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April 07, 2015


Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson recommends another policy, namely "3 strikes and you're out" that should be implemented. How many gross violations do bloggers need to get the message? Joe and Russ, you guys are far too kind for your own good. Personally, I think it has to do with this younger generation of kids, who were born with silver spoons stuck up their derrieres (excuse my French), were never spanked as kids, nor ever really experienced delayed gratification, as it were, and only know how to do one thing: whine. My friends, unless you have a trust fund set up by daddy, you're not going to be driving a Ferrari, ever, when all you do is whine. It's like Smith Barney, "we make money the old fashioned way, we eaarrrrrn it" Folks, you can take that advice right to the bank.


Forget the Ferrari, you won't even be able to afford to rent in Burlingame if all you do is whine and present useless "facts" that are not on topic.

Along for the ride

I never comment until now so I just want to thank you for a website that does not have pop up ads or things crawling on the screen or a bunch of clutter like Nextdoor with everyone trying to get rid of there baby equipment. This is a relief to read and I agree the long names is a distraction that does not fit. Please keep up the good work. I have several friends who read it all the time and we like it.


I never gave any thought to the names that people use on this site until this just came up.
I guess this will help commenters get to their point without posting on a Bill Board.
However, some of the names are pretty funny.


Funny is always appreciated. Just make them fit on one line of the right hand frame. While we are on the topic, we have always wondered why you went from Holyroller to Hollyroller...what is up with the extra "l"?

Take off the masks at midnight for charity?!

Still. Masquerade party at The Candy Store for Burlingame Voicers...and the community?

Take off the masks at midnight for charity?


You (editors) have to admit, that is a pretty cute idea. What charity did you have in mind, dear poster !?*%!$

 Let's take off the masks, build community, and have fun...

Jennifer, I'd suggest my primary charity that I support - The Burlingame Rotary Club.

How about we take off our masks after the cocktails and just before dinner?

As you know, Rotary International is 1.2 million neighbors, friends, and community leaders who come together to create positive, lasting change in our communities and around the world...since 1905.

The Burlingame Rotary Club includes community leaders like Cheryl Fama - CEO of the Peninsula Health Care District and former CEO of St. Francis Hospital, Scott and Sean Williams - the family director of the massive GW Williams real estate developer, Ricardo Ortiz - Burlingame City Councilman, (and formerly Jerry Deal - Burlingame City Councilman), Joe Galligan - Former Burlingame City Council Member and Mayor, Lisa Goldman - Burlingame City Manager, (and formerly Jim Nantell - Burlingame City Manager), Di Yim - Burlingame High School Principal, Martin Jorgensen - BCE Director of Operations, Mike Harvey - owner of Harvey Honda and Acura Dealerships, Father Michael Mahoney - Our Lady of Angels Parish, and many other philanthropic and corporate leaders from The Peninsula.

The Burlingame Rotary Club also supports both local and global charitable donations and hands-on service.

For example, we recently presented $100,000 in grants to local nonprofits Burlingame Community Education Foundation (BCE), Apple Tree Dental, StarVista, Burlingame High School’s Camp Everytown program, Palcare and CALL Primrose.

Plus, we already have Rotary members that are among the 35 members of The Candy Store, and had a wonderful fundraiser there last year (which Joe and Cathy Baylock attended).

I've been a member of Rotary International since 2006, and you too can join the core of our community, if you'd like.

Seeing that I've mostly used the "Name" box for the title of my posts for a few years, I might just make a costume of name tags.

So, what do ya say folks, would you be willing to attend a 1st Annual Burlingame Voice Masquerade Party to support Burlingame area charities?

I would love to meet you all.

If you would like to talk about a potential BV Masquerade Party or just consider joining The Burlingame Rotary Club, please join us at our next
fundraiser party:

Burlingame Rotary Club
Kentucky Derby Party
Saturday, May 2, 2015
1pm to 4pm

National Center for Equine Facilitated Therapy

880 Runnymede Road
Woodside, CA 94062

Co-Chairs, Joy Huetteman & Sean Williams

You may purchase tickets at:


In the Nose

It appears the Rotary is about fed up with Alex Kent's nonsense. Rules violations can only go on so long then they actually have to enforce SOMETHING. The charity event is still valid but he may not be allowed to host.

build community, and have fun...

"In the nose", quit trying to be negative.

Your statement is not accurate.

I was specifically asked by my fellow rotary members, in fact, by the co-chair Joy, to promote this event, and my post directly relates to the Name field.


Dear esteemed Editor,
I changed my email/ID because though I am a Christian, I did not want my comments or opinions to be associated in any way with religion.
Therefor, Holly. I always liked that name. My best friend growing up names was Holly too.


I am always surprised and disappointed that groups like the Rotary, Kiwanis,Free Masons, and whatever else is out there, do not advertise their donations.
I suspect that having a Golf Tournament at The Burlingame Country Club in the name of Autism, or Downs, would be considered an incredible waste of money, and embracement if the people outside of these mostly white male organizations where the average member's net worth is a minimum of One Million dollars.
Being private Clubs- The Olympic Club in Daly City for instance, do not have to disclose any rules, for joining, nor present to any government tax information as they are a special type of non-profit. Same with Christian Science is in the same "chapter."
The members all receive large tax breaks.
There are probably a few things that provide comfort for the community..
The Golf Caddies at both clubs are eligible for health Insurance and a 401 K after 20 years service.
Towel boys get to keep all the change they find in the washer, dryer and locker room.
The Board of Director's consider the opportunity to be a Golf Caddie "networking."
Nevertheless, all those poor men and women get 1099's every year to claim any "tip" that may be given.
What about Elks in San Mateo?
Don't they give donated/used busted up eyeglasses to 3rd world countries?
Anyway, thanks for asking me about the "new/old" spelling of my name.

Bruce Dickinson

As you all know, Bruce Dickinson is a legendary producer of culture, but I'm also a voracious consumer too. One of my favorite movies, is "Office Space". Among some many humous lines, concepts, and scenes, is one of Milton, a man attached to his red Swingline stapler who actually was fired years ago from the company, Initech, but still received paychecks for a while, until the mistake was discovered, his paychecks stopped, but despite this, his beloved stapler taken away from him, and being moved to a cockroach-infested basement, Milton refuses to leave Initech. He finally goes to his bosses office to angrily reclaim his stapler after all that has happened to him.

Bruce Dickinson asks the question, are there parallels to be drawn here about being unwanted in an organization?

Peter Garrison

After mumbling, "I believe you have my stapler..." Milton decides to burns down the office...

The policy against impersonating people...

Hey Fake Bruce, notice that there's a specific policy in this blog organization against impersonating other real people.

Didn't I already "out" you?

Policy against impersonating sane people

clue·lessˈklo͞oləs/adjective informal adjective: clueless

having no knowledge, understanding, or ability.
"you're clueless about how to deal with the world"

synonyms: oblivious, unaware, unmindful, insensible, ignorant, unobservant;

Demwits love to believe in frauds...

I know, I know...Dem-wits love to believe in frauds.

Leland Yee, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama...


Please do not interpret the Terms of Use for us, we can take care of that all by ourselves.

If this is the new term of use you are referring to, you have misinterpreted it:


In the Nose

I wonder how the registered Democrats at Rotary feel about Mr. Kent's incessant posts. Wait. I am in the know and I know some of them are pretty fed up about it.

3.6849 G.P.A.

ladies and gentlemenn..

I posit that a 3.6849 GPA was not achieved in law school.

"about impersonating other REAL people"

Christopher Walken doing SNL skits about cowbells hardly qualifies as real people. Everyone knows this.

A 3.6849 GPA tries to say that Mr. Dickinson has no credibility because of his stories. Yet everyone on the site loves him and he knows a lot about burlingame, about the stuff that is true. A 3.6849 G.P.A does not know the meaning of credibility?

A 3.6849 GPA tries to say that Mr. Dickinson is an idiot because he is a democrat. Yet his comments don't really seem to favor democrats. A 3.6849 GPA is unable to see this and is so focused on slights against him are from someone who must be a communist.

Mr. Dickinson has more insightful and witty comments without bragging about his B average G.P.A. He also wins the battle of the wits, every. single. time.

This is Bottom line, ladies and gentlemen.

The Burlingame Franklin Dads Club party


Bruce Dickinson

Easy, fellas, no need for the measuring contest, but I appreciate the kind words. The last time I checked (at Columbia but this was many moons ago) an A was worth 4.0 and a B was worth 3.0, therefore putting a 3.6 as a B plus student. I believe my own GPA was in the low 3s, but as you can tell, they didn't teach Bruce Dickinson how to mint gold and platinum in school, my friends. Success in life depends on what you make of the education, and I credit more to hustling vacuum cleaners in the Bronx than I did to any one single class in college. The results, folks, as you know is legend.


Folks, comments are back up and running. Sorry for a bit of back-end admin confusion over the weekend. Comment away!

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