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January 14, 2015


Brownie Harrison

I have opposite experience. I always walk to Broadway because parking is just impossible especially during the 5-9pm time frame. Luckily I only live few blocks away.


I have never had a problem parking on Broadway. IN fact went to Broadway last night for dinner and parked in the public parking behind the produce market. Easy peasy. My concern is the elimination of the restaurant limits. This is a "be careful what you wish for" proposition. With more restaurants and less retail, daytime foot traffic will decrease, as the commenter in the Daily J article said. For the record. I'm concerned at this new direction.


The more the City of Burlingame Council allows these illegals to run business in Burlingame the more that will come.
All employees are illegals, posing as independent contractors, there by not needing WC Insurance. Fake Social Security Cards, no liability insurance, or health rules to use when touching client's, changing bed sheets, etc.
I have no problem with prostitution, legal or otherwise.
However, I am against enforceable laws in Burlingame, that are not enforced.
That type of Police Management only brings more un regulated prostitution, un taxed, and unsafe sex.
Dear City od Burlingame Manager, pretending it is going away by it self is to going to work.
Drive down El Camino Real from San Bruno to Menlo Park.
Then drive around Burlingame Ave, Califonia-I think there are three there as of today, Broadway and the side streets, Howard, and Lunardis Shopping Center@ Trousdale.
At least the California Medical Marijuana proposed to d business in Burlingame will raise taxes, and be regulated.




Retail isn't scrambling to get in. There's been some long term vacancies on Broadway. Might as well occupy them with restaurants rather than doctor's offices or other type of service businesses.


No Hillsider, it's,

What say ye Hillsider-Sir, Side of Hills?
*Merriam-Webster Dictionary 11th Edition:
to make a sound like that of an irregular flowing or gently splashing liquid


Here's a related item from today DJ

With a four-fifths approval by the council, Burlingame could implement a ban for as long as 10 months to review the policy surrounding massage parlors and marijuana dispensaries, which could give the city the time necessary to negotiate the difference in state and national legislation surrounding the businesses.

But according to Kane’s report, it is unlikely that Burlingame would need all the time the urgency moratorium would allow.

Burlingame is working with nearby agencies, such as the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors and surrounding cities, in an effort to develop policies that are consistent on massage parlors across the region, according to the report.

Supervisor Adrienne Tissier encouraged Burlingame to adopt a version of the county’s massage parlor regulation ordinance, as it has been successful in stamping out illegitimate businesses in unincorporated parts of the county, according to the report.


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