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February 08, 2015


The Trial of Di Yim- Justice is coming-

The upcoming "Trial" of Di Yim

Five Years Later- Retribution is coming-

On Friday October 22, 2021, former BHS Principal Di Yim will appear before the Formal Review Committee of the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing and beg to keep her teaching license.

Di Yim, trashed Burlingame High School. Her actions destroyed its history, traditions, and positive environment.

Yim allowed highly inappropriate and damaging behavior by teachers who supported her leadership.

The comments above, made at the time tell the story.

It was a cover up pure and simple.

Now comes the extreme embarrassment of the outing of the liars.


This going to be GOOD. It is very unfortunate that the events happened. I do not know what happened to Mr. Nelson, but it would be great to know his POV. That poor man went through hell.
I hope "The Board" will make Mr. Nelson "whole" for the BS that was allowed to go on, and continue for so long. I am very happy that Mr. Nelson kept fighting with Honor.


What a trip through memory lane. The wheels of justice turn slowly but in a righteous world they are hard to stop.


Will there be a Zoom link for the meeting? :-0


Here’s my cynical prediction given the current pc state of things:

Ms. Yim’s credential will not be taken from her.

The Trial of Di Yim- It can only get more embarrassing-

Former Principal Yim will not be the only one “on trial” next week and this isn’t about the “Dick in the Box” bump and grind routine. It’s about what REALLY took place.

On Friday October 22, 2021, the Educator Misconduct Committee of the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing will be questioning THREE (3) members of the SMUHSD leadership in separate-consecutive-sessions.

1. Superintendent Kevin Skelly
2. Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black
3. Former Principal Di Yim.

The information and allegations published (above) in 2016 in the SM Daily Journal were deflections reported by the district designed to mislead the public. It worked… for a while

Over the past five years, significant documentation and witness statements have been produced (Public Record Acts- people should pay attention to what they put in disclosable email) that Black and Yim were engaged in serious acts of retaliation and negligence.

Black and Yim intentionally lied to, misled, and withheld information from Superintendent Skelly and the Board to continue the retaliation and protect themselves from termination.

The Board has spent well over $200k on investigation and legal fees for these lies and the price tag keeps going up!

Over the course of the summer, the CTC Educator Misconduct Investigator put well over 100 hours of time into the investigation through interviews, document reviews, and follow ups before report writing a comprehensive report for an evaluation by the Commission on Teacher Credentialling who then elevated Yim, Black, and Skelly to Formal Review with charges and possible sanctions.

The CTC Educator Misconduct Committee is now in possession of a significant amount of exculpatory evidence including documents, emails, and communications authored by Yim and Black, (and Skelly )showing a history of wrongdoing, yet reporting the opposite Superintendent Skelly and the Board. These documents were collected and produced by the SMUHSD so it will be hard to discredit their authenticity.

It doesn’t matter if the CTC Educator Misconduct Committee takes Adverse Actions to suspend or revoke the teaching credentials of these three or not. The elevation of these cases to the Formal Complaint level shows that Yim, Black, Skelly were negligent, unethical, and engaged in highly improper conduct. It also shows that the SMUHSD Board abdicated their responsibility to protect the students and the public. Burlingame residents Trustees Friedman, Land, and Lees Dwyer all knew better than to believe the lies.

The statements of Trustee Friedman made during a 2016 Board Meeting were used by the CTC as part of the evidence against the trio.

The CTC has the documentation showing that Friedman’s “on the record” statements were false, but they were presented exactly as Deputy Superintendent Black had fed them to Friedman so that he and the Board would be deceived, and guilt would be deflected from Black and Yim… as it was, until now.

Normally, Formal Review is held for easy cases like teachers who are embezzlers, drunkards, criminals, and sex offenders.

This investigation was for individuals who did far worse. They used the power of their positions to thrust guilt upon others in order to deceive the public and its elected Board.

There is still more housecleaning to be done at BHS, but his is a start. If the Board had any ethics or morals, it would admit its own negligence and open an investigation of Skelly and Black.

Instead, the Board is using the public tax dollars to pay a high-priced lawyer to defend Black and Skelly while Di Yim will get used as their new scapegoat, just like the Mills Principal.

Don't feel bad for Di Yim, while BHS burned in 2016, she ran off to Las Vegas with another SMUHSD District Office Administrator in a post marital affair!

The Trial of Di Yim- "great humiliation and embarrassment"

There will not be a Zoom Link to the Formal Review hearing.

Involved individuals will be present as well as the lawyers defending Skelly and Black.

Skelly and Black will not pay for Yim’s legal defense.

Once concluded, the Formal Review process will produce “previously unreleased details” into public which may cause significant concern to the SMUHSD Board as well as “unnamed conspirators” who personally and intentionally contributed to the lies.

A specific BHS teacher is currently under investigation by CTC Education Misconduct investigators and others related to the case can expect to be charged for a deeper investigation as this incident moves through the legal channels.

There is no doubt that the public disclosure of the actions of these administrators and teachers is going to cause great humiliation and embarrassment. Other affected victims will realize that “they were not the only ones” and come forward with more details.

These “adults” should have thought about the consequences of their actions at the time, as these acts could now cost them their careers.

“The teacher demonstrated indifference toward the consequence of the misconduct…”

The CTC Education Misconduct Commission holds “substantial evidence” to meet the standards below on Skelly, Black, and Yim as well as the yet to be named BHS Teacher(s).

By regulation, the commission has identified aggravating factors, each of which, when present, is “an event or circumstance which demonstrates that a greater degree of adverse action for an act of professional misconduct is needed to adequately protect the public, schoolchildren or the profession.” (Cal. Code Regs., tit. 5, § 80300, subd. (b).) Such factors include, but are not limited to, the following:

“(1) a prior record of adverse action including the nature and extent of that record;
“(2) that the misconduct evidences multiple acts of wrongdoing or demonstrates a pattern of misconduct;
“(3) that the misconduct was surrounded by or followed by bad faith, dishonesty or other violation of the laws governing educators;
“(4) that the misconduct significantly harmed a child entrusted to the care of a credential holder or applicant, significantly harmed the public or the educational system;
“(5) that the holder or applicant demonstrated indifference toward the consequence of the misconduct, which includes failure to comply with known court orders; or
“(6) that the holder or applicant had prior notice, warnings or reprimands for similar conduct from any reliable source.”


Some of the SM Board should be recalled like in SF.


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