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December 04, 2014


Ditch the Dictocrats!

Dictocrats are like cockroaches, where there's one, there's a thousand more under the baseboards just as nasty.

When will the smart voters learn to Ditch the Dictocrats!

Police step in

Today's news is The year-long investigation into Peta Ladas was sparked by her leaving a wallet in a Burlingame hotel room and having a maid return it to police. Inside, authorities reportedly discovered her identification along with several credit cards in false names.


Guess the $200,000. a year wasn't enough for their lifestyle. How stupid and greedy!

Integrity seems to be missing these days with politicians and government employees...thinking Leland Yee as another one.

Police step in

Peta Ladas was arrested in December 2012, but fled the county after Mark Ladas posted her $10,000 bail in cash, Guidotti said. A maid at a Burlingame hotel where Peta Ladas stayed just before she fled turned over to Burlingame police a wallet left behind in her room with Mark Ladas' ID and several fake credit cards.

The suspicious discovery led the District Attorney's office to open a separate investigation into Mark Ladas' own accounts, Guidotti said. Before long, investigators reportedly found nearly $35,000 of fraudulent funds deposited in three of Ladas' personal bank accounts.

Neither Mark nor Peta Ladas claimed any of the proceeds from the phony business on their 2011 or 2012 tax returns, prosecutors said.

Deputy Fire Chief John Kammeyer has been appointed acting fire chief, Chief Administrative Officer Lisa Goldman said. The Central County Fire Department serves Hillsborough, Burlingame, Millbrae and San Bruno.

Ladas will attend a Superior Court review of his case Jan. 22, followed by a preliminary hearing Feb. 26. He was released from the Maguire Correctional Facility in Redwood City Thursday afternoon within hours of his arraignment.


I was very disappointed to read in todays newspaper that City Managers, Randy Schwartz of Hillsborough, and Lisa Goldman of Burlingame knew of this mans investigation and still hired him.
Both City Managers commented, and both defended their decision to choose this man.
A good insight into the other decisions both are making for their respective communities.
A Fire Chief is possibly the most valuable Civil position any City, County, or State any community could have for the care and safety of all.
Both City Managers should have apologized for their poor and reckless decision to hire this man. Instead they believe they made the right choice-Common Sense be dammed.
How can the communities let these Managers continue in their positions?
I was hoping this Fire Chief would end up a "Barney Fife" type fool.
However, if that was the case he never would have risen to the opportunity for the position in the first place.
It turns out that our leaders know we are the fools.


This whole story is confusing and crazy - I guess you never know what is going on with people personally and what drives good people to bad behavior.

As for the decision making of the city mangers….innocent until proven guilty is a very important fundamental right of our community….but was he the best candidate put forward for the job? How many did they interview before settling on someone with legal issues pending? As a civil servant in one of the most important positions on the peninsula I too am
confused how he got the job and why we are now dealing with this when there are so many other more important matters…..

I guess will need to keep a closer eye on these managers and their hiring practices...


She fled to Canada, specifically BC. Find her there.


When I think of Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, Jerry Hill, Leland Yee and ALL their connections to VIOLENT criminals and evil...it makes me want to barf!


Then, I think of all the people in Burlingame who continue to contribute to their campaigns and to vote for these bad people and then I want to barf some more.



Fleeing to Canada does not feel to me like "hiding out."
It would be a good place to take an international flight.
Whatever the outcome is I feel very sorry for their children. I hope the children have a "safe harbor."


This (person) was under investigation for two years, and then hired by the City Managers of both Hillsborough and Burlingame.

There must be at least 100 Fire Chief candidates in California, and nearby States.

Why would anyone City Manager consider a candidate knowing full well a two year was underway?

There really is no excuse.

Both City Managers should tender their recognitions (Commenter means "resignations") immediately.

There have been much less powerful events that happen to City Managers and require taking responsibility for unforgivable poor decisions.
These two City Managers defended their choice.
Please contact your City Elder's-Hillsborough, and Burlingame as soon as possible.


Please provide some proof on the "under investigations" accusation you have made--meaning provide some links to official websites or documents. If you cannot do that in 24 hours, we will take your comment down as unsubstantiated.


I am sorry to say I can not do that.
I understand why you need to take that "down."
I apologize and I am glad to see your ethical Editorial decision's at work.
I am only basing my "observations" based on the material I have read in the newspapers.
AS most people are aware of, Newspapers do not get "it" write all the time.
So yes, please remove the unsubstantiated comments.
I apologize to anyone that this observation may have effected.


Thank you for understanding. It has been edited to our satisfaction.


So what ever happened?? Was he exonerated??


No those dirty filthy criminals still roam free. I believe that Peta or Petra Shaughn Marie Hill Ladas/Patel/kudlickI should be pursued and charged .Her scheme runs much deeper than this .

Pattern recognition...

Ok, does the community finally get it?

Do you think that the several examples of hard-core criminal/felon actions by Bay Area elected politicians was a coincidence?

Or, does the evidence express an underlying partnership between political parties, organized criminal organizations, and labor unions?

Why would high ranking elected and appointed gov't executives ever even dream of doing what they did?

...because it's so wide spread and "normal" in the State of California political establishment that they barely worried that they'd get caught.

These types of people were brought up with criminal mentalities because perhaps crime was a family business and thus they get boosted up into the political party ranks and never miss a beat to their evil habits.

Do you think that we will or will not hear of more indictments and convictions from top California politicians?

Pattern recognition...

Uhhh, here it comes, just like I've known for several months.

This is why political (and fiscal) balance and ethics matter. Because matter what your political beliefs are, if the established power or if the majority power is never questioned, and group think, and rules for radicals style slander reinforces in group/out group bias - that's when power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Plus, the Jerry Brown & Co types are Mob Rule anyone, rather than rule of law or rule of ethics.

Appease the masses, so that you can pick their pockets is the Sac Mantra.

I can't wait to hear who Leland Yee fingers as part of his plea deal.

As we say in one of my groups, "Throw the bums outs!"



Whatever holyroller says.


The Daily Journal has this update on the case today:

On Tuesday, April 26, a judge agreed prosecutors could charge him with six counts of grand theft, two counts of tax fraud and two counts of bank fraud, according to Wagstaffe.

Ladas’ case began after his wife was arrested in December 2012, but she fled the country after he posted her $10,000 bail in cash. A maid at a Burlingame hotel where the wife stayed just before she fled turned over to Burlingame police a wallet left behind in her room with her identification and several fake credit cards, according to prosecutors.

The suspicious discovery led Wagstaffe’s office to open a separate investigation into Ladas’ own accounts. Before long, investigators reportedly found nearly $35,000 of fraudulent funds deposited into three of Ladas’ personal bank accounts, according to prosecutors.

- See more at: http://www.smdailyjournal.com/articles/lnews/2016-04-27/former-fire-chief-to-stand-trial-judge-rules-enough-evidence-for-charges-against-mark-ladas/1776425162426.html#sthash.wduVpzxm.dpuf

Burligame drama

SHE IS in Canada that's where her two older sons live. Its not the grandest of hideouts but that where you'll find her. She Left her husband to take the fall for her actions. think about it..

I know them both, His wife is a shady character--


From yesterday's paper, they know she is in Canada but Canada does not extradite for financial allegations. Maybe it's time for Dog the Bounty Hunter.


Remember when our Sheriff Greg Munks got caught in Vegas at a house of prostitution. He is still on the job collecting a big check.

As for the city managers filling the spot with local guy Ladas. They do a dog and pony show of opening the interview process up to many candidates but then go with who they know.


Here is what appears to be the conclusion of this ordeal:

The former chief of the Central County Fire Department pleaded no contest to two felony charges Monday, more than two years after he was arrested for what prosecutors say was an elaborate credit card scheme between he and his wife.

Just before a jury trial was slated to begin, Mark Ladas agreed to a plea deal on two counts of theft and filing a false tax return, according to prosecutors. He was facing 10 felony charges. Ladas agreed to pay full restitution of $34,980, according to San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

- See more at: http://www.smdailyjournal.com/articles/lnews/2017-03-14/former-fire-chief-takes-plea-deal-mark-ladas-pleads-no-contest-to-two-felonies-while-wife-remains-at-large/1776425177246.html#sthash.M2uKSq4Q.dpuf


The papers were reporting the final step in this saga last week:

90 days in County jail, 3 years probation and full financial restitution.

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