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November 30, 2014



All Hail Tom the Tree. We miss Thee!

Bruce Dickinson

Funny, Joe, was just talking to my real estate guy about this issue the other day. Maybe you instead should be nicknamed "the prescient one", but alas, I digress.

My guy made a very interesting observation about trees. He stated that the most valuable neighborhoods in Burlingame have older growth/ large old trees. Burlingame Park, Easton, and the Hills, namely. He also said the streets on Ray Park that have older/larger trees also have higher values. Also, the Baywood area in San Mateo, same thing.

Folks, I would be remiss if I didn't say that you are crazy if you think that trees don't add value. They give a nice ecological and aesthetic respite from the urban jungle that we confront every day and something that we relate to on a primal level, if you will. So when Bruce Dickinson all the beautiful trees on my grounds and then thinks about HSR, Cal Train, and Cal Trans decimating these treasures with no regard to their positive impacts (not to mention some questionable decisions by the City Council to give dead-ending transit oriented high density housing any consideration), Bruce Dickinson gets a little worked up, to say the least.

Getting rid of trees hits both your pocketbook and mine in terms of real estate value; actually yours a lot more than mine, but still, it's the principle of it! Bottom line is all these public transportation minions don't live here and if you told them that taking out the trees in their yards/neighborhoods wherever they live will cost them $100 thousand dollars, they'd be fighting tooth and nail to preserve that value. Let's not let these people take money out of our pockets and make our lives less enjoyable, even if it means taking out just one tree unnecessarily! Remember folks, its our tax dollars that are supporting these employees, make sure you remind them that they are working for us and not vice-versa!


Excellent points, BD. When we purchased our house 25 or so years ago (heck of a wreck that needed lots of TLC), the best thing about it were the two large trees in the backyard. The realtor actually mentioned even then, that the big trees had added 10K to the appraisal.

The passage if time, the seasons of plentiful rainfall necessary to successfully grow a sapling to a mature tree, not to mention any supplemental watering needed, is priceless. One cannot accelerate (or buy) the time it takes for a tree to mature.

Peter Garrison

You can sometimes glimpse Jennifer tending to the trees along El Camino Real; El Camino de Jennifer.. .

Make-Work At The Expense of Heavier and Heavier Public Debt and Buildings Things that The Public Doesn't Want or Need.

The labor unions of the city staffs and the labor unions of Caltrans combined with the labor unions of construction company owners and their buddies in Sac and from their heavy political contributions to bolster the union-controlled state of California->

...all agree that this massive "make-work" project makes sense for their personal bank accounts...



Thanks, Bruce. One of my realtor buddies also commented (off-line) on the post. It seems they all get it which is nice.


I had the opportunity to have the tree in front of my house, a large mature Sycamore, appraised a few years back...$11K!!


There is no downside to having a tree in front of your house.
Especially when we have such a great Public Works Tree Dept.
It's free-sort of.
I have been seeing some trees being planted by Public Works crews recently and spoke to them about my tree.
Very nice people and very educated.


If only more property owners would understand that connection and be a bit more conscientious about watering their saplings now and then, we'd be in great shape. The tree is not just an ornament, it's going to help the homeowner and the neighborhood in so many ways down the line, not the least of which is monetary.


If you'd like to learn more about the fascinating history of the trees in Burlingame visit: www.burlingametrees.org


In todays Post I read about Cities of Hillsborough& Burlingame have put their heads together and approved the removal of multiple Eucalyptus trees @Howard/Ralston/ECR. 11 trees to be exact.
The reason?
Bringing out the ol'catchall phrases again
-"hazard to pedestrians, and passing motorist."
-"they are either diseased, already dead,or dying."
If that is so show me.
Show me the reports, who did the reports, when were the reports done, and why are we just finding out about this project now.
Please contact your City Elders and ask them why this is hidden away from the people.
The City Managers have become the biggest threat to their communities since they were hired.


I haven't seen any papers today, but in the case this was misreported, the removals are definitely health related. 10 of the 11 trees (elms) are Dutch Elm Disease infected. One is a gorgeous eucalyptus near Howard Avenue that has problem area on the bottom (perhaps fungal) -- it was looked at by an independent arborist (paid for by Caltrans), at the request of Burlingame Parks Dept., just to be sure.

These removals were planned several months ago, so the timing is unfortunate (for Caltrans) but it is good to know people are keeping their eyes open, including you. I can assure you that these WILL all be replaced by Caltrans (believe me, there are many eyes on this).


Thank you Jennifer


Thank you Jennifer for clarifying the removals on ElCamino - I feel slightly better that they are, sadly, infected trees.


Hi Jennifer,
The article I was referring to was in The Post.


Okay, thanks. I unfortunately didn't see it and it is not offered online, as far as I know...



This doesn't even count all the other positive externalities like traffic calming and property values.

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