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January 18, 2015



Maybe Queen Terry will answer you directly. The transparency play is well-put. How can the Little Queen not answer that question? Because she cannot think that far ahead.


Maybe asking the right authority will answer your questions directly, hope you sort this out soon!


I got a very timely response:

"Should the City Council elect to move forward this evening with establishing a whistleblower hotline, we will develop procedures regarding the public disclosure of whistleblower complaints.".

There were no such whistleblower complaints that came to mind in the last couple of years which is good.

Been here forever

Yeah vice mayor Nagel. Way to go. Let's encourage less transparency and more if the holier than thou attitude that is already pervasive in burlingame. Who ARE you?


Here is a bit of the DJ article that you can find here


A debate over whether the city of Burlingame should establish a whistle-blower hotline that would allow residents to anonymously voice complaints about city staff ended in deadlock at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.

Two councilmembers, Mayor Terry Nagel and John Root, voted in favor of establishing the hotline, while Vice Mayor Ann Keighran and Ricardo Ortiz dissented. Councilman Michael Brownrigg was absent from the meeting.

Nagel recommended establishing a phone line, which would connect to an answering machine in the City Manager’s Office, in an effort to establish a simple way for concerned parties to voice their grievances.

But Keighran said the city already offers a variety of alternatives for residents to express themselves to the council and city staff, and establishing another anonymous outlet would not be fruitful.

“I think we have options for people to voice their complaints,” said Keighran. “It’s better that people are straightforward, and say who they are because it means more.”

City Manager Lisa Goldman noted that those who want to contact the city anonymously have a variety of already established avenues, such as using the Citizen Connect function on the city website, writing emails from an alias account, blocking the caller identification on their phone before contacting the city office or sending a handwritten letter without a return address.

I thought Michael Brownrigg was going to attend by phone from out of town, but guess that didn't happen. There is also no mention of transparency in the article and it blends whistleblowing from residents with whistleblowing from other city employees.

Been here forever

Yep. So Nagel has Root on board with her I see. Oh goody, two who fear transparency. Makes me wanna puke.

Bruce Dickinson

Guys, is this the City Council or Security Council? In a classic diplo move, Brownrigg pulls the "UN abstain vote" trick thereby resulting in a deadlocked Council. Unless there was an emergency, in this era of cell phones, he could have called in and graced council chambers with his echoing voice. Who knows, but something seems fishy to Bruce Dickinson.

Which brings me to a "whistleblower hotline". So proposing to have one of these implies something nefarious is going on in the City, because if everyone's a good actor, then why bring in the Stasi to monitor? Now if its rampantly full of corruption, maybe a hotline is needed, but it sounds like that is not the case, so what gives? Makes no sense to me at all, and its a pretty rare occasion when Bruce Dickinson misses something.

Rather than pretending this is the "Cold War" I believe Ms. Keighran and Mr. Ortiz are spot on. When I have an issue and I want maximum effect, what do I do? Well just ask those who have been "Dickinsoned" namely, a target of a verbal broadside once I get on the horn and start dialing people. Snitch lines are for internal staff, external parties are much better at going right to the Staff's bosses, the City Council. Lines for the public are a passive aggressive way of dealing with problems, rather than going directly and calling someone up or meeting them in person. It sounds like "RootNagle" doesn't like dealing with issues or complaints head on and seem to have some trust issues with City staff, maybe these are warranted, but again, they're the bosses. What do bosses do? Hire, fire, reward or punish. If you can't do that, then you're not fit for management or Supervisor responsibilities.

Which all ties in to passive-aggressiveness in dancing around issues such as HSR, Cal-train, Cal-trans, ABAG, et al, or abstaining from votes, etc etc. This is no Cold War "push button" "dial-a-missile" warfare, but instead is nitty-gritty boots on the ground battlefield where you gotta get your hands dirty in confronting issues head on and tactically deal with them. Much easier to sit in a missile silo and "turn the key" rather than command a platoon to storm the trenches, if you will.


The city Elders are supposed to be the guardians of "Our fair City."
If they are unable to contend with mismanagement of any sort vote them out or have a recall.
Who is going to answer the Hotline, and what are they going to do with it?
Burlingame, or East Berlin?
To me it seems like Nagle and Root are on one side, Kerrigan and Ortiz are on the other and Brownrigg is on top in the middle waiting to see wear the wind will blow.
Maybe this is a "Windblower Case."

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained


[I removed this section...]one city council member, which probably caused him to suddenly resign and move. Victory for standing up to corruption.

And, yeah, there IS lots of corruption in every town and in every government. I've witnessed it first hand, many times.

What does that mean YOU should do? Do NOT support bigger and bigger government, for one! Why? Because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

You know when you were in school and the cool kids would know of some key party and they only want to share the invite with other cool kids?

Well, as much as I like a good keg party (and yes, I was mostly a cool kid), in the adult world, people get obsessed with making money - because it's for THEIR KIDS college fund, blah, blah.

So, when there's an opportunity to make some sick money, and when you're in power you see the opportunities ALL the time...then, some people cross the line and break the law to go get some for...their kid's college fund, of course.

What am I talking about? Do you read the newspaper? There's probably a list of about 50 GOVERNNMENT officials that have lied, cheated and stole or worse in the last 10 years from the Bay Area and gotten busted. And that's the tip of the iceberg.

OK, so back to Burlingame.

Money. For their kids college fund.

Yeah, so like Joe says, "Follow the money". Whistleblowing is less likely to be necessary for city staff, except those folks that used to tell planning/development applicants to "Just hire [city council member, name not typed] and your application will go right through".

Yeah, that's corruption.

The other is created from the essential structure of so-called Liberal California.

The Laborers are forced to join Unions, or else.

The Unions wield a lot of power as a result. And you heard what happens from power that's unchecked and balanced.

So, The Unions are sometimes corrupt. And, the mafia is obviously corrupt. And, the Unions need enforcers, so they ask the mafia to enforce for them. The Unions don't need to pay the mafia, because the Unions control the Police department and the Fire department and the city workers and the builders and the Caltrans and the Schools and the as-much-as-they-can-get-their-hands-on.

So the police and the government officials like Judges let the mafia do illegal things which makes the mafia a ton of MONEY. And, the mafia supplies drugs and prostitutes to the Union laborers, sometimes as payment for not busting the mafia.

So, you see, it's one big happy family, right! And, you LOVE IT, right?

So, folks, a friggin' whistleblower phone number is NOT the answer.

Vote accordingly - you fools!

You don't have to eat the whole dirt sandwich just because you love trees, gay rights, schools, worker's rights, women's rights, and redistribution of wealth. I'm a big fan of all that except not the later.

You're voting for a DEEPLY corrupt party. The Dem-wits that don't know what I'm talking about aren't the corrupt ones - the corrupt ones are the ones who have the actual power.


Gawd I wish Alex Kent had moved further away. Idaho sounds good. What about Idaho, Kent?

John Root had a solid reputation for years at the County as not being able to handle management challenges. He is John Milquetoast. The perfect guy for Nagel to walk all over. Maybe Ortiz and Brownrigg have learned their lesson. Too late for this year but not for next year.

the truth


You can't handle the truth.

You clueless butt-kiss.

Need someone to talk to?

Holly are you giving AK some of your moonshine? Seriously, the tone is getting creepy.


That did sound like AK, didn't it.

Bruce Dickinson

Guys, Bruce Dickinson says c’mon stop with this labor union, mob, city council corruption/ paranoia conspiracy theories. In addition to whomever has some "attention gathering issues” all that gobbledegook sounds like a bad network miniseries mix of rip-offs from the Sopranos, Hoffa, and Batman. At least come up with something original instead of being a wedding “cover band” singing other people’s songs and doing a bad job at it.. No this isn’t Gotham City, it’s Burlingame, a dynamite city with its own set if weaknesses, not so talented politicians, and conflicts of interests, and some degree of corruption as exist in Anytown, USA.

The difference is that Burlingame is sitting right in the middle of one of the most innovative, vibrant, socially diverse, culturally rich and wealthy areas in the entire world. On its own the Bay Area can be considered a Great Civilization. Folks, stuff is being created that has revolutionized the way the world lives and it will continue to do so, for many of the reasons that Bruce Dickinson has spoken about in the past. And guess what, all this happened IN SPITE of the often talentless, myopic, and sometimes downright stupid government officials and agencies. That’s right, Silicon Valley and Biotech Central will continue to do just fine no matter which party is in office or how which governor is “in charge” of the ungovernable California. Guess what, all this talent, the universities, researchers, innovators, VC firms are staying put right here in California and that isn’t changing. Take it from me, Bruce Dickinson, I know these guys and I can tell you they spend very little time thinking about the Democratic Party, Labor Unions, alleged corruption, etc etc and why should they as their time is valuable and minimally affected by the above.

Please don’t give these attention seeking babies any more of our time, which by the way, seems a lot more valuable than theirs, quite frankly. Much better to spend time and effort debating real issues, not creating not-so-creative tales that have little to no relevance to the issues at hand.

Bruce, you are wrong.

Bruce, you are wrong.


Alex, please explain why he is wrong without sounding like a "cover band". Use your brain if you have one instead of namecalling. You butt-kiss :-P

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

First of all, my name is Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained. And, your attempt to write a potential fellow author's name on this site, is in bad taste.

Hillsider, you are a sheltered, and gullible sheep. I can imagine the obnoxious sound of your voice. I'm sharing actual experiences of me being victimized by felons that live and work and own property and business in our area and their motivations with the people of Burlingame, and all you and fake-Bruce can do is be arrogant, smart-asses.

You are brainwashed.

You want me to use my top-ranked education brain? I am a PRIMARY resource, you Dem-wit.

Bruce Dickinson

Listen little fella, or fellas, namely Nothing Worthwhile and other delinquents, as I don’t know whether its one or multiple spammers, but either put your big-boy pants on or keep your diapers on and go tantrum in some other corner….doesn’t diapers.com have its own blog? Bruce Dickinson is tired of the defecation all over this site. Go poop somewhere else.

I also got another message for the mental “little people” who cannot engage in a meaningful dialogue: ideas cannot be silenced, censored, covered-up, or shot down. In fact, ideas are bulletproof! Never question *the* Bruce Dickinson!


Could we perhaps stay somewhere in the vicinity of the topic of this thread - the pros and cons of an anonymous whistleblower phone line- recording function in City Hall?

Bruce Dickinson

Joe, to be fair, everything was on topic, until the poop started excreting all over the place, and Bruce Dickinson believes that the subsequent bathroom haz-mat diarrhea cleanup responses by yours truly and others were warranted and appropriate. Look, no one wants to waste any more time cleaning more toilets than they have to, quite frankly. I would be remiss if I didn't suggest that completely off topic posts of a defecatory nature be banned, as they are basically the same as spam, in my humble opinion!


Hey Bruce.....
"Hic to you too."


There is a need for a whistleblower hotline. Headlines in the news: Public Works employee steals gas. Fire Chief arrested. Years ago the library was embezzled out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The building official was doing child porn at his City desk you can find him on Megan's Law he served time in prison. There is no time card punching at City Hall all the honor system. The info.org system is an automated response. Poorly staffed as well. But seriously any whistleblowing just gets swept under the carpet anyway only when there is press and usually bad press will anybody do anything about the issues and only then do they go into over drive and say nobody knew anything about these things. Managements job is to make you feel secure oh yeah we have this under control NOW that you found out about it. Before that how many times were these things swept under the rug???? That is what you need to ask yourself.


That's true.
There was also a handgun found in a desk at City Hall, a park employee attacked my neighbors son, and threatened him with a knife-that man was arrested and fired.
I guess wherever you have people working together. Unfortunately, this is Human Nature. I am sure that we would not know about these things if they had been swept under the rug.
Seems to me, The City Elders have done an OK job, so far.

it's all one equally disgusting team, right?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You are assuming that the City Staff and City Council are in some kind of organizational vacuum, aren't you?

Don't you understand that The Democratic Party both controls the ASFME Union and they control who gets prepped and appointed as official Dem endorsed candidates for City Council and also they control who will get prepped and appointed to run for higher level positions like Senator, ala Leland Yee?

It's all the same team, folks, debate Bruce's attempts to minimalize that fact with equally disgusting bathroom imagery.


Bruce Dickinson

Holy-baby’s question of who will answer the phone on the whistleblower hotline reminded me of something. In the early 1990’s U2 basically reinvented themselves with a completely different sound and one of their songs from their dynamite album Achtung Baby was a creepy, dark, but punchy, song called “the Fly” which had fantastic music video about Bono watching himself watch TV, on which U2 were performing, etc, i.e the “Fly on the Wall” sorta theme, that diverged a bit from a point of the song, but alas, I digress.

Anyway, I ran into him at a pub in London during one of my Dickinson production jaunts and said asked him, wow, heard the song, it’s incredible, completely different from anything you’ve done, it has this distorted speaker phone like quality to the vocals like a conversation, a gritty voice followed by a gospel like counterpoint. And he told me," Bruce, you are one brilliant motherf&^%#r , that’s exactly what I meant and you of all people nailed it!" well you get the drift as I know it’s a family show (dammit, as I I never got to produce any of U2s projects, still kills me).

He then told me the song is about an anonymous phone call, and that phone call is from someone calling directly from a payphone in Hell, to tell the one answering the phone all the truisms of life that he learned before the approaching apocalypse/judgment day. Well a few of the “truisms” as the caller sees it, are “its no secret that a friend, is someone who lets you help”, “it’s no secret that a liar, won’t believe anyone else” and “it’s no secret that ambition bites the nails of success”. The receiver of the phone call (the listener, or you, hearing the song), after hearing these proclamations, then decides upon your alignment of the ways of the world and whether to change that behavior prior to being judged, based on some hellish version of an anonymous person’s point of view (who sounds like he’s telling the truth, but you’re really not sure, because he’s from Hell). Brilliant observations on so many levels, and coming from me that means a lot. But taking this to another level, one can’t help but think whether the need for a hotline is reflective of a lying, paranoid, fearful, and distrustful culture in the City of Burlingame, where all the truisms about what is really going on can only be heard via an unknown caller and his version of the truth, and the listener decides whether to act upon it, prior to being “judged” by the public at large. Pretty chilling analogy! One to chew and get those noggin’ neurons firing, if you will!

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