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February 28, 2015



I can't say for sure, but it is possible the flooding that closed the block of Balboa just south of Broadway this morning and flooded out to El Camino was one of those old 1913 water mains giving way.


I still believe this Easton Library-Public by the way, is only there to support the Catholic School next door.
It is a nice historical building.
Nevertheless, it was set up, and being maintained by City of Burlingame custodial staff, Park Dept., as well as City of Burlingame recreation administrative staff.
It is also not available for people who do not live in the neighborhood.
Same with Mills Canyon.
Sell the Easton Library to the Vatican.
Advertise the beautiful Mills Canyon to all communities on the Peninsula too.

Bruce Dickinson

Joe, from the opening salvo of your remarks, it sounds like our City Council doesn't like to attend Historical Society events. You know the old saying, "those who don't learn from history, are condemned to repeat it", well in the case of Burlingame, I would say "those who do learn from history, should make every effort to repeat it". Which is to say, there is a reason why Bruce Dickinson chooses Burlingame, as a place to live. I look around and see nothing but the perfect town to live in and I cannot help but think this formula has worked for decades, leading to a coveted, highly valued place offering much to those from all walks of life. Yes, I could live in Hillsborough, but why? I like to walk the streets, sit at restaurants and cafes, go out for coffee, mingle with residents and places like Burlingame Park offer the best of all worlds, and I'm willing to forgo a couple thousand square feet to live among some dynamite people with a great neighborhood feel, with high levels of interaction with each other and the beautiful, tree laden environment.

So why change it? Why allow HSR, Electrified Cal-Train, HSR, high density housing, parking structures, El Camino widening, tree removals? or any alphabet soup of public agencies dictate to us how we should run our city? These are all things that attack the very definition of Burlingame and what it means to residents. If anything, Burlingame history has proven it pulled a Frank Sinatra and "did it my way" and what you see today is one of the best places to live in the world! If Burlingame starts to look anything like Millbrae or San Mateo, you can kiss the Burlingame lifestyle goodbye and you may soon see a $4 million dollar house come up for sale real soon! Yes, that may be chump change for yours truly, but if I think the value of something (both the house and the lifestyle, mind you) is going down, Bruce Dickinson will not sit around to watch it erode. Remember, I got to where I am by spelling "Foresight" with a capital "F". You can take that to the Bank!


I don't want your big city shining
I don't want your silver lining
I don't wanna be a tattooed millionaire

Cathy Baylock

You have written many things and I cannot disagree with anything you have said. Spent the night around town starting with H-29 on Howard, on to Stella Osteria for a birthday dinner then finishing the night at the Vinyl Room on Park Avenue. This place is pretty darn special and I appreciate how you acknowledge and celebrate that! Keep chiming (or cow belling) in.


How cool is that! Our former mayor can hang at the Vinyl Room. I have always liked that Mrs. Baylock can get the party started, look fabulous and still care for all the specialness of Burlingame.

Miss you up there on the podium. We seriously lack some deep thinkers. You walked the walk and talked the talk.

Please run again.


That would be Stella Alpina.

Cathy Baylock

Sorry Russ. I guess posting after a martini at said Vinyl Room has affected my spelling side of the brain! "Stella Alpina Osteria". Is that better?

Bruce Dickinson

Cathy, yes *THE Cathy Baylock*, Bruce Dickinson very much enjoys the fact that we are members of each other's fan club. You have such an appreciation for Burlingame and its history and everyone knows it's out of pure love for this down. You can be proud of your dynamite legacy (something I may know a thing or two about)!

Listen, maybe one day you and your other (but still pretty good) half can party with Bruce, in true Dickinson style! This spring chicken can maybe drink at least one of you under the table. And I ain't talking apple juice, baby!

Jen, I have not left out any cowbell rings for you, as I love those lyrics and they certainly ring true, even though they came from that *other* Bruce Dickinson, not to be confused with *THE Bruce Dickinson" but then again, I'm sure you need not be reminded of that.

Kids at home, as you can see, after 7 decades, this spring chicken can still hang pretty well with Ladies of Burlingame. They are what makes this community beautiful, in more ways than one! *wink*

Ok Russ, not to steal the limelight completely from you, you can get back to correcting spelling errors!... I kid, I kid.

Bruce Dickinson

Russ, before you jump on me, yes I meant "town" not "down".


Hey Joe, where you goin' with that gun of your hand
Hey Joe, I said where you goin' with that gun in your hand, oh
I'm goin' down to shoot my old lady
You know I caught her messin' 'round with another man
Yeah, I'm goin' down to shoot my old lady
You know I caught her messin' 'round with another man

Bruce Dickinson

Joe, Joe, Joe, wow, the bite behind the bark!! That's as much of a warning as one can get, and I don't blame you, as Bruce Dickinson's handsome looks, legendary talent, dynamite wit, fast cars, and 100 mph lifestyle have been known to woo a lady or two, back in the day!

Love the song and lyrics too, and have their own fair share of controversy in terms of ownership. Of course, Bruce Dickinson knows their true origins, and the answer may (or may not) surprise you!


I live in San Bruno and used to take my kids regularly to Easton branch. Is it no longer open to the public?
And I enjoy hiking in Mills Canyon.


It's still open and functioning as a library, HMB. It was a close call a few years ago, but B'game pulled through. You should stop by again for old times sake.

Burlingame Betty

Hollyroller- I think we've had the discussion before about your animosity towards the Easton Branch Library and *that* catholic school- I must say it is getting old…Why you are so bitter about a Library being used is beyond me...

The library opens well before school lets out, allowing enough time for solitary enjoyment before children arrive and it stays open until 8pm - providing for a nice quiet evening read on the comfy couches - unless you don't like toddlers then Tuesday's would be out of the question.

The staff is delightful and the library is a gem to the neighborhood - raising our property values and giving our North End a small neighborhood feel - and ALL are welcome-

**** Now - Joe - I'm very bummed to have missed the presentation - will it be available online somewhere?


BB, I'm not sure. It was video recorded, but perhaps someone associated with the Historical Society will weigh in with how one might view the recording.


Hi Betty,

The library did record it, but the digital transfer will take awhile, particularly in the state they are in right now with the renovation project. When it is completed, we can probably link it to our website and/or the library may be able to show it as part of their Living History link on their website. Please be patient. This always takes awhile :( but thank you for your interest!!

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