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July 08, 2015



Dear Promises,

Could we please stay somewhat on topic? This post is about Burlingame projects and their oversized impact on Burlingame schools.

There are other posts about the unfunded liabilities, Jerry Brown's high speed boondoggle and such. Please put comments on those issues on those posts (or we will just delete them). Your comments are welcome IN THE RIGHT PLACE.


Good luck with that, editor.


The light bulb has finally gone on in part of Millbrae (but not at the council level):

As policies regulating development near the Millbrae train station move forward, some officials are underwhelmed by a perceived lack of consideration given to the potential impact on local schools.

Attorneys representing the Millbrae Elementary School District authored a letter requesting the City Council require developers proposing projects within the 116-acre site to meet with school officials and discuss potential costs of capital improvements necessary to accommodate expected enrollment growth.

The letter proposed amendments to the environmental impact report for projects proposed in the area near the intersection of Millbrae Avenue and El Camino Real, which would have forced developers to consider offsetting costs of additional classroom construction for the local district.

That effort ultimately fell flat though, as the council voted 3-2 during a Tuesday, Jan. 12 meeting to approve the environmental impact report as proposed by city staff, without adopting the district’s request.


We could also ask the question of whether there is any spillover danger to B'game schools?


I'm no demographic expert, but I am not sure I am buying this report in today's DJ:

The skyrocketing cost of housing in the Bay Area has caused a ripple effect throughout local public school systems, forcing thousands of families to pull their children out of the school and move elsewhere, according to an expert.

Demographer Tom Williams said he expects enrollment to slow or decline at many school districts throughout San Mateo County, as families previously living on the fringe of affordability are packing up and moving somewhere cheaper.

Williams, an enrollment expert hired by school districts throughout the region to predict ebbs and flows of student populations, said the issue is widespread across the Peninsula, as rising homes prices are making the cost of living unsustainable for many families.

Judging from years of research and trend analysis, Williams said he expects between 5,000 to 7,000 students in public districts between San Mateo and Santa Clara counties could withdraw from their current school in the coming years, as families seek cheaper homes and cost of living elsewhere.

“The latest extreme, unforeseeable-in-degree rise in housing costs is having negative enrollment impacts throughout the Peninsula and South Bay,” according to a report authored by Williams. “With these much higher prices and rents likely to continue, many families with modest incomes no longer can afford to live in this area.”


How did he account for the housing unit growth and the phenomenon of more people packing into the existing units? When we are adding 100's of units in every town and flight from SF for well-to-do parents of school age kids continues, the total flow seems flawed to me.

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