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May 04, 2015


back to the basics of "love they neighbor" and "balance they budgets".

"More to the point, cultural progress always has victims and ultimately, history itself decides who can stay in one place and who can go."

Ahhh. This was the point when Jon Mays was sucking on his brand new Volcano vaporizer a little too hard.

That's the tweaked thing about so-called "Progressives" - they assume that they are right and good, when in actuality perhaps they're just arrogant, ignorant, hypocritical and often throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Further, "history" decides who can stay and go? Improving society must have victims?

I'd suggest that society needs to go back to the basics of "love they neighbor" and "balance they budgets".

Bruce Dickinson

Somewhat thought provoking piece, until you start thinking about it, Dickinson style! The author proposes exactly what solution and how does one take a "stand"? Vote for redistribution of wealth mechanisms? Well guess what? government is HORRIBLE at redistributing wealth. Even communism, in its true form, involves redistribution of wealth so that there are no social classes. Were the USSR and China true to their Marxist roots?!? No! They had their wealthy party officials, the oligarchs, the privileged professional classes and then the working peasantry, as it were. In effect, humans are greedy mother%&*#ers, in any way shape or form. Therefore have a system that admits this but gives fantastic opportunities to those who work hard, while allowing them to be taxed to provide a safety net for the less privileged.

So if countries whose entire existence was predicated upon Marxist beliefs but failed miserably in adhering to those beliefs what does that mean for the rest of us? Government can only provide a safety net, and I would say in the good old US of A, we got it down pretty well. Allow a vast majority of the population to enjoy a standard of living that is very high (compared to the rest of the world), ensure a progressive tax system, allow freedom of movement to lower cost areas, and frankly, allow for some areas to have a very low cost of living, and a lot of land gives people choices. There will be the ultra-wealthy such as yours truly, but we pay a decent amount in taxes and donations to at least allow social security and now universal, cheap medical care. Could it be more or better? yes I think so, but hopefully we (as in the very rich) contribute more to social security, healthcare and other medical entitlements over time.

People forget that democracy and capitalism address the "greatest good for the greatest number of people" probably better than any other system, no matter how imperfect our system is. If another system exists that does a better job, prove Dr. Dickinson wrong. I'm all ears, folks!

Gov't circumvention is the law, due

Big D., I agree with ya.

You should meet my friend whose grandfather was the 2nd/3rd in command of the Chinese communist party - they're billionaires. They own a city block of Class A Office/Retail in Manhattan and another block in Hong Kong among various personal assets.

She would be awesome on Charlie Rose. She told me, "A vote for Obama is a vote for China. No one has done more to help China than Obama."

I was like, [let me get you on TV, please.]

Another shocking reality of modern day China is that hardcore dictator nature of the gov't to do what it wants, when it wants, without regard to individual rights or perspective, and with no regard to private property rights or environmental sustainability 'cause "[The United States had their industrial heyday]".

One of the parents at Lincoln Elementary who actually want the Chinese gov't way to be installed in Burlingame and beyond is a scary dude.

So, when you watch our gov't circumvent individual perspective and rights in favor of central planning ala ABAG - vote accordingly.

pat giorni

This seemed the best place to post this...

which if you haven't already read, will be featured on TV tonight, and is circulating in Nextdoor https://eastonadditionnorth.nextdoor.com/news_feed/?lc=11898&toc_section=posts&is=de&mobile_deeplink_data=action%3Dview_post%26post%3D21789497&s=de&link_source_user_id=1086357&toc=1&post=21789497&ct=mRALxm_z5iGCG_LvURBSYGMID0ntXqLeFIw9A7Ms6w5aJi9jnwipfn02syonx4IZ

This is a chance for us to proclaim what kind of society we want by acting to help a neighbor.....


Sorry about all the links, but I would ask that you do your due diligence, as I have done, even to the point of checking by phone that the fund initiator is a Burlingame resident.

My donation is made because I cannot trust that government social services will prevent our neighbor, whom you may recognize as a past employee of Copenhagen, from falling through the cracks.


Thanks, Pat. Always a step ahead. Here is another link on the story that actually indirectly raises the issue of an executor's legal responsibilities. Having gone through this myself last year, some of it gets pretty involved.


sign me up

Where can I sign up for the lifetime apartment deal?

pat giorni

Jackie Speier Town meeting

Ashamed of Keighran

Everyone should watch the town hall meeting posted by P. Giorni. Thank you Jackie Spierer for hosting. There were people from various city councils along side her.

Mayor Keighran, I am ashamed of you. At the end of the meeting when Congresswoman Spierer asked for comments from city council members, you rushed to defend developers and landlords.
Did someone cut out your heart and compassion? Yes, we all know your husband is head of builders in SF and you own apt. Buildings in Burlingame.maybe you should recuse yourself because you simply don't see the other side. Thankfully there were other city council people from the peninsula that seemed to really hear what is going on.

By The Trust Fund Kids, For the Trust Fund Kids

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The rule of law is the rule of law. Folks like our former State Senator Leland Yee and our former Fire Chief Mark Ladas and many other local politicians need to be reminded of that fact.

You don't get to pick and choose which laws you follow. That way, we now what to expect, years in advance. It creates predictability, lowers risk and encourages long term planning and investment.

And Jackie Speier is no hero. She's smart and charismatic for sure, but she has only one color on her mind and that's Light Blue - tough luck if you have a different perspective on any issue.

What type of society do we want? We already know the answer and it's in the constitution and in the existing laws.

What does society do when an elderly woman or any person for that matter doesn't have alot of money and thus feels that the rising local rents can't be paid? That's what the many existing social programs are for. She might have to move. Life is not perfect and it will never be perfect. All we can do is work very hard, debate and push to try to make our communities the best that they can be.

As for Keighran, one of my buddies from college rents his apartment in SF from her. He's a courteous, successful, charismatic guy...a total gentleman... that I've known for 25 years. Turns out Keighran is a cold-hearted, harsh landlord herself.

If you want to understand Burlingame better and how to help your community to be the best that it can be, then you need to understand who's really running the show.

This photo of Keighran depicts someone else that most people don't realize heavily influence Burlingame politics...

I'll give you a hint, "over-dressed".

Trust fund kids are a hoot, aren't they?

By the developers, for the developers


Check out "1:10", 1:25", "2:36".

The other half of the "housing crisis"?

Still don't get it?



Birds of a feather, flock together. Good job, folks.

What does that do to housing prices on top of strong buyer demand? Hmm, perhaps the other half of the "housing crisis"?


And I have heard that Keighran thinks she will oust Jackie Speier? Are you kidding me? Gotta show a little heart to get elected to a real political position. No heart there.

Bruce Dickinson

Listen Folks, what Bruce Dickinson heard from that video on Keighran's comments is spot on. Rent control causes artificially high newer rents, inflated real estate, and higher development costs. San Francisco has the worst situation of the Bay Area cities. As I've said many times before, find me a situation where rent control does NOT make it harder for new renters or cause a housing shortage and inflated rental and real estate prices. Couple that with a world class city that attracts talent in the fastest growing and most innovative sectors on the planet, and real estate is going to be high. Also the very notion that a $100 billion HSR pipe dream satisfies nothing when that money could be used for education or to improve the welfare activities, including subsidized housing is really one of the most immoral aspects about how we should be REALLY helping people.

Bruce Dickinson likes the idea that corporations, who subsidize their own employees housing via salaries, bonuses and stock options, also contribute to non-profits that help those who are being displaced. Will help ease the pain for bad situations in particular, but also on the margin, if you want to see real estate prices deflate, eliminate rent control. Remember, a democracy is really is about the greatest good for the greatest number of people, so naturally the tails of the poor and the ultra rich will not be satisfied.

sign me up

Where can I sign up for a freebie apartment? How come it isn't just free for everyone? All these greedy landlords need to be taught a lesson. Doctor Zhivago is my favorite movie.

Keeping Felons in Power

Landlords are investors and often this is just where they invested their retirement savings, no different from publicly traded stocks or a family business - no doubt.

However, I wasn't trying to be an "Occupy" person thinking that wealthy people are bad or need to be punished.

Rather, I was just pointing out that the rule of law is the essential element that makes our country and communities unique and great, and no one may pick and chose which laws they will follow. Not the mayor or supervisors of San Francisco, not Leland Yee, not Mark Ladas, not a local wealthy family who orders attacks on people at their whim, not local politicians that disregard the law about accepting honarariums and conflicts of interest, not the rules for radicals practitioners - no one gets to pick and chose which laws they follow, not even the police who might chose to not investigate a crime against a person whose political values differ from theirs.

And for those that sit idylly by, know that these evils exist and do nothing - you are just as bad as the direct perpetrators.

But, don't worry about these real problems in the community - focus over here on the sea level rising ever so slightly over the next hundred or five hundred years. The most important thing into keep these felons in power, right?


I kind of felt sorry for Keighran watching that town hall meeting with Jackie Speier. She does not do well speaking without a prepared script. She seemed flustered. Speaking extemporaneously does not come easy for her as one would think after sitting on council so many years.
Saw Donna Colson there too but she had no comments.


Agree samiselfie. When she has not been coached by mommy and daddy or whomever and has no script, she is far less than articulate and does seem unsure of herself and her espousals. Ridiculous if you think you are going to do anything other than small town Burlingame politics.

Bruce Dickinson

Reeeowww... wow, you guys (or gals) are a tough crowd. Yes Keighran is not as polished and is no wordsmither but doesn't take away from the content. Look, Bruce Dickinson has batted in the big leagues and trust me, the wordsmithers were almost always all show and no go. Plus, this is a local politics volunteer job, so you don't have to be captain perfect articulation. Would much rather have someone fight for what's right, take real stances, and actually represent a constituency. Look at Brownrigg, who is quite polished but again doesn't really take strong stances and seems to be overly concerned about placating both sides.

Burlingame doesn't need a King Solomon, if ya know what I mean. We need more David to fight the Goliath of the California nincompoops and non-elected regional agencies who talk well but make idiotic decisions.....I mean, really bad decisions that in any private company would result in immediate termination.

You may ask what do I know about the the very upper echelons of success and the good ideas and decision making that come with it? To answer the question, quite a lot!...... Vroom Vroom!


Thank you very much for your input.
Have you thought about having a BD web site regarding "Burlingame Life?"
I believe that BD would be an excellent editor.
I have seen a horrible "junk magazine" called "Gentry."
The name and content make me ill.
So does the braggadocios of BD.
Nevertheless, at least BD has an opinion based on thought and experience.


How do you manage to contradict yourself in 7 sentences? It is truly amazing


And an update on the eviction of the 97 year old and the 85 year old local residents from the DJ:

A 97-year-old woman facing eviction from her Burlingame home filed a lawsuit against her landlord for breach of contract, elder abuse and intentional infliction of emotional distress Friday.

Marie Hatch, who has lived at her California Drive cottage for 66 years, claims she was promised by three generations of family members who own it that she should could reside there until she died.

She was sent a notice to vacate earlier this month by attorney Michael Liberty on behalf of his client David Kantz, who claims to own the house.

“An oral contract is just as enforceable as a written contract,” attorney Nancy Fineman said at a press conference Friday. She was flanked by another attorney, Nanci Nishimura, and Hatch’s roommate of 32 years Georgia Rothrock, who must also vacate the property. Fineman and Nishimura, with Cotchett, Pitre and McCarthy, are taking on the case free of charge.

--the full story is here: http://www.smdailyjournal.com/articles/lnews/2016-02-27/evicted-woman-97-sues-landlord-marie-hatch-suing-for-breach-of-contract-elder-abuse/1776425159174.html

Bruce Dickinson

While the above situation is quite sad, and an oral contract is enforceable as much as a written contract, the problem is who knows about the oral contract? Correct me if I'm wrong but those who made the oral contract are now deceased and the question is, will there be anyone to prove this oral contract? Personally, Bruce Dickinson sees this as something that's tough to prove. The flip side is the poor woman is getting attention and donations and the publicity will probably help her out, so I can see why to pursue the litigation for that reason alone. Smart cookie, if you ask me!


The DJ is reporting the sad news that the elderly lady in the eviction dispute has passed. Condolences to the family. I sincerely hope her long life in B'game and her contributions will not be exploited for other purposes, but I have to call out this lawyer for going overboard:

“There is no doubt that the callous eviction of Marie Hatch has caused her death,” Nishimura said.

Really? No doubt? I doubt that.


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