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June 29, 2015


Work hard, play hard.

Indeed, I saw the actual last Dead show ever at Chicago Soldier Field. It isn't the same without Jerry, but now we can see Bob and Phil at their clubs in Marin 10 feet away, easily.

"TellApart"...yeah there's not a housing crisis, it's called success and economic vibrancy.

And, the gov't is not there to guarantee that you can always live in the same house or neighborhood.

Perhaps Steelhead should start a new partybus service that includes preparty and postparty hangouts to travel to Sweetwater Café, Terrapin Crossroads, The Fillmore, and the rest of the great music venues around the Bay Area. I know, they should just start producing live music again at Steelhead...nah Domingo won't do it for some reason. Too bad, it's perfect for it.

Work hard, play hard.

Account Deleted

The Music Never Stops...



The lights were on late at Tell A Part. They were having a hacking party. The person who could hack into their system received $50K. Reports from a reliable source says there were two winners.


Maybe the city should do the same thing, but the prize should be more like $50.

Secretly Dead Heads

OK, Joe and Russ, I know that you're both secretly Dead Heads...

Dark Star Orchestra
Fox Theater - Redwood City
October 1, 2015

Perhaps, I see you there!


That's no secret in my case. Thanks

8pm Live and then 9pm Covered

The China Cats are playing tonight at Club Fox in downtown Redwood City at 9pm. $35. https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/968671?_ga=1.156324539.1099299246.1451599069&__utma=1.1256612233.1451599069.1451599069.1451599069.1&__utmb=|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=(not%20provided)&__utmv=-&__utmk=101201793

You can warm up on www.siriusxm.com at 8pm tonight with the live "The Dead" show, which now includes John Mayer. If you don't subscribe, you can get a free trial.


There are a couple other Deadheads who read the Voice, so for my spinning buddies we have this news clip:

Today marks the start of a 2017 Sundance Film Festival that many feel could be dominated by the streaming services that are reshaping the independent film ecosystem.

The signs of brisk action are there already, even before the auctions start this weekend. Yesterday, Amazon paid a whopping sum in excess of $6 million for Long Strange Trip, the 4-hour documentary on The Grateful Dead by director Amir Bar-Lev and producer Martin Scorsese, before the film’s premiere.

Amazon, squarely in the Oscar race for last year’s $10 million Sundance acquisition Manchester By The Sea, will shortly set a distributor for a limited theatrical window before it streams the movie on Amazon Prime, and cut it into 6-pieces for television.

My Kayak Life

I was there 2 years ago! Great show!

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