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November 26, 2014



I guess one way or another the neighborhood will eventually have "problem."
School or no School, something will eventually occupy that space.


I think you are correct. If not a school then something that will probably be more exclusive and just add to the challenges we have now.


Looks like an iceberg rising from the hillside! The old school building was a real gem. The new building looks really imposing and much larger than what the Shinyoen constructed. Does anyone know what is happening with the hillside. Looks as if a water main was broken in "construction" and part of the hillside is slipping. Neighbors down the hill should be concerned. What a mess.

Vote Accordingly.

Government = Don't Know What They're Doing & People Who Can Force You To Do Things by Denial, Levy, Arrest or Even By Shooting You.

More Government = More Don't Know What They're Doing & More People Who Can Force You To Do Things by Denial, Levy, Arrest or Even By Shooting You.

More Taxes = More Programs = More Government.

Vote Accordingly.

Bruce Dickinson

Vote Accordingly, Bruce Dickinson has a suggestion for you, which may (or may not) help you deal with hard cold realities. Being as urbane and cultured as myself, I have had the opportunity to travel to dozens of countries and speak with those from all sorts of backgrounds. So despite the wealth beyond my wildest dreams, I still try to talk to people with extremely different perspectives.

I have no idea what your background is, but Bruce Dickinson's suggestion to you is this: if you don't travel a lot and talk to locals in these countries, try to speak to immigrants from India (a democracy), China (mainland), Russia, Mexico, or the Middle East. All these immigrants will tell you a thing or two about corruption, coercion, and other versions of "democracy". Let me tell you this: you don't know how good you have it here, period.

Yes, Hooverville, as Holy-baby has aptly named, is a mess, Burlingame has its issues, California is quasi ungovernable, and the Democrats have gotten their egos a little too inflated (and they're paying the price). But guess what!?!… it's better than anywhere else, ANYWHERE!!! Ask any immigrant from any country, democracy or not. It's all relative, folks, what you are discussing here are truly first world problems!! I'm a big believer in the USA, and coming from a kid growing up in a working class neighborhood in the Bronx hustling vacuum cleaners earning extra money for college to becoming a world-class record producer at Columbia is nothing short of being unachievable in nearly any other country. Selling the USA short is a sucker's bet.

Be thankful folks, of the womb you were born in! I know I am.


Not sure what the current status of the lawsuit is, specifically with regard to the District's appeal. My understanding is the District had until Jan 6 (for which they were eariler granted a deadline extension) to file their opening brief, but I have yet to see indication of anything filed. Their appellate case can be tracked here:



Thank you for following up on this Mr. Lorne.
So many things get forgotten in this fast paced world.
What happened to the Asian Airplane that disappeared?
Is there really a war in Afghanistan?
What happened to the thousands of teen age girls who were kidnapped in Africa?
Why does Cable cost so much?
How long will "The Melt" last this time on Burlingame Ave?
Lets get an unofficial betting pool together.
It can only help the people who invest in that Culinary debacle.
Lets start with an easy one.
Who goes first-
David's Tea House or The Melt?
Wow, that is a close one.
Seriously, I hope you all do really well.
I am betting on David's Tea House by May 1st.


Looks like a settlement has been reached, or is afoot, if I interpret the subsequent docket entries since my previous post:



I can't wait to hear what it is. We need this school open as soon as possible.


Here's the latest (and I presume, now final) entry in the case docket, per the link above:

"Counsel having so stipulated, the appeal is dismissed, with each party to bear its own costs on appeal. The remittitur is to issue forthwith."


Does anyone have any details on the deal that has been struck to get the school open?




Thank you. I had not seen that article. Does anyone know if the board approved it? I cannot imagine they don't want to put all of this behind them.


I had dinner at Lion & Compass in Sunnyvale last night. It is one of the classic Silicon Valley restaurants (one of very few) and I have been going there for years. I got talking to our server and B'game came up for some reason. Turns out she went to Hoover School during WWII. I asked her what she recalls most vividly and she mentioned the amphitheater in the back along with the rumor that the big mansion nearby housed some Nazi spies! Another B'game mystery?? (Probably not)


Here's a presentation that will be discussed at tomorrow's Burlingame Elementary School District board meeting regarding proposed attendance areas for Hoover:


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