work in, 1 more property is not going to move my needle or necessarily benefit me. As I stated, I have lots of demand for nice, new office space in Burlingame, but there is none downtown. I would like to see this project, because it makes sense for downtown Burlingame.

Most office buildings offer 3 spots per 1,000 sf. The trend is towards 150 sf to 175 sf per employee for software developer layouts only. Otherwise, 250 sf is the traditional allocation.

Laura, what is your job that has you mediating parking spots?

Laura, I'm just sharing my qualified opinion, just as you are. This website is a public opinion website. Enjoy.


I have not seen anyone mention infrastructure.
Where will WATER come from?
As far as I am concerned, there should be a moratorium on all new buildings-with the exception of business, until there is at the least, a viable, long term plan on how to keep water flowing to the people who live here now.


Agree. Conglomerate parcels have been a big worry of mine. In this case, the conjoined parcels (I think 5 x 25 ft.) have been one large parcel since the 1920s. Purchase/Creation of (new) conglomerate lots on contingency seems to be a game changer because it has the potential to completely change the fabric of the downtown, for sure. The proportions frequently no longer reflect the small scale, and I don't mean just height. Another large parcel, created many decades ago from small parcels, is the Anthropology structure. Note there is only one very small entrance in the whole frontage, perhaps because of theft concerns, if I recall. That building is only one story, otherwise, if an office, they would have needed to dig out, just the Highland one, to get space for enough parking.....and for anything over one story, that would most likely mean complete demo.

Bruce Dickinson

Fellas, listen, that version 1.1 building still looks like a big box that is barely any better than the previous proposal. It's just different colored lipstick on the same pig, ya know what I mean? Why not make it something more majestic looking, such as Art Deco or Spanish revival to match the railroad station, both of which would be perfect for that spot.

Bruce Dickinson has a lot of developer buddies, dealing in the Billions of dollars, yes with a capital "B" (I just sold one of my vintage Porsches to one of 'em, actually). While it is true that they like to say "people demand being next to public transportation", in reality, the numbers are much lower. Take a survey of those who work downtown and ask them how many take the cal-train, I bet the number is small. You know what developers also like? They love building higher, minimizing underground parking, having zip-car to give this guise of "car sharing" that minimizes parking spots and monetizes the few that remain, and they love using the cheapest materials available. Oh, and they hate paying for public goods.

Well guess what? Bruce Dickinson says, you want to play in Burlingame? well, how about you pay? Cities like SF regularly demand public good concessions from developers. Are you going to affect parking in the neighborhood, pay for part of the new Burlingame downtown parking garage, help subsidize the Burlingame Shuttle to/from the hotels, if residential condos or apartments are built, help pay for the schools, pay for quality designs and materials if you are replacing a historic building, or help local business like Sakae (dynamite sushi, btw) make it through construction. Guys, this is not like drawing blood from a stone, ya know what I mean? The developers are making a killing off building higher density in places like Burlingame and them hurting our treasured local businesses without compensation is simply not justified considering the economic benefits they are reaping.

Rather than pull statistics out of their derrieres, the city's EIR team needs to take a survey of employees in stores and nearby offices in/around downtown and survey how many come by Caltrain as a % of employees. If the number is high, then fine, can see the point of allowing less parking. If the number is low, then forget it...kick out Zip-Car and make real parking for real cars driven by real people. Also, if there is a retail level and parking is an issue for customers, guess what? it's gonna be a game of which wich sandwich shop gets put in there for 12-18 months to be replaced by some other small business owner that will run into the same problem. Ultimately the developer probably will sell it to a REIT or another property owner and will be completely out of the transaction and now the new owner has to worry about tenant turnover, lack of parking, etc.

Guys, a broker is a broker, skimming a fee to match buyers and sellers, make a buck and move on to the next transaction. Same deal with stocks, used cars, realtors. it's a volume biz. There is little to no concern for the long term consequences of making vital decisions that can make a town look like Menlo Park or like Millbrae. Guess where the dirt is more valuable between those two towns? The 1 and 2 story buildings in Menlo Park are more valuable than the 3-4 story buildings in Millbrae. I wonder why that is.......?

Bruce Dickinson believes that this city needs to make it very clear to developers: you come to Burlingame, you better be in the investment rather than the transaction business. If you want to pimp real estate at the expense of the community good, go to Millbrae or San Bruno!


Developers can pay for Parks, infrastructure, and WATER.
It is good to know you finally got rid of the Porsche too Mr. Dickenson.


Brice Dickinson is correct. B-game should be extracting concessions right and left from big developers. B-game is the Golden Goose--you don't just give that away. Also, if this Bruce fella has as much influence as he claims, then maybe he can convince (replace with "muscle") the city council into approving an art-decco type structure instead of another generic glass box. And where are the solar panels in this design?


Actually, this structure's design IS headed into being art-decoish, and at least one of the planning commissioners noted that fact.

The traffic generated, (or not), and how many people actually use Caltrain to get there (I have my personal doubts) is another issue to be determined and mitigated. Lots of mixed messages. What is Transit Oriented Development, without the Transit part?? It's just pure development. This is a half-truth (I'd say a farce) about "Smart Growth". I heard a Caltrain "expert" in an interview a few months ago, saying that he could not foresee any notable increase in Caltrain funding for the foreseeable future (I think he said 25 years!). People swoon over train service in Europe and elsewhere, but it is generally subsidized...are we willing to go there? I agree with the above poster(s) regarding developer fees/ concessions, too. One of the many items on our downtown wish-list is repair of sidewalks and infrastructure on the sidestreets (this being one of them). 'Wondering if a kitty has been started for this purpose.

Benchmark Burlingame's developer fees.

Hey fake "Bruce",

It's remarkable that you can both lead a fantasy persona on The Voice and also pretend that you are an expert on everything.

"Bruce", you should ask the real smart money investors and developers why for approx 98% of every transaction they do, they choose to hire local markets experts called brokers. And, no, the term realtor is reserved for folks that sell houses, with the exception of Stanley Lo, whose door swings both ways.

Contrary to your fantasy opinion "Bruce", most actual, full license brokers like myself keep a lot of the same clients for years and years, and we are legally obligated to serve our clients as their advisors and owe them fiduciary duties, so no, we aren't just doing a lease or purchase or sale or development to make a quick buck.

My point on this string is simply sharing my expert opinion of the market demand for high quality office space in downtown Caltrain served places. And, living and working everyday and being part of several local volunteer organizations qualifies me as having the right to an honest opinion.

I can't decide if you are actually Russ or Mike H., but it would be good to meet the real you in person one day.

Like I've suggested in the past, The Voice should co promote with BCE and throw a masquerade ball where we can meet each other.

On a serious note, perhaps the city planning staff should benchmark developer fees in the Bay Area and consider where we stand.

I'll be the guy with blondish hair and green eyes. See you then.

Bruce Dickinson

Before Bruce Dickinson once again, will dispense of bad information and delusions of grandeur, I will first respond to the respectful members of this board. Jen, yes, the building looks like it is headed to the art deco direction, which is what prompted me to say it, but it’s really only maybe 10% there. It is still far too modern and has few if any decorative elements. Art deco, without the art or the deco as it were!

To the “benchmark” poster above, all Bruce Dickinson has to say is we have got what appears to be the benchmark of person about to be perma-banned from this website. Joe and Russ have been far too kind to you and your fan club of an empty room. No need to “figure out” who *the* Bruce E Dickinson is, and to you and other folks that would also be *the cock of the walk*! (sorry Russ and Joe, you're great guys, but let's face it, we ultimately play in different sandboxes and don't know why anyone would think you are responsible for wit and wisdom of yours truly.)

Listen everyone, there are good brokers out there who are great at their job. To wit, I have dynamite brokers in numerous business endeavors including investments, real estate, art, wine, collectables and yes, even my growing car collection. Want to know how to get your hands on a Ferrari Enzo? You call my broker, because he got me one, but then again, I’m a member of the “eight zeros” club, ya know what I mean?, so I may get a little better treatment! But, while any brokerage or transaction oriented dealer association likes to say their members have "fiduciary duties”, under most state laws and tested in the courts, they, in many cases, do not. Believe me, I had to testify in an intellectual property and copyright sale of a business and I have a gag order preventing me from disclosing any more details, other than in this case, someone representing one side of the transaction and earning a commission based on the sale, legally could not be held to fiduciary duty standards. That actually resided with the person entrusted with the management of those assets.

I was on the horn with one of my attorneys, having a good laugh over these comments as I was reading them and talking to him and within 30 seconds he emailed me two links:



These issues apply to most earning a commission based on transactions in comparison to those who are entrusted with managing the assets over a period of time. There are certain exceptions, to be sure, depending on the services rendered and in one of the cases above, it became a gray area.

Remember folks, earning wealth beyond riches is the result of hard work and dealing in matters that few see in a lifetime. Bruce Dickinson sees more in one year than most see in a decade, and contemplate this: Bruce Dickinson has been involved in world-class creation, business, management, and legal matters at the very upper echelons of business for over four decades! If you do math, it all adds up to eight zeroes, ya know what I mean?

knowledgeable perspective

Fake Bruce, you are definitely the most arrogant person in Burlingame - good job. No one cares about how much money you have.

You are a fraudster, and you've admitted on this site that all of your wild yarns are completely false.

If you are so great, why not just focus on the topic and dispense with all of the arrogant B.S.?

I'm a commercial real estate expert, and yes, The Department of Real Estate actually holds us to acting as a true fiduciary for our clients.

But, the point is that I have a very knowledgeable perspective on Office, Retail, Restaurant, Land, Industrial and Data Center real estate from San Francisco to San Jose. You, sir, do not.

Your on-line fantasy here is definitely amusing to all.

Bruce Dickinson

While Bruce Dickinson typically likes to stay above the fray without stooping to the level of personal attacks, I will nonetheless defend myself and hopefully make this place a little better for all the readers. Listen little fella, the only thing you can assume about a broken down old man, is that he is a survivor! Bruce Dickinson, the readers, as well as the editors are pretty much done with your using the BV as your echo chamber and the ideas of the fantasies, frauds, conspiracies, Burlingame/Gotham "noir", Jerry Brown & Co tie-ins, labor union payouts and belief that everyone is lying, "admissions" of guilt according to your interpretations..yadda yadda, yadda we're all sick of it. I'm sure the editors are tired of playing the "babysitters club" with having to edit and censor comments repeatedly which only seems to happen to one person, while everyone else more or less behaves.

Of course, the problem is everyone else and everyone is wrong, while only one person believes he is right.....hmmmm. Here's another analogy: a person who thinks they are going insane is actually not insane, as it is the truly insane person will never think they are going insane, ya know what I mean?

Get one fan to support you on this site and maybe you have some ground to stand on. Enjoy the echo chamber while it lasts, as Bruce Dickinson has a significantly higher opportunity cost of time compared to you, obviously. Consider this exchange (if you can call it that) our last, as it will come about by my own volition or by the editor's actions. Meanwhile, I continue my commentary, which in contrast has gathered a terrific supportive fan base, judging from page hits going through the roof and the fact that my insights seem to get numerous points of validation and felicitations from all members of the community, including former city officials and prominent community members.

Joe and Russ, Bruce Dickinson suggests that it may be time to get out the bag of hammers and pull out the one that will hit the nail on the head in one stroke, ya know what I mean? namely, the Ban-Hammer!!!

it's fun to challenge arrogant bullies

My theory is that "Bruce" is Russ Cohen's pen name, because he certainly is not the Bruce D that has actually produced any records, as I've personally confirmed with the real Bruce Dickinson on email, even posted the real BD's response on The Voice.

Why do I say this? Do you notice that Russ almost never makes any comments under his real name?

Also, I recognize that the real Russ is a very smart, and connected and witty guy who would enjoy having a pseudonym.

Correct or incorrect?

Also, Fake "Bruce", once again, your post is full of false statements and half truths:

1)"the ideas of the fantasies, frauds, conspiracies, Burlingame/Gotham "noir", Jerry Brown & Co tie-ins, labor union payouts and belief that everyone is lying, "admissions" of guilt according to your interpretations.."

Bruce, there are several bald-faced, well-publicized frauds that have occurred in the Burlingame area. Leland Yee for one,


and also the former Fire Chief


...and further, one of the existing city council members admitted to me that they are paid to represent union-interest in Burlingame(as I posted 2 years ago)...in front of several other city council members and on video. But then again, "Bruce", you weren't there, so how would you know? You don't.

And, further, I've also directly witnessed conflicts of interest on the former city council during council meetings, but you weren't at those, so you don't know. And, I've been told by other witnesses of the same like "if you hire this city council member, then your application will go right through.

2) I've only been edited once on this site that I'm aware of, but as you're probably Russ, please let us know which other times you edited me, and if the posts could be edited by the posters, I would have edited it myself, as it was a bit strongly worded. And, yes, as I've previously explained to the readers, I use the name slot as the title.

3) No, I don't believe that "everyone" is lying at all, as you state above. I don't think that I've said that about anyone, but yes, your persona on this blog is full of stupid arrogance and fantasy, which many people are dupped into believing.

4) I have many fans, friends, supporters, and in fact, I'm recognized in public around the Bay Area as a major voice for standing up against The Sacramento machine and it's inefficient and corrupt ruining of our state and our communities, and I've been asked to lead two political parties, which I turned down.

Besides, it's fun to challenge arrogant bullies like yourself, Fake "Bruce".

I am more aware and astute regarding Burlingame and even San Francisco to San Jose than you. I'm delivering first-hand, primary resource information and perspective on a blog intended for this. You can't stop talking about your money. Boring!!


RE: Fake Bruce Dickenson..
He may be fake, however is insight into community well being is worth paying attention to.
Also, Bruce Dickenson is a HUGE BORE/BOAR.
I sent his comments and proclamations to my friends all over the World.
I do not know or care if the Burlingame Voice Bruce Dickenson is real or fake.
Whoever it is, is amusing to thousands of people world wide.
Keep it up Bruce Baby!
More Cow Bell!

Bruce Dickinson

Guys, thank you. Holy-baby, Bruce Dickinson knows the full value of my content and I would be remiss if I didn't say that Joe and Russ may be starting to look at some monetization strategies. Joe, Russ and I all know that if people saw the web page hits, their jaws would drop. Record-breaking, as it were (pun intended).

Joe and Russ, of course I'll take only a small cut, as this site is first and foremost about Burlingame and I don't want this place to get all corporate and slicked up. I'll have my guy call your guy and we can cut a deal.

Just another situation in Life, Inc. where Bruce Dickinson holds all the aces, ya know what I mean?



-Believes Russ is Bruce
-Believes Russ to be witty, connected, intelligent
-Believes Bruce to not be these things
-Believes the SNL skit character is impersonating someone
-Contacts another Bruce in NYC who is not the SNL character or has produced any BOC albums
-Bruce in NYC was not responsible for any "cowbell" that is fictitious
-Doesn't care about Bruce but appears to be stalking him
-Calls Bruce a bully but has been censored many times or told to change comments
-Calls everyone on the BV dumb by saying Bruce has fooled them
-Lives in Belmont but is so interested in Burlingame and Bruce

To sum it up: delusional, pathetic, and reeks of insecurity

Ignorance is bliss for many...

HS2, likely Hillsider,

Yes, I'm theorizing that the fake Bruce persona that's plagued this forum, is actually Russ Cohen. Russ, is this true or not true?

And, yes, I don't know 100% that fake Bruce is Russ, so I address both Russ and fake Bruce, the character created on this website.

HS2, I have never been told to change my comments (how would you even know one way or another?), and to my knowledge, I've only been censored once, so what!?

Are Russ and Joe Gods and omnipotent and omniscient? Hell no.

Yep, I lived in Burlingame for 8 years, and I'm still involved with Burlingame charity leadership. I just moderated a panel discussion with all of the candidates. I just saw several community leaders at a fundraiser an hour ago. We moved to be closer to my wife's job and get more for our money, with great schools still, so what?!

I still am way more knowledgeable than a vast majority of all people who live and work in Burlingame. Many of the bloggers here don't live in Burlingame.

The point is that Burlingame is a microcosm of many other cities throughout the Bay Area (particularly with the onslaught of Regionalism).

Would an insecure person bravely challenge the powerful and corrupt? Absolutely not.

Pathetic, no you just disagree with my perspective.

For Hillsider and other totally unconnected, couch potatoes out there, I am speaking the truth in everything I've ever shared on this website. Ignorance is bliss for you - carry on.


I have addressed the issue of me being Bruce several times before. Simply put, I am not Bruce. I never use any name other than my own to post. If I believe in a position I don't mind being attributed to that position. Hell, I've run for public office and I have held public office. I don't need to hide behind a fake name. Never have, never will. For the final time, and I mean final. I am not Bruce. Hey how could I be, he is a better writer than I am.

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