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December 29, 2014


What do you expect?

Joe and Russ,

Even as a Libertarian, I say install a bunch of surveillance cameras throughout all of both downtown shopping areas.

Cameras with small, discrete signs of their presence would cause everyone to clean up their acts.

The past Chef told me that there aren't any unless they're private, but how many bank robberies, graffiti, stabbings, drug deals, prostitutes, and even well-dressed, bonafide Thugs do we need before we stand up against their B.S.? It seems bizarre that many Burlingame residents turn a blind eye to their well-known presence.

But, when you have Burlingame police hanging out with career Felons - what do you expect?

Yes, the beauty of Burlingame is only skin deep. Perhaps we should all stand together to remove the cancer.

Let's quit pretending that they're gentlemen.

And, you thought the Dems were all about the environment - silly rabbit.

Bruce Dickinson

Joe, Bruce Dickinson agrees with you. Eradicating graffiti ASAP is a "force multiplier" if you will, and any money spent on this will pay way, way more in dividends of real estate values, crime reduction, and the feeling of safety and well being in the community.

Since we are on the tangental subject of patrols, I for one would like to see more officers walk the Burlingame beat, so to speak. It seems that we only see them in their cars, and I would point out that on Burlingame Ave, I only see a permanently parked police car, with no police officer inside, ever. Is this a case of "let's just substitute a vehicle for an officer". This probably does have some impact, I must admit, but pretty soon people will get the joke. I would like to see police officers walk the streets, pop up in places when/where you don't expect them. Walk in Burlingame Park, walk the schools, walk the dog, whatever, just get out there and walk an make your presence felt and make it random, to let others know that Burlingame is dead serious about enforcement.

They could even have the Segways to get from one place to another (in some cases, faster than the cruisers during traffic) and respond to calls as well. Hell, I bet having couple of police officers on horses, would be a hit with the locals and tourists alike and add some character. Maybe Burlingame ave is too crowded for horses, but Washington Park, the train station, Burlingame Park. The police dept can just rent them on weekends from a local stable or during big events.

I like the public spaces surveillance idea, but add randomness to it rather than fixed cameras than can be tampered with or avoided. Joe mentioned drones in another post, and would probably make a lot of sense to have one fly around and plop down on various vantage points, again, to keep people guessing. Would be a great way to patrol at night (with night vision cameras) and be a lot more effective. Just make sure they fly over public buildings and the main arteries. I know many may not be fans of this, but the choice is unconventional, unknown patrol patterns or keep what we currently do the same and deal with stuff like crime and graffiti. We have a choice to make and the question is whether the current methods of patrol (cruiser) are working adequately or can we get force multipliers to increase efficacy and surprise? Just stuff popping out of Bruce Dickinson's Noggin of Creativity, what do you guys think would be more effective?


Thanks, Gents. For once we all seem relatively aligned!

The beauty of the parked cruiser was described after the drone discussion here:



A few comments and questions...
I do not care who knows what about me, except on this web site.
However, once we allow added surveillance to our or any community, it opens the door for:
-listening to phone calls
-looking at mail
-reading emails
On and on.
Mr. Dickenson comes from the country that invented CCTV and community surveillance by placing that and more during "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland.
Great Britain also created the "Boiler Plate" model of Rendition, as well as "Black Sites" for interrogation of normal everyday people just trying t go about their lives.
Mr. Dickenson has nothing to do with any of the above comments from me.
I left my home at 17 years old.
I do not or believe our community has anything to benefit from cameras, more police, or taking away solid oversight from the current "Burlingame RFD"(Rural Farm District)
Graffiti is a nuisance-like weeds in the crack of a sidewalk.
Graffiti is not organized crime, and the current Police should remain low key, as they have been for at least the years I have been here. As a matter of fact, the community would be dismayed by the lack of "reporting" regarding crimes that fly under the radar in "Our Fair City."
Mr. Dickenson,
Do you believe that Christopher Walken's presentation of you in the SNL "Cow Bell" parody was close to your professional persona?
Are you having Figgy Pudding for New Years Eve?
I believe Great Britain has more surveillance cameras "per capita" than any country in the world.
Anyway, Happy New Year to Everyone.
I thoroughly enjoy everyone, and their comments and POV's.
Keep em coming.
Love to all.


I will happily bet a glass of champagne that painting over the graffiti on the building shown here costs more than my gardener would charge to pull weeks from the cracks in my sidewalk. I will bet it is at least a $700 job.

You have constructed the classic bait and switch argument against phone snooping, email scanning and Black Sites (Black Sites! really?) when all that is being discussed are standard cameras in public places. And what is wrong with how Great Britain does it? You talk about it like it is bad but you don't say why.


Fremont, Alameda County, and Oakland all have a "snoop" for anyone who uses a cell phone. Any time any where.
No warrant is necessary.
It is just "uncomfortable" giving that type of control.
for example,
Some of us have adult children.
Who here would sign over all their Financial power?

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