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February 12, 2015



Geez City Hall is in a great spot where it is now! Why move it anywhere else??

San Mateo had their city hall near downtown years ago. Now there is talk about moving it back to downtown but finding the land to do this is nearly impossible.

Time to put down the bong!

pat giorni

"Wither" City Hall is more apt. This time Council is asking staff to stick it's collective wet finger in a live electrical socket. Last I checked, city zoning is not agricultural regulation; yet we continue to hear barnyard braying from the current nanny (goat?)Council. I continue to be amused and entertained.


Let it go.
The property,is worth a lot of money.
it would make National/International news t show a commitment The state of CA, San Mateo County, HSR's "Showcase" for the rest of The Nation.
I believe this is a perfect opportunity to show the benefits of Section 8 housing.
The benefits of HSR, LSR-Low speed rail, BART, Sam Trans, Hwy 101 and 280, SFO.
How is it possible that no matter what level of education a person has, there is no place to live in Burlingame?
Turn City Hall into a Section 8 Development. I guarantee, The people who live there will take care of it as well as contribute to the community in every single way.




Can you comprehend the amount of time and, time is money, attempting to get a viable general contractor to put fourth any estimate to present to the City of Burlingame?
I believe that the City Elders have no idea what they want.
What we need in the City of Burlingame is the opportunity to present a "show case" that all Silicon Valley Billionaire Think Tanks talk about but do absolutely nothing to solve.
Burlingame is the perfect place to start a "Human Redevelopment Community."
Bay Front, Primrose.
These type projects have been done in Europe for @ 50 years.
Zuckerberg.. need some help to take off those rose colored glasses?
Put it is sideways.


I may have been off base in the past, Holy. I assumed you had been drinking when you are writing here, but perhaps you are a Burlingbong kinda guy. Redevelop this, old boy


The Daily Journal is kind enough to add the prospect of more taxes along with the "affordable housing" article today:

And though the city’s economic positioning has improved due to increased tax revenue, which has caused the general fund to grow substantially over recent years, there is still insufficient funding for the major projects being bandied by officials.

To generate the $35 million to $40 million necessary to build the new community center, $4 million required to build the park and $25 million needed to complete rebuilding the downtown streetscape project, the city should consider a general obligation bond or community facilities district, according to Gamble’s presentation.


Account Deleted

Here's a good primer on community facilities districts (Mello Roos)from Orrick law firm. Per pages 15-16,

"Even if both methods (general obligation bonds/assessed value taxes vs. Mello Roos/community facilities district) are equally capable of funding the desired project, there are still reasons to consider using Mello-Roos because it can address two areas of concern – district boundaries and tax rate – in ways that can increase the chancesfor a successful election."

"A second consideration involves the Proposition 13 effect on property valuations. Californians are familiar with the phenomenon of two houses, essentially equivalent in value, where the ad valorem tax (assessed value tax) burden on the one is a multiple of the ad valorem tax burden on the other because the one was just purchased, and the other was
purchased many years earlier for a substantially lower price and as a result, under Proposition 13, it has a substantially lower assessed value. While the public is more or less adjusted to this discrepancy with respect to general taxes, and there is the consciousness that there is not much to be done about it anyway, when a general obligation bond issue is proposed, the difference in assessed values tends to be revisited in a new light.
Suddenly, in the context of considering whether to vote to tax himself for the new library, Mr. Smith realizes that if the measure passes, he will be paying twice or three
times as much as his neighbor; yet Mr. Smith also realizes that he will receive no more benefit from the library than the neighbor does. This issue does get raised and, irrespective of views on Proposition 13, significant numbers of people consider the result, in this context, unfair – and they can do something about it, by voting “no.”
But with Mello-Roos, a flat, per parcel tax can be used, or some other taxing method can be designed that conforms to the community’s sense of fairness for the particular project. This approach has proved successful in a number of instances."

Source: https://www.orrick.com/Events-and-Publications/Documents/1180.pdf

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