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April 13, 2015


lisa t

Hot Wok isn't authentic Chinese, its geared towards westerners. I use to go there a lot and I never once saw a Chinese person in there.

Bruce Dickinson

Empress of China was great, until Panda Express, which featured no visible cockroaches in addition to Orange Sweet and Sour Chicken, came into being. I kid, I kid.

The name Bruce Dickinson and haute cuisine are practically synonymous, and I would be remiss if I didn't say that I've eaten at maybe 90% of the Michelin starred restaurants in the Bay Area. That doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the local ethnic flavors. Flower Lounge, ok but a bit pricey. Tai Wu is the hubbub these days, had some food delivered from there one night at the compound and was good, would say similar to Flower Lounge. My favorites in the Bay Area: R&G Lounge in SF, Koi Palace in Daly City for dim-sum, Ming's in Palo Alto (also dim sum), Mingalaba in Burlingame, and of course Chef Chu in Palo Alto, decent restaurant, but lots of famous people dine there and the walls are covered with autographed photos of dignitaries (including one one of yours truly!)

what's great food without great wine?

I can't pretend to have tried many Millbrae restaurants, but it was great to run into my friend Quinton Jay at the Franklin Dads Party on Saturday night.

Quinton has a long history in the wine industry, does wine private equity investing for Bronfman, and moved to Burlingame a couple years ago. His wife teaches at Franklin, and Quinton owns http://www.bacchusws.com/ by Pape Meats in Millbrae. Check it out!

Thank you Quinton for the generous wine donations on Saturday!


Off topic as usual and a little bit stalker-ish too. Very weird.

Jamieson Ranch Cab

Hillsider, this is what Quinton donated on Saturday.


The Cab was awesome. He sells it for $29.

The topic of this string "What are the Voice readers' favorite Chinese restaurants in Millbrae?"

Hillsider, people like to drink wine with their dinner.


Hot Work..OK go there all the time because it's close.

My favorite for Chinese around here is Silver House in San Mateo. Very tasty and always filled with lots of Chinese families.


Sorry meant "Hot Wok"...my fingers slipped!

There are no good Chinese restaurants in Burlingame.


I'm still wondering what people think is the best Chinese restaurant in Millbrae.

No need to provide wine recommendations here for two reasons 1) I can't remember the last Chinese restaurant I went to that had a solid wine list and 2) even at great restaurants like Farallon (last week), All Spice (Michelin star, a month ago), and my local favorite with a great wine list--Ecco--I go with corkage service out of my cellar.

Back to great Chinese food...who likes what in Millbrae?

Bruce Dickinson

Joe, not to mention, I cannot help but laugh, yes, chuckle when I think of Mr. Jay's newfound "friend". Reminds me of your famous catchphrase "friends with benefits" except, in this case, it's called "acquaintances with downside". Bruce Dickinson cracks himself up sometimes.

The REAL Bruce Dickinson speaks to the FAKE.

Fake Bruce, actually I met Quinton several years ago, as we were both on the Kellogg School of Management Alumni Club Board. I was the Events Chair & Treasurer and Quinton was the Wine Chair.

Been here forever

Ming's in Palo Alto is closed by the way.
We tried a place called "Wonderful" on Broadway in Millbrae. It was quite good and authentic.


Shanghai Dumpling Shop on Broadway in Millbrae for really good Xiao Long Bao.


Quinton is wishing he went to a different bar the night Alex Kent made his acquaintance.

Hillsider, take an antidepressant, please!

Hillsider, do you want me to subpoena your email address from Joe?

Liable is liable.


Alex, it is actually spelled "libel" and the bar for said offense is quite a bit higher than Mr. Hillsider has risen.

Try me

Duly noted via iPhone, Joe.

A statement made about another person based on fact especially when observed in person, especially regarding a public official is probably quite water tight. (What I've done on this website aver real times.)

A statement made about another person based on no direct observation, no fact, and in a damaging manner like Hillsider's technique = not very water tight.

Hillsider, try me.


Actually, you are in an area that I have some familiarity with although I am not even close to being a lawyer, but I have hired a few.

The burden of proof for public figures is actually higher--quite a bit higher. See:


I'm not sure what was meant by some of what you wrote (I hate the iPhone spell check) but the essence would appear to be wrong.


And now, let's get back to the topic of great Chinese restaurants in the Millbrae market. "Wonderful" is the current front runner. Any other nominees for where I should eat this weekend?

Try me

No actually you are wrong Joe.

You might want to re-read what I wrote.

The point is that random factless quips which are the signature of Hillsider could result in me suing that person.


Apparently Fook Yuen has closed which is too bad since I had a good meal there but what about Hong Kong Flower Lounge?


Before brandishing the threat of lawsuits, be aware that California goes beyond protecting Fed Constitutional rights of the 1st Amendment (free speech) in some of the most aggressive anti-SLAPP statutes that prohibit frivolous lawsuits and subpoenas.

Reference California Code of Civil Procedure section 425.16, 425.17, 425.18 and 1987.1 and 1987.2

Judges do not take kindly to SLAPPs as they tie up extremely constrained Court resources for far more important matters.

Try me

Great, Hillsider quit trying to make false statements about me on this website or I will make it a priority to discover your true identity and sue you.




Now back to Chinese food? I was looking at Yelp reviews and an old standby popped out with 4 stars and almost 200 reviews: Lai Lai on Broadway. I think that will be my next stop.

Bruce Dickinson

Hillsider, guy, rest assured, do not be bullied online by whomever is is exactly that bullying you (I lost track at this point). In addition to what locavore adeptly said, Bruce Dickinson would be happy to sick some of the most aggressive lawyers known to man, namely those in the intellectual property, music, and recorded industry law practices. When it comes to civil and property rights, these guys can do cartwheels in the courtroom, and I mean courts like the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Delaware Chancery Court, and of course, the Supreme Court. You just give me a call if you're hassled, and rest assured, empty threats will be dispensed of swiftly and decisively. A few of these guys owe Dr. Dickinson a favor or two.

Now that I've hopefully put this to bed, Bruce Dickinson has had several neighbors that went to Lai Lai and they claim is decent and inexpensive. Try Tai Wu, I only had stuff delivered from there but their Dim Sum is pretty good from what I hear. Just watch out for pedestrians around there as the place is packed (get there early) and it was almost a case of pedestrian meets Porsche 911 Turbo once when I took El Camino to get to Green Hills Country Club.

good, kind, smart people

I love it, False Bruce and False Statement Maker Hillsider Bully ME, I stand up for myself, and then Demwit False Bruce and False Statement Maker Hillsider think that I'm bullying Hillsider.

Classic Demwit logic!

Only you guys could turn a positive fun thread into negativity.

Whenever I drive north of Burlingame, I automatically drive to San Francisco. Wrapped up a tour of office space with another Tech client, then cocktails with a buddy at St. Francis Yacht Club, then a great lamb chop and Pliny at Balboa Café, walked around for a couple hours and back to The Peninsula.

Working on a few restaurant leases with clients, trying to buy out a restaurant for another. One has 2 x 5 star hotels and a Michelin starred restaurant already, so good track record.

Working to reopen a closed music venue as a principal, and indeed we'll serve excellent food there. Most of my family has owned restaurants for decades, or run the largest commercial kitchen appliance manufacturers in the world.

Up to Napa with the Northwestern alumni club tomorrow. Looking forward to the warm weather and good, kind, smart people. Cheers!

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