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February 03, 2015



That is funny, Russ. I happened to drive through Linden and Larkspur a couple of weeks ago and stopped to take a photo for the Voice as well!! Great minds thinking alike!


What would it have cost to get some greenery or landscaping in there? Even the neighborhood could at least have been given the choice to plant something. This is just plain ugly!

pat giorni

As I recall, the "landing pad" is a temporary try-out fix, per TSPC, requested by the neighborhood. The landscaping will come later if evaluation makes the roundabout permanent.

Donation box is oddly placed only if you forget that electronic recycling often happens in that lot so that you can drop off clothing at the same time...save a trip!


I have noticed a dramatic increase in "homeless" people. San Mateo, San Bruno, SSF, Millbrae, and Burlingame too.
During a conversation with my neighbor who is a Social Service worker at Chope- I do not know what the new name is, told me that it is due to the closure of the large homeless camp in San Jose some weeks back.
How sad.


A response from City of Burlingame Public Works Director, Syed Murtuza below:

I learned about your blogs in the Burlingame Voice about the temporary roundabout at the intersection of Linden Ave. and Larkspur Ave., and also about the handicap ramp. I'd like to take this opportunity to clarify why these improvements are installed.

Roundabout at the intersection of Larkspur and Linden Ave.: The temporary roundabout was installed as part of a pilot program to reduce the traffic speeding in this area, and to discourage the drivers from spinning their cars in the middle of the intersection. The temporary roundabout was installed after extensive discussion and consultation with the TSPC and the affected neighborhood. Based on the
results of the pilot phase, staff will determine whether it makes sense to install a permanent roundabout, and if so, appropriate landscaping will be considered as part of that project.

Handicap Ramp at the intersection of Burlingame Ave. and North Ln./Carolan Ave.

The handicap ramp was installed in compliance with federal requirements under the ADA as this area is used by the public to cross the street.


Everything sounded good until you mentioned the Handi ramp is for people crossing the street.
I guess that is why the ramp was installed in the first place.
I really appreciate PW Director Mr. Murtuza responding to questions from the people who read and contribute to this web site.
It is a shame and just wrong that the City of Burlingame Elders are afraid to respond or comment on the issues that appear on this web site.
Thank you very much Mr. Murtuza.

Blaming the ridiculous
"RAMP TO NOWHERE" on Federal Regulations shows a serious lack of commitment to what is "Right and Fair."
Another horrible example of the lack of leadership by the City Manager.
Another light that shined on the "Simpleton Governance" by the elected officials.


Wheelchair "off road" track, Para Toughman Mudder,, needle in a Haystack contest, Stock Car Driving Lessons.
Overall winner gets a 2016 Harley Davidson, with an electric motor, and really quite lovely.


Re the ramp to nowhere - it's very sad tha taxpayer money is spent to fulfill a federal requirement without really thinking through how the public would benefit. There must be some waiver to this requirement given that the ramp was literally built on an island that connects to... nothing. This wasn't very well thought out. And if it's true that 'it is used by the public to cross the street', how come the new ramp didn't come with a painted crosswalk? Or is that not a federal requirement so it's OK to leave out?

It would be good to have a regular "That's Odd" piece as there are so many things in our little burg that are absolute head scratchers.


The problem is we have layers of bureaucrats who just reinforce each other without actually thinking. The counselors we have now like Root-less and Ricki need to step up and act like men. Just because some other bureaucrat says to do it does not mean you have to do it.

Jerry Hill is Darth Vader.

When will Russ admit that he doesn't actually support The Dictocrats? Russ, you do remember that moment when Jerry Hill showed his Darth Vader side in front of us both, right?


If there is a ramp on one side of the island for crossing the street, why is there not another one, a concrete, ADA sidewalk, maybe it is under the leaves.


That ramp is an embarrassment - every one who commutes by Caltrain can see this twice a day and wonder what's up with Burlingame.

Of course, here is the original ramp to nowhere behind Mills Hospital, predating this one by a good 8 years.


Not sure who's responsible for that though - Mills? In any case, That's Odd.

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