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August 03, 2015


Bruce Dickinson

Guys, wait, it's that Panda Express' head chef in the background hunting down the ingredients for Peking Duck? I kid, I kid. No such offering at Panda Express. Joe, I gotta tell ya, little "character" pieces like this make people smile, including yours truly. Ya know what I mean?


Ah know what ya mean.


I miss the little French place that used to be near here. La Boheme was the name and I think they had Duck L'Orange on the menu pretty regularly. Yum Yum When will we get real Chinese back on the strip?

Would you like Radiation with that new blouse?

Do you like Shopping on Burlingame Avenue?

Would you like Radiation with that new blouse?

Check out this excellent video about how you get lots of radiation from a very common product, which is sold and heavily used by one of the shops on Burlingame Avenue.

Can you guess what the product is and which Burlingame Avenue shop sells and uses it heavily?

Perhaps Burlingame Ave and the city needs to clear the air?



This policy of mandating a Conditional Use Permit (thereby triggering a public hearing) for the establishment of NEW chain stores, almost deserves a post by itself-- interesting, because this was at least informally discussed during the creation of the Downtown Specific Plan in 2010 (though at this point, it is much too late to try this in the Burlingame Avenue area). What about Broadway? What say you??

I'm pretty sure Saratoga and Los Gatos have the same or similar policy, and now San Carlos has pulled the trigger. http://www.smdailyjournal.com/articles/lnews/2015-11-25/city-approves-chain-store-limits-san-carlos-council-votes-to-add-layer-of-review-downtown/1776425154141.html

genuine or financially healthy?

Jennifer, policies like SF's formula retail requirement, which recently got even stricter does work- it's a major pain in the butt to get a lease done. However, formulas that work well, aka have a lot of stores are successful for a reason. So, in a very high demand retail market like Union St and Union Sq in SF, the policy is a better fit because it's worth it for the chains to pursue the spaces and SF values the tourists and also their eccentricity.

We've all seen the results of a recession on The Ave and Broadway and also upon Burlingame's sensitive budget due to its reliance upon hotel taxes. So, I saw let the landlords and the market be free in Burlingame. Steve K. is a savvy guy who's done a better job than some bureaucrats or even bureaucrat endorse elected officials to pick and choose which chains make it in or not. Of course, this restriction will reduce demand and reduce rent rates and value and landlords. And the big landlords do have big sway with the politicians and a few are very powerful in a bigger picture.

Burlingame is already too restrictive on new businesses and it shows with how San Mateo is picking up most of the new job creation.

And, San Carlos's recent, (hey let's just copy everything that SF does) is probably going to significantly hurt their ability to keep the stores leased overtime. They aren't as hot as they think they are.

I think Burlingame decidedly does not want to be hot, right?

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