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August 13, 2015


Check out The Candidate Statements

Here are the statements from the 4 Burlingame City Council candidates:


Here's my stack rank order of the candidates in terms of strength of character, proven leadership in the community, and likelihood to represent the best interest of the citizens of Burlingame, instead just the best interest of Jerry Brown & CO:

#1 Emily Beach

#2 Donna Colson

Eric Storey
Nirmala Bandrapalli

What are your thoughts about their candidacies and of their candidate statements?


After reading their statements, it appears we have a choice of 4 lite-weights. Scary


I say get a renter on board. Why shouldn't +\- 50% of Burlingame's population have some representation?
Enough with candidates who have been a part of BCE or on a PTA, or OLA for that matter. Mix it up. Can't be worse than what we presently have.


Here's a reminder that we have an all-mailed ballot election coming up:

Although San Mateo County has conducted all-mail ballot elections in the past, it has never been on the scale it will be for November’s consolidated election.

This year, 40 jurisdictions in the county will participate in a pilot program to conduct their elections primarily by mail. It’s a historic election that is being done for the first time in California’s history. It’s also a test the state is undertaking to see whether voter turnout increases and whether the process will be less costly.


The Burlingame "Universal Polling Place" (meaning any ballot from the 40 jurisdictions can be dropped off there) is the B'game city hall.

Account Deleted

FYI, in case anyone missed this into today's SM Daily Journal -- Financial filings update:

Burlingame City Council candidates Emily Beach and Donna Colson are neck and neck in the race to raise to be top campaign fundraisers, both having piled up more than $27,000, according to financial disclosure forms.

Colson has raised $27,676 in contributions, and has an additional roughly $7,000 in her war chest, $5,000 of which is comprised of a loan to herself. Notable contributors to her campaign include the California Apartment Association, which has donated $1,000, as well as JSR Karp limited practice, $750 from Spieker Companies, $583 from real estate professional William Sexton, $250 from the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association, the San Mateo Building Trades Joint Council, and creative service consultant Russ Cohen as well as $100 from Councilman Ricardo Ortiz, James Cannon, the vice president of the San Mateo County Board of Education and others.

Beach has raised $27,829, with no loans. JSR Karp donated $1,000 as well, Mark Intrieri, member of the Burlingame Elementary School District Board of Trustees, and his wife Katie donated $583, along with Planning Commissioner Richard Terrones, Spieker Companies also donated $500, and Cohen matched his $250 donation, and Ortiz donated $100 as well.

Candidate Nirmala Bandrapalli has raised $19,691, with a $9,000 loan. Engineer Lakshman Chinnakotla donated $150, insurance agent Roger Heighton contributed $100, along with producer Renuka Pullat and affordable housing advocate Cynthia Cornell gave $50.

Financial documents were not available for candidate Eric Storey.

Bruce Dickinson

Mmmm hmmm. Spieker Properties, a real estate investment company already attempting to grease the paws of two of the candidates. Let Bruce Dickinson remind you that Spieker Properties is responsible for diarrhea developments throughout California including Class A office space and odes to stucco apartments! I wonder where their next project is gonna be? hmmm. Let me give ya a hint...it starts with a B.....

Always interesting to see who donates, and I can see that Burlingame's most famous rent control person has voted for Nirmala. Talk about the most financially illiterate candidate getting an endorsement from the most economically illiterate "activist". Now that's an endorsement wanted about as badly as a sucker-punch, ya know what I mean?


I hate to use the phrase "Dude."
However, in this case, I will even go so far as to refer to you as "The Dude."
Dude, you are really doing a great service to the community by your comments and insight-"Cutting through the BS."
Mr. Dickenson, please consider being a City of Burlingame Council/Elder member.
Your contributions via this web site, regarding every aspect of community development-long and short term, are what is needed to sustain the level of benefits that every City of Burlingame renter, homeowner, or living in the basement of parents-(Prop 13) needs to read, understand.
Mr. Dickenson, your ability to bring the Big Picture, into focus, for the people who have to work their ass off to live here; have to little time to review the issues, is exactly what is needed in our community.
Plus, you are a pretty smart guy.
Run for a position at the City of Burlingame.

Thomas Hornblower

The SM Daily Journal & Lorne's post are very incomplete listings of campaign contributions. For the complete reports/more accurate picture, follow this link and click on "campaign finance statements" http://www.burlingame.org/index.aspx?page=3434

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