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April 24, 2015



Be careful what you wish for. My neighbor points his camera right at my house!


You are lucky. When you get robbed he will have footage of the burglars and it didn't cost you a thing.

Bruce Dickinson

Guys, as you know, Bruce Dickinson does not leave things to chance. Burlingame, like San Mateo, on the surface is a ripe target for burglaries, but robbers or would-be robbers are actually looking for high payoff robberies in Burlingame, but I would also say they are high risk, that is high risk of getting caught.

First of all, due to the proximity of our homes, most of us know our neighbors. I know mine and of course, everyone knows Bruce Dickinson. Bottom line is we keep an eye on each other. My staff also alerts me of goings on in the neighborhood as well.

Secondly, if a solicitor is coming to your door, immediately ask for the permit they should have gotten from the city to solicit. If they don’t have one, kindly say no and call the Burlingame PD ASAP to have them get on the beat. Oftentimes these feigned solicitations are meant as target scoping or are part of diversionary tactics. Burlingame police are very responsive and will respond to calls within minutes and patrol the neighborhoods if suspicious people are detected.

Third, due to the the wealth in the area, there is a strong desire to protect our homes. The Dickinson compound has an alarm system, passive and active systems in the yard (I choose to not disclose exactly what) and multiple redundant systems in the house including wireless backup, and I do have three cameras, but they are not pointed out a the street, only within confines of the property. I believe that cameras should not be pointed at public spaces, but catching evidence of another crime happening is something I had not considered. But where do we draw the line of cameras for the public good vs unwarranted or abused invasions of privacy?

I have also been fascinated by the “drone” concept and recently purchased a high end drone with microwave links that can go up to 8000 feet away from my property. I even had my tech guy set up a “control station” in my basement. One cannot discount the randomness aspect of drone patrols, and I have stated this in the past, Burlingame PD should use these to get a birds-eye-view of public spaces and keep criminals always guessing and perhaps thinking twice about doing anything nefarious in Burlingame as the risk for getting caught is going to be higher when homeowners have a lot to protect, as it were.

Let’s take a bite out of crime, together.


Dare I predict that the insurance companies might offer to pay for footage of burglaries of their clients' homes (drone-based footage or otherwise)? Bruce, are you on the cutting edge of a new service business?


Since living in the area, my car has been hit eggs at least 12 times over the last three years, and normally late Saturday night. (Once I received a note on the windshield with a rambling note concerning the evils of Sport Utility Vehicles). When I called the Hillsborough PD, they said these happen regularly and normally a number of homes hit. Their placating response was that they might send a cruiser to my area on Saturday night. (Thanks).
On my walk I noticed several driveways in Burlingame which had been hit last week. Any suggestions besides moving my car. Maybe I could get an drone that could return egg fire!


Buy the camera. Point at truck. What are you waiting for?

Peter Garrison


Catch em.

Perhaps The Occupy Movement finally hitch-hiked across from Oakland.

It always seemed foolish and misdirected that they were burning, looting, and draining Oakland dry.

Perhaps they should occupy the DeGuigne estate.

Gotta install a gate.

Or, try a Game Camera used to take motion activated photos of Deer. Also Comcast offers camera add ons to their security systems.

Burlingame Betty

I do feel that security cameras have their place but I'm with BD - where is our personal privacy? Do we really want to live in a neighborhood where every step taken is recorded? I too have been egged - honestly - if that is the worst teenage prank we have to deal with then we're doing ok…. I'm just not sure cameras everywhere are the right answer ……


I understand the need for traffic cameras at intersections @El Camino Real.
Traffic and pedestrian safety could be better documented if an accident happens. Property or physical damage.
As far as setting up cameras, at random locations. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.
Complaining about your neighbor
So many things that can be put into that category are subjective, the Burlingame Police Dept. will have to respond to all the calls these shitheads are unable to work out.
If you live next to somebody-we all do, if you do no communicate with that neighbors life style, regarding anything that you are uncomfortable with, IE smoking weed, cigarettes, loud music, cars parked on the front lawn, Domestic Violence, barking dogs, loud music, loud conversations, Burlingame.
Living "East" of the RR tracks is exactly my description of our fair city.
If anyone has doubt regarding the overwhelming amount of City of Burlingame response to the 911 calls east of California Dr. ask for the reports.
It is free.
It is your right.
Believe me, every Real Estate Agent that works in Burlingame knows as much as the BPD regarding the home owner who considers purchasing a home "3 doors down" from a Registered Sex Offender.
No amount of cameras are going to be able to create a safe and sane community.
In fact I believe it could create an industry that is counter to the "perceived" safety it was developed to help.
Does "Bruce Dickenson" have any fire arms in his home?


OMG. What are you on tonight? None of what you are talking about makes any sense. If the cops have more evidence how does that make their job harder. If 911 is overwhelmed why don't you just give us the evidence. You are talking through your hat.

For HOTTSWNSNBS, see how polite I am being.


I'm trying to figure out what HOTTSWNSNBS means...

It must mean Hottest WNBA, right?



I disagree with the comment: "honestly - if that is the worst teenage prank we have to deal with then we're doing ok"
1. To specifically target a family on a regular basis, leaving notes referring to a reason for the act, mentioning ethnicity -- is more than a prank. 2. The fact that it is widespread in the community has ruined property -- and the police do not take it seriously sends a message to our family that it must be ok here to terrorize us.
I do not think we as a community are doing ok on this matter. It is a shame that people must consider and implement cameras -- and I am looking forward to see what the police will do when I eventually share the footage on my new camera. Thanks to the blog members for the advice, I was not aware that the technology was so advanced and inexpensive and the night views are clear and can record license plates and faces behind the dash!

Peter Garrison

I was a regular ride-a-long guest with BPD for nearly a decade. BPD did not take teen pranks lightly. I remember one Halloween when an experienced and eagle-eyed officer pulled over a pick-up truck with teen boys in it. He made the boys get out and toss the hundred eggs they had- one by one- into a trash can.


Folks, Over the last couple of years, I have noticed an increase in yard sales/garage sales. I don't mean the once every five years clear-outs. I mean people who do this as a living! I feel that this is bringing hundreds of strangers to my block (Hoover area) I feel that criminals can get a good look at our houses. So I'm asking readers if this is legal. Do we have city codes for yard sales?



After a bit of inquiry with City staff and some sleuthing, it appears that we do have an old ordinance related to garage sale frequency.


6.22.030 Time limitation and sign limitation for permitted sales.
(a) No permit shall be approved and no such sale shall be permitted for more than five (5) days within any fifteen (15) day period and no more than one such permit shall be issued in any calendar year at any location.

(b) A sign, no larger than three (3) square feet in area, may be displayed on the property announcing the sale during the permitted period, other prohibitions of this code notwithstanding. (Ord. 908 § 1, (1970))

-----------So 45 years ago it appears garage sales were both popular and unpopular enough to cause some code enforcement. Who knew? Thanks for the question.

Jim S

Thank You for looking into Yard Sale rules Joe. I found more:
No person shall sell or offer for sale any used or new clothing, furniture, appliances, bric-a-brac, or furnishings from a dwelling where the general public is invited to participate by signs or advertising, known as garage sales or backyard sales, without obtaining a permit therefor and conforming to the regulations which follow. (Ord. 908 § 1, (1970))
It turns out that we are all supposed to get permits to sell our junk.

Timothy Hooker

When you guys catch em you don't punish them so good luck America. Its a vicious cycle. You will never solve your problems with a weak approach.

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